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Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)

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    (872) b'ah [be-aw']

    from 'bow'' (bow'); an entrance to a building:--entry. SHD BAH.2

    (873) bi'uwsh [be-oosh']

    (Aramaic) from 'b'esh' (b'esh); wicked:--bad. SHD BIUWSH.2

    (874) ba'ar [baw-ar']

    a primitive root; to dig; by analogy, to engrave; figuratively, to explain:--declare, (make) plain(-ly). SHD BAAR.2

    (875) 'er [be-ayr']

    from 'ba'ar' (ba'ar); a pit; especially a well:--pit, well. SHD ER.2

    (876) B'er [be-ayr']

    the same as ''er' ('er); Beer, a place in the Desert, also one in Palestine:--Beer. SHD BER.2

    (877) bo'r [bore]

    from 'ba'ar' (ba'ar); a cistern:--cistern. SHD BOR.2

    (878) B'era' [be-ay-raw']

    from ''er' ('er); a well; Beera, an Israelite:--Beera. SHD BERA.2

    (879) B'er 'Eliym [be-ayr' ay-leem']

    from ''er' ('er) and the plural of ''el' ('el); well of heroes; Beer-Elim, a place in the Desert:--Beer-elim. SHD BER ELIYM.2

    (880) B'erah [be-ay-raw']

    the same as 'B'era'' (B'era'); Beerah, an Israelite:--Beerah. SHD BERAH.2

    (881) B'erowth [be-ay-rohth']

    feminine plural of ''er' ('er); wells; Beeroth, a place in Palestine:--Beeroth. SHD BEROWTH.2

    (882) B'eriy [be-ay-ree']

    from ''er' ('er); fountained; Beeri, the name of a Hittite and of an Israelite:--Beeri. SHD BERIY.2

    (883) B'er la-Chay Ro'iy [be-ayr' lakh-ah'ee ro-ee']

    from ''er' ('er) and 'chay' (chay) (with prefix) and 'ro'eh' (ro'eh); well of a living (One) my Seer; Beer-Lachai-Roi, a place in the Desert:--Beer-lahai-roi. SHD BER LA-CHAY ROIY.2

    (884) B'er Sheba` [be-ayr' sheh'-bah]

    from ''er' ('er) and 'sheba`' (sheba`) (in the sense of 'shaba`' (shaba`)); well of an oath; Beer-Sheba, a place in Palestine:--Beer-shebah. SHD BER SHEBA`.2

    (885) Beroth Bney-Ya`aqan [be-ay-roth' be-nay' yah-a-can']

    from the feminine plural of ''er' ('er), and the plural contraction of 'ben' (ben), and 'Ya`aqan' (Ya`aqan); wells of (the) sons of Jaakan; Beeroth-Bene-Jaakan, a place in the Desert:--Beeroth of the children of Jaakan. SHD BEROTH BNEY-YA`AQAN.2

    (886) B'erothiy [be-ay-ro-thee']

    patrial from 'B'erowth' (B'erowth); a Beerothite or inhabitant of Beeroth:--Beerothite. SHD BEROTHIY.2

    (887) ba'ash [baw-ash']

    a primitive root; to smell bad; figuratively, to be offensive morally:--(make to) be abhorred (had in abomination, loathsome, odious), (cause a, make to) stink(-ing savour), X utterly. SHD BAASH.2

    (888) b'esh [be-aysh']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'ba'ash' (ba'ash):--displease. SHD BESH.2

    (889) b'osh [be-oshe']

    from 'bo'r' (bo'r); a stench:--stink. SHD BOSH.2

    (890) bo'shah [bosh-aw']

    feminine of 'b'osh' (b'osh); stink-weed or any other noxious or useless plant:--cockle. SHD BOSHAH.2

    (891) b'ushiym [be-oo-sheem']

    plural of 'b'osh' (b'osh); poison-berries:--wild grapes. SHD BUSHIYM.2

    (892) babah [baw-baw']

    feminine active participle of an unused root meaning to hollow out; something hollowed (as a gate), i.e. pupil of the eye:--apple (of the eye). SHD BABAH.2

    (893) Bebay [bay-bah'ee]

    probably of foreign origin; Bebai, an Israelite:--Bebai. SHD BEBAY.2

    (894) Babel [baw-bel']

    from 'balal' (balal); confusion; Babel (i.e. Babylon), including Babylonia and the Babylonian empire:--Babel, Babylon. SHD BABEL.2

    (895) Babel [baw-bel']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'Babel' (Babel):--Babylon. SHD BABEL.2

    (896) Babliy [bab-lee']

    (Aramaic) patrial from 'Babel' (Babel); a Babylonian:--Babylonia. SHD BABLIY.2

    (897) bag [bag]

    a Persian word; food:--spoil (from the margin for 'baz' (baz).) SHD BAG.2

    (898) bagad [baw-gad']

    a primitive root; to cover (with a garment); figuratively, to act covertly; by implication, to pillage:--deal deceitfully (treacherously, unfaithfully), offend, transgress(-or), (depart), treacherous (dealer, -ly, man), unfaithful(-ly, man), X very. SHD BAGAD.2

    (899) beged [behg'-ed]

    from 'bagad' (bagad); a covering, i.e. clothing; also treachery or pillage:--apparel, cloth(-es, ing), garment, lap, rag, raiment, robe, X very (treacherously), vesture, wardrobe. SHD BEGED.2

    (900) bogdowth [bohg-ed-ohth]

    feminine plural active participle of 'bagad' (bagad); treacheries:--treacherous. SHD BOGDOWTH.2

    (901) bagowd [baw-gode']

    from 'bagad' (bagad); treacherous:--treacherous. SHD BAGOWD.2

    (902) Bigvay [big-vah'ee]

    probably of foreign origin; Bigvai, an Israelite:--Bigvai. SHD BIGVAY.2

    (903) Bigtha' [big-thaw']

    of Persian derivation; Bigtha, a eunuch of Xerxes:--Bigtha. SHD BIGTHA.2

    (904) Bigthan [big-thawn']

    or Bigthanad {big-thaw'naw}; of similar derivation to 'Bigtha'' (Bigtha'); Bigthan or Bigthana, a eunuch of Xerxes:--Bigthan, Bigthana. SHD BIGTHAN.2

    (905) bad [bad]

    from 'badad' (badad); properly, separation; by implication, a part of the body, branch of a tree, bar for carrying; figuratively, chief of a city; especially (with prepositional prefix) as an adverb, apart, only, besides:--alone, apart, bar, besides, branch, by self, of each alike, except, only, part, staff, strength. SHD BAD.2

    (906) bad [bad]

    perhaps from 'badad' (badad) (in the sense of divided fibres); flaxen thread or yarn; hence, a linen garment:--linen. SHD BAD.2

    (907) bad [bad]

    from 'bada'' (bada'); a brag or lie; also a liar:--liar, lie. SHD BAD.2

    (908) bada' [baw-daw']

    a primitive root; (figuratively) to invent:--devise, feign. SHD BADA.2

    (909) badad [baw-dad']

    a primitive root; to divide, i.e. (reflex.) be solitary:--alone. SHD BADAD.2

    (910) badad [baw-dawd']

    from 'badad' (badad); separate; adverb, separately:--alone, desolate, only, solitary. SHD BADAD.2

    (911) Bdad [bed-ad']

    from 'badad' (badad); separation; Bedad, an Edomite:--Bedad. SHD BDAD.2

    (912) Bedyeah [bay-de-yaw']

    probably a shortened form '`Obadyah' (`Obadyah); servant of Jehovah; Bedejah, an Israelite:--Bedeiah. SHD BEDYEAH.2

    (913) bdiyl [bed-eel']

    from 'badal' (badal); alloy (because removed by smelting); by analogy, tin:--+ plummet, tin. SHD BDIYL.2

    (914) badal [baw-dal']

    a primitive root; to divide (in variation senses literally or figuratively, separate, distinguish, differ, select, etc.):-- (make, put) difference, divide (asunder), (make) separate (self, -ation), sever (out), X utterly. SHD BADAL.2

    (915) badal [baw-dawl']

    from 'badal' (badal); a part:--piece. SHD BADAL.2

    (916) bdolach [bed-o'-lakh]

    probably from 'badal' (badal); something in pieces, i.e. bdellium, a (fragrant) gum (perhaps amber); others a pearl:--bdellium. SHD BDOLACH.2

    (917) Bdan [bed-awn']

    probably shortened for '`Abdown' (`Abdown); servile; Bedan, the name of two Israelites:--Bedan. SHD BDAN.2

    (918) badaq [baw-dak']

    a primitive root; to gap open; used only as a denominative from 'bedeq' (bedeq); to mend a breach:--repair. SHD BADAQ.2

    (919) bedeq [beh'-dek]

    from 'badaq' (badaq); a gap or leak (in a building or a ship):--breach, + calker. SHD BEDEQ.2

    (920) Bidqar [bid-car']

    probably from 'daqar' (daqar) with a prepositional prefix; by stabbing, i.e. assassin; Bidkar, an Israelite:--Bidkar. SHD BIDQAR.2

    (921) bdar [bed-ar']

    (Aramaic) corresponding (by transposition) to 'parad' (parad); to scatter:--scatter. SHD BDAR.2

    (922) bohuw [bo'-hoo]

    from an unused root (meaning to be empty); a vacuity, i.e. (superficially) an undistinguishable ruin:--emptiness, void. SHD BOHUW.2

    (923) behat [bah'-hat]

    from an unused root (probably meaning to glisten); white marble or perhaps alabaster:--red (marble). SHD BEHAT.2

    (924) bhiyluw [be-hee-loo']

    (Aramaic) from 'bhal' (bhal); a hurry; only adverb, hastily:--in haste. SHD BHIYLUW.2

    (925) bahiyr [baw-here']

    from an unused root (meaning to be bright); shining:--bright. SHD BAHIYR.2

    (926) bahal [baw-hal']

    a primitive root; to tremble inwardly (or palpitate), i.e. (figuratively) be (causative, make) (suddenly) alarmed or agitated; by implication to hasten anxiously:--be (make) affrighted (afraid, amazed, dismayed, rash), (be, get, make) haste(-n, -y, -ily), (give) speedy(-ily), thrust out, trouble, vex. SHD BAHAL.2

    (927) bhal [be-hal']

    (Aramaic) corresponding to 'bahal' (bahal); to terrify, hasten:--in haste, trouble. SHD BHAL.2

    (928) behalah [beh-haw-law']

    from 'bahal' (bahal); panic, destruction:--terror, trouble. SHD BEHALAH.2

    (929) bhemah [be-hay-maw']

    from an unused root (probably meaning to be mute); properly, a dumb beast; especially any large quadruped or animal (often collective):--beast, cattle. SHD BHEMAH.2

    (930) bhemowth [be-hay-mohth']

    in form a plural or 'bhemah' (bhemah), but really a singular of Egyptian derivation; a water-ox, i.e. the hippopotamus or Nile- horse:--Behemoth. SHD BHEMOWTH.2

    (931) bohen [bo'-hen]

    from an unused root apparently meaning to be thick; the thumb of the hand or great toe of the foot:--thumb, great toe. SHD BOHEN.2

    (932) Bohan [bo'han]

    an orthographical variation of 'bohen' (bohen); thumb, Bohan, an Israelite:--Bohan. SHD BOHAN.2

    (933) bohaq [bo'-hak]

    from an unused root meaning to be pale; white scurf:--freckled spot. SHD BOHAQ.2

    (934) bohereth [bo-heh'-reth]

    feminine active participle of the same as 'bahiyr' (bahiyr); a whitish spot on the skin:--bright spot. SHD BOHERETH.2

    (935) bow' [bo]

    a primitive root; to go or come (in a wide variety of applications):--abide, apply, attain, X be, befall, + besiege, bring (forth, in, into, to pass), call, carry, X certainly, (cause, let, thing for) to come (against, in, out, upon, to pass), depart, X doubtless again, + eat, + employ, (cause to) enter (in, into, -tering, -trance, -try), be fallen, fetch, + follow, get, give, go (down, in, to war), grant, + have, X indeed, (in-)vade, lead, lift (up), mention, pull in, put, resort, run (down), send, set, X (well) stricken (in age), X surely, take (in), way. SHD BOW.2

    (936) buwz [booz]

    a primitive root; to disrespect:--contemn, despise, X utterly. SHD BUWZ.2

    (937) buwz [booz]

    from 'buwz' (buwz); disrespect:--contempt(-uously), despised, shamed. SHD BUWZ.2

    (938) Buwz [booz]

    the same as 'buwz' (buwz); Buz, the name of a son of Nahor, and of an Israelite:--Buz. SHD BUWZ.2

    (939) buwzah [boo-zaw']

    feminine passive participle of 'buwz' (buwz); something scorned; an object of contempt:--despised. SHD BUWZAH.2

    (940) Buwziy [boo-zee']

    patronymic from 'Buwz' (Buwz); a Buzite or descendant of Buz:--Buzite. SHD BUWZIY.2

    (941) Buwziy [boo-zee']

    the same as 'Buwziy' (Buwziy); Buzi, an Israelite:--Buzi. SHD BUWZIY.2

    (942) Bavvay [bav-vah'ee]

    probably of Persian origin; Bavvai, an Israelite:--Bavai. SHD BAVVAY.2

    (943) buwk [book]

    a primitive root; to involve (literally or figuratively):--be entangled, (perplexed). SHD BUWK.2

    (944) buwl [bool]

    for 'ybuwl' (ybuwl); produce (of the earth, etc.):--food, stock. SHD BUWL.2

    (945) Buwl [bool]

    the same as 'buwl' (buwl) (in the sense of rain); Bul, the eighth Hebrew month:--Bul. SHD BUWL.2

    (946) Buwnah [boo-naw']

    from 'biyn' (biyn); discretion; Bunah, an Israelite:--Bunah. SHD BUWNAH.2

    (947) buwc [boos]

    a primitive root; to trample (literally or figuratively):--loath, tread (down, under (foot)), be polluted. SHD BUWC.2

    (948) buwts [boots]

    from an unused root (of the same form) meaning to bleach, i.e. (intransitive) be white; probably cotton (of some sort):--fine (white) linen. SHD BUWTS.2

    (949) Bowtsets [bo-tsates']

    from the same as 'buwts' (buwts); shining; Botsets, a rock near Michmash:--Bozez. SHD BOWTSETS.2

    (950) buwqah [boo-kaw']

    feminine passive participle of an unused root (meaning to be hollow); emptiness (as adjective):--empty. SHD BUWQAH.2

    (951) bowker [bo-kare']

    properly, active participle from 'baqar' (baqar) as denominative from 'baqar' (baqar); a cattle-tender:--herdman. SHD BOWKER.2

    (952) buwr [boor]

    a primitive root; to bore, i.e. (figuratively) examine:--declare. SHD BUWR.2

    (953) bowr [bore]

    from 'buwr' (buwr) (in the sense of 'bo'r' (bo'r)); a pit hole (especially one used as a cistern or a prison):--cistern, dungeon, fountain, pit, well. SHD BOWR.2

    (954) buwsh [boosh]

    a primitive root; properly, to pale, i.e. by implication to be ashamed; also (by implication) to be disappointed or delayed:--(be, make, bring to, cause, put to, with, a-)shamed(-d), be (put to) confounded(-fusion), become dry, delay, be long. SHD BUWSH.2

    (955) buwshah [boo-shaw']

    feminine participle passive of 'buwsh' (buwsh); shame:--shame. SHD BUWSHAH.2

    (956) buwth [booth]

    (Aramaic) apparent denominative from 'bayith' (bayith); to lodge over night:--pass the night. SHD BUWTH.2

    (957) baz [baz]

    from 'bazaz' (bazaz); plunder:--booty, prey, spoil(-ed). SHD BAZ.2

    (958) baza' [baw-zaw']

    a primitive root; probably to cleave:--spoil. SHD BAZA.2

    (959) bazah [baw-zaw']

    a primitive root; to disesteem:--despise, disdain, contemn(-ptible), + think to scorn, vile person. SHD BAZAH.2

    (960) bazoh [baw-zo']

    from 'bazah' (bazah); scorned:--despise. SHD BAZOH.2

    (961) bizzah [biz-zaw']

    feminine of 'baz' (baz); booty:--prey, spoil. SHD BIZZAH.2

    (962) bazaz [baw-zaz']

    a primitive root; to plunder:--catch, gather, (take) for a prey, rob(-ber), spoil, take (away, spoil), X utterly. SHD BAZAZ.2

    (963) bizzayown [biz-zaw-yone']

    from 'bazah' (bazah):--disesteem:--contempt. SHD BIZZAYOWN.2

    (964) bizyowthyah [biz-yo-the-yaw']

    from 'bazah' (bazah) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); contempts of Jah; Bizjothjah, a place in Palestine:--Bizjothjah. SHD BIZYOWTHYAH.2

    (965) bazaq [baw-zawk']

    from an unused root meaning to lighten; a flash of lightning:--flash of lightning. SHD BAZAQ.2

    (966) Bezeq [beh'-zak]

    from 'bazaq' (bazaq); lightning; Bezek, a place in Palestine:--Bezek. SHD BEZEQ.2

    (967) bazar [baw-zar']

    a primitive root; to disperse:--scatter. SHD BAZAR.2

    (968) Biztha' [biz-thaw']

    of Persian origin; Biztha, a eunuch of Xerxes:--Biztha. SHD BIZTHA.2

    (969) bachown' [baw-khone']

    from 'bachan' (bachan); an assayer or metals:--tower. SHD BACHOWN.2

    (970) bachuwr [baw-khoor']

    or bachur {baw-khoor'}; participle passive of 'bachar' (bachar); properly, selected, i.e. a youth (often collective):--(choice) young (man), chosen, X hole. SHD BACHUWR.2

    (971) bachiyn [bakh-een']

    another form of 'bachan' (bachan); a watch-tower of besiegers:--tower. SHD BACHIYN.2

    (972) bachiyr [baw-kheer']

    from 'bachar' (bachar); select:--choose, chosen one, elect. SHD BACHIYR.2

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