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    Complete Sabbath History. $1.25
    Thoughts on the Revelation, 1.25
    Thoughts on Daniel, 1.25
    Sunshine at Home, 1.50
    The Sanctuary and 2300 Days, 1.00
    The Life of William Miller, 1.00
    Nature and Destiny of Man, revised, 1.50
    Synopsis of the Present Truth, 1.00
    Great Controversy, 3 Vols., each, 1.00
    Vol. IV., 1.25
    Life of Elder Joseph Bates, 1.00
    Hymn and Tune Book, 1.00
    The Coming Conflict. 1.00
    The Atonement, 1.00
    “Life of Christ.” for the set, 90
    The Bible from Heaven, 80
    Sketches from the Life of Paul, 80
    Science and the Bible, 75
    History of the Doctrine of the Soul, 75
    Sabbath Readings, 4 Vols., each. 60
    Early Writings of Mrs. E. G. White, 75
    United States in Prophecy, 75
    Smith’s Diagram of Parliamentary Rules. 50
    Song Anchor. 50
    Better than Pearls. 40
    Temperance Song Book. 30
    Thoughts on Baptism, 25
    Word for the Sabbath (Poem), 30
    Facts for the Times, 25
    Second Advent Keepsake, 25
    Our Faith and Hope, 25
    The Atonement, 25
    Seventh-day Adventist Year Book. 25
    Modern Spiritualism. 20
    Ministration of Angels. 20
    Refutation of the Age to Come, 20
    The Three Messages, 15
    The Spirit of God, 15
    The Morality of the Sabbath, 15
    The Two Laws, 15
    The Seven Trumpets, 10
    Hope of the Gospel, 10
    Sanctification, 10
    The Tithing System, 10
    Truth Found-Sabbath, 10
    Matter and Spirit, 10
    The Ancient Sabbath. 10
    Matthew Twenty-Four, 10
    Saints’ Inheritance 10

    Five Cents Each. Our Faith and Hope. Justification by Faith,TCNA 32.1

    Four Cents Each. Redemption. The Second Advent. The Sufferings of Christ. The Present Truth. Origin and Progress of S. D. Adventists. Ten Commandments not Abolished. An Address to the Baptists. The Two Thrones. Spiritualism a Satanic Delusion. Samuel and the Witch of Endor. The Third Message of Revelation 14. Scripture References. Seventh Part of Time. Man in Death, by the poet Milton.TCNA 32.2

    Three Cents Each. Second Message of Revelation 14. End of the Wicked. Lost-Time Question. Seventh-day Adventists and S. D. Baptists. Signs of the Times. Who Changed the Sabbath? The Millennium. Sabbaton.TCNA 32.3

    Two Cents Each. Christ in the Old Testament. The Sabbath in the New Testament. The Sanctuary of the Bible. The Judgment. Much in Little. The Two Laws. Seven Reasons. The Definite Seventh Day. Departing and Being with Christ. The Rich Man and Lazarus. Elihu on the Sabbath. First Message of Revelation 14. The Law and the Gospel. God’s Memorial. The Sabbath Made for Man.TCNA 32.4

    One Cent Each. The Coming of the Lord. Perfection of the Ten Commandments. Without Excuse. Thoughts for the Candid. Which Day and Why? Can we Know; or, Can the Prophecies be Understood? Is the End Near? Is Man Immortal? The Sleep of the Dead. The Sinners Fate. The Law of God. What the Gospel Abrogated. One Hundred Bible Facts about the Sabbath. Sunday not the Sabbath. “The Christian Sabbath.” Why not Found out Before? Sign of one Day of God.TCNA 32.5

    The Association has different works in Danish-Norwegian, 34 in Swedish, 40 in German, 15 in French, and 1 in Holland.TCNA 32.6

    Full Catalogues of all our publications in English, and the various Foreign Languages, furnished free, on application.TCNA 32.7

    The foregoing will be mailed, post-paid, on receipt of price.TCNA 32.8

    Address REVIEW AND HERALD, Battle Creek, Mich. or, Pacific Press, Oakland, Cal.TCNA 32.9

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