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    ATONEMENT. -An examination of the remedial system in the light of nature and revelation. By J. H. Waggoner. This work is a critical and exhaustive treatise on the plan of salvation as revealed in the Scriptures, showing its harmony with the principles of justice and mercy, its consistency with reason, and its final results as affecting the destiny of the human race. Third edition, revised and enlarged, 368 pages. $1.00ATNM 138.1

    BIBLE READINGS FOR THE HOME CIRCLE. -Comprises one hundred and sixty-two readings for public and private study, and answers nearly three thousand questions on religious topics, practical, historical, and prophetical. The readings are contributed by more than a score of Bible students, and give brief, pointed answers to the questions, quoting directly from the Scriptures, from history, and the writings of eminent commentators of modern times. 400 pages, solid type, bound in brown cloth, plain edges. $1.00ATNM 138.2

    BLAKELY’S PARLIAMENTARY RULES contains a chart showing the relation of any motion to every other motion, and answering at a glance over 2,000 questions in parliamentary practice; together with comments on the different motions, giving additional notes and explanations, the manner of stating certain questions, and one or more forms for making the various motions used in deliberative bodies.ATNM 138.3

    4 pp., 8vo, cloth. $0.50
    Tough parchment (pocket edition). 0.25

    CHRISTIAN BAPTISM. -An examination of Christian Baptism; its action, subjects, and relations. Also a brief consideration of the historical evidences of trine immersion. By J. H. Waggoner. 190 pp., 12mo, revised edition. $0.35ATNM 138.4

    COMING CONFLICT; or, the United States to Become a Persecuting Power.-A series of papers on the present Sunday agitation. By W. H. Littlejohn. The Sabbath question in its several phases is fully discussed. It is a careful exegesis of the thirteenth chapter of Revelation, showing that the United States is soon to enter upon a career of religious persecution, for which the Sabbath question has been made the pretext. 434 pp., 12mo. $1.00ATNM 138.5

    This work in pamphlet form is entitled “Constitutional Amendment.”ATNM 138.6

    FACTS FOR THE TIMES. -A collection of valuable extracts from the writings of eminent authors on a variety of scriptural subjects, systematically classified and arranged. A very convenient book of reference. 288 pp., 12mo. $0.50ATNM 138.7

    FATHERS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. -This book is a brief record of the “falling away” of the church in the first three centuries, and the causes which led to the great apostasy. A chapter is devoted to each of the principal Fathers and his writings. Then there are chapters on “The Apostolic Church” “Sunday and Sun Worship,” and the “Great Apostasy.” Bound in cloth, with neat side stamp, 392 pp. $1.00ATNM 138.8

    Any publication sent post-paid on receipt of price.ATNM 138.9

    GREAT CONTROVERSY, THE, between Christ and his Angels, and Satan and his Angels. In four volumes. By Mrs. E. G. White. These volumes cover the time from the fall of Satan to the destruction of sin and sinners at the close of the 1,000 years of Revelation 20. Each 400 pp., 12mo, cloth.ATNM 139.1

    Vol. I. Old Testament history reaching to Christ. (Revised and enlarged edition in press.)ATNM 139.2

    Vol. II. Life and ministry of Christ. $1.00ATNM 139.3

    Vol. III. The death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ, with the lives of his apostles. $1.00ATNM 139.4

    Vol. IV. Treats of the Christian Church in its varied experiences during the Gospel Dispensation, but especially at the time of the end, $1.00ATNM 139.5

    Vol. IV. Popular Edition. Printed on fine tinted paper, and handsomely bound. Contains 21 full-page illustrations. 506 pp. $1.50ATNM 139.6

    HELPS TO BIBLE STUDY. -A series of Bible-readings, simple and easy, adapted for use by our workers in a personal study of the Scriptures with individuals and families, especially those unacquainted with our truth. Prepared by a committee selected by the Bible-Reading Class of Battle Creek (Mich.) College. Revised by a committee appointed by the General Conference. Bound in cloth, 136 pp. $0.50ATNM 139.7

    KEEPSAKE. -A little volume of 136 pages, containing a text for every day in the year, on the subjects of Christ’s second coming, the resurrection, the new earth, etc. Square, 32mo. $0.25ATNM 139.8

    LIFE OF BATES. -The early life and later experience and labors of Elder Joseph Bates, one of the pioneer preachers among Seventh-day Adventists, including his sea-faring experience and adventures, his conversion, and his public labors in the ministry. With portrait. 320 pp., 12mo. $0.85ATNM 139.9

    Same on fine tinted paper. 1.00ATNM 139.10

    LIFE OF CHRIST AND HIS AFOSTLES. -By Mrs. E. G. White. A series of eight pamphlets under the general title of Redemption, portraying the first advent of Christ, his temptation, his miracles, his teachings, his sufferings, and his resurrection, and the teachings and labors of Peter and Paul. These pamphlets contain nearly all that is found in Vols. II and III of Great Controversy. 788 pp., 12mo.Bound in 5 vols., and put up in a neat case. $1.50ATNM 139.11

    LIFE OF WILLIAM MILLER, including a sketch of the Christian experience and public labors of this celebrated apostle of the second-advent faith, explaining the mistakes in his theories, and defending that which was correct. With portrait. 416 pp., 12mo, cloth. $1.00ATNM 139.12

    MAN’S NATURE AND DESTINY; or, the State of the Dead, the Reward of the Righteous, and the end of the Wicked.-By Uriah Smith. This work is a thorough canvass of the great question of a future existence, and the nature of man in the present life. Every text in the Bible which has any possible bearing upon these points, is taken up and carefully explained, thus giving the most comprehensive view of the subject that has yet been presented. The work contains 414 pages, and is printed on heavy paper, attractively bound in green muslin, with gilt side and back titles. $1.50ATNM 139.13

    POEM ON THE SABBATH.-A word for the Sabbath, or false theories exposed. By Uriah Smith. A presentation of the Sabbath argument in poetic form in seven chapters, tracing the institution from Eden to Paradise restored. 64 pp., 12mo, cloth. $0.30ATNM 139.14

    PROPHETIC LIGHTS.-Some of the prominent prophecies of the Old and New Testaments, interpreted by the Bible and history. By Eld. E. J. Waggoner. It shows the exact fulfillment of the predictions of the Bible, concerning Egypt, Tyre, Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, and Rome, also of the prophecies concerning the first advent of Christ, which prove the inspiration of the Bible, and give assurance that other prophecies which are noted will as surely and exactly be fulfilled. It is elegantly illustrated, contains 180 large octavo pages, is printed on heavy calendered paper, is bound in fine English Cloth, with symbolical side stamp in brown and gold, and has gilt edges. Price. $1.25ATNM 139.15

    Any publication sent post-paid on receipt of price.ATNM 139.16

    SABBATH READINGS. -Four volumes of choice selections in prose and Poetry, suitable for Sabbath perusal. Each volume comprises about 400 pp, 18mo, elegantly bound in cloth, each. $0.60ATNM 140.1

    The 4 volumes in neat case. 2.40ATNM 140.2

    SACRED CHRONOLOGY. -A new and revised edition of a little work published by S. Bliss about forty years ago, giving the chronology from creation till the death of the apostle John. Also “The Peopling of the Earth; or, Historical Notes on the Tenth Chapter of Genesis.” By Alonzo T. Jones. A valuable reference book. 298 pp.ATNM 140.3

    Cloth. $1.00
    Library. 1.50
    Morocco. 1.75

    SANCTUARY AND 2300 DAYS of Daniel 8:14.-By Uriah Smith. This work shows very clearly the relation of the two dispensations, the Mosaic and Christian; presents the work of Christ for the salvation of men in both type and anti-type, and throws a flood of light upon portions of Scripture which are by many looked upon as useless or obscure. It is the key to unlock many of the most important prophecies of the Bible, and shows when our Saviour accomplishes his great work of atoning for sin. No subject more impressively shows the present position of the church in relation to the great lines of prophecy, than the subject of the Sanctuary. 352 pp., 12mo, cloth. $1.00ATNM 140.4

    SKETCHES FROM THE LIFE OF PAUL. -It may be safely said that there is no history of the life of Paul which treats the subject from the same standpoint as the present work. By Mrs. E. G. White. 334 pp., 12mo. $0.80ATNM 140.5

    SMITH’S DIAGRAM OF PARLIAMENTARY RULES. -A lucid and interesting treatise on Parliamentary usages. By a simple map, with converging lines, it shows the relation of any one motion to every other motion, and at a glance answers over five hundred questions in regard to parliamentary matters. A very ingenious and useful arrangement. Breast-pocket size, 32 pp., bound in muslin. $0.50ATNM 140.6

    SOUL AND THE RESURRECTION. -Harmony of science and the Bible on the nature of the soul and the doctrine of the resurrection. By J. H. Kellogg, M. D. A philosophical and scriptural dissertation on subjects of great interest and importance. 224 pp., 12mo, cloth. $0.75ATNM 140.7

    SYNOPSIS OF PRESENT TRUTH. -The table of contents shows that thirty-one important Bible subjects are dwelt upon and explained, as follows: The Great Image of Daniel 2; The Visions of Daniel 7 and 8; The 70 Weeks and 2300 Days; The Sanctuary; The Messages of Revelation 14; Revelation 12 and 13; The Sabbath: Bible View of the Sabbath; The Sabbath Theory of Akers, Jennings, and Others; The Sabbath and Sunday in Secular History; Nature and Destiny of Man; State of the Dead; Destiny of the Wicked; The Seven Last Plagues; The Millennium; Matthew 24; The Seven Churches; Seven Seals; Seven Trumpets; Signs of the Times; Modern Spiritualism; The Second Advent; The Two Laws; The First-day Sabbath; Baptism, Its Relation to the Divine Law in the Work of True Conversion; Gifts of the Spirit; Predestination; The 144,000; The Ministration of Angels; and, The Saints’ Inheritance. By Uriah Smith. This work is printed in large type, on good paper, and is attractively bound. $1.00ATNM 140.8

    THOUGHTS ON DANIEL. -A critical and practical exposition of the book of Daniel, verse by verse, with historical quotations, verifying the fulfillment of its prophecies. A valuable work for the Bible student. By Uriah Smith. 408 pp., 12mo, cloth. $1.25ATNM 140.9

    THOUGHTS ON THE REVELATION. -A companion volume to the above, on the same plan, in the same style. By Uriah Smith. 412 pp., 12mo, cloth. $1.25ATNM 140.10

    UNITED STATES IN PROPHECY. -An exposition of Revelation 13:11-17. A work designed to show that our own Government is as clearly set forth in the prophetic Scriptures as were Babylon, Greece, and Rome. A topic of thrilling interest, clearly and ably discussed. By Uriah Smith. 200 pp., 12mo, cloth. $0.75ATNM 140.11

    Any publication sent post-paid on receipt of price.ATNM 140.12

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