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    Above God — how? 173
    A Catholic challenge to Protestants. 180
    A conflict inevitable. 198
    Adam Smith’s prediction. 17
    Additions by immigration. 66
    A fair proposition. 184, 256
    A false charge. 184
    A false issue. 228
    A glance at the past. 187
    Agreement between Daniel and Paul. 174
    A head wounded to death. 115
    Aims and efforts of Romanism. 142
    Alarming apathy of Christians. 261
    All Christian. 244
    All people “consent” to their government. 254
    A logical sequence. 187
    A marvelous continent. 80
    Amendment to Pennsylvania law defeated. 258
    America invites the world. 14
    America Bible Society. 79
    America literature abroad. 78
    American Traveler on immigration. 64
    America signalized by God above all nations. 80
    An accomplice of the papacy. 161
    An act of faith. 187
    An American Catholic Church called for. 167
    A new political party calls for Sunday enforcement. 216
    An Oakland (Cal.) D.D. on enforcing Sunday. 213
    “Another beast.” 106
    Another “irrepressible conflict.” 198
    An unavoidable conclusion. 93
    Application of Revelation 12:12. 153
    A proper subject of prophecy. 80
    A prophecy remarkably fulfilled. 118
    A prophecy mile-stone not a hundred years old. 103
    A question of prophecy. 145
    Area of the United States and Russia compared (note). 14
    A religious strike for Sunday. 221
    A remarkable scene in Westminster Abbey. 242
    A Spanish view (Count d’Aranda). 17
    Astounding statements. 254
    A taking war-cry. 260
    A thankless task. 181
    A victorious company. 121
    A warrant offered for Sunday-keeping. 178
    Beginning of the prophecy of Revelation 13. 94
    Berkeley’s poem “The Course of Empire.” 111
    Berthier enters Rome. 117
    Birth of New England. 24
    Bishop A. Cleveland Coxe on “National Christianity.” 222
    Bishop Foster on the state of religion in Europe. 232
    Bishop Newton on the mark. 171
    Bishop of St. Asaph (quotation from). 18
    British views of the American Revolution. 84
    Brooklyn Bridge. 63
    Burke on American Revolution. 126
    California Convention goes wild over Sunday laws. 218
    Campbell convicts Protestantism of Romish traditions. 182
    Capitol building at Washington. 59
    Catholic and Protestant can unite in the proposed reform. 191
    “Catholic Catechism of Christian Religion.” 177
    “Catholic Christian Instructed.” 178
    Catholic claims waived. 241
    Catholicism never changes. 243
    Catholic proof that the Church can change the law. 179
    Catholics admit that Sunday is not enjoined in the Scriptures. 179
    Catholics on Sunday observance. 240
    Catholics welcomed as allies. 241
    Caused to receive the mark — what. 263
    Cause of present infidel activity. 235
    Causes of the French Revolution. 144
    “Centennial History” on American progress. 30
    Centennial of adoption of the Constitution — grand celebration proposed. 223
    Change in the law by papists. 175
    Change of front. 223
    Change of front by the Christian Press. 235
    Change of law predicted. 174
    Change of the Sabbath — how Catholics regard it. 180
    Characteristics of the government of Revelation 13:11. 136
    Character of America’s first settlers. 84
    Character of the National Reform Movement. 200
    Character of the papacy. 103
    Chas. Beecher charges Protestantism with apostasy. 143
    Chas. Beecher on the theological situation. 143
    Chas. Beecher’s testimony. 166
    Chicago Express declares that every cause which led to union of Church and State in Europe, now exists in this country. 233
    Christ falsely charged. 181
    Christian Instructor calls for religious amendment. 238
    Christian laws can be abrogated only through blood. 233
    Christians in the churches. 164
    Christian Statesman on Sunday-breaking Congressmen. 210
    Chronology of Revelation 13:11. 114
    Civil and religious liberty symbolized. 133
    Claims of the Catholic Church. 177
    Coast-line of the U.S. 86
    Condition of Western Hemisphere in 1798. 123
    Conditions fulfilled. 90
    Congressmen denounced for Sunday-breaking. 210
    Constantine paganized Christianity. 232
    Constitution, Art. II. N.R. Association. 229
    Constitution of U.S., character of. 72
    Contemporary powers. 146
    Continuance of the papacy. 103
    Croly, quotation from. 117
    Cyrus D. Foss, sermon by. 79
    Dangers anticipated from infidel aggression. 234
    D’Aubigne to the Evangelical Alliance. 139
    David Hartley on U.S. naval power. 17
    Defining heresy. 207
    Demand of Liberalism. 230
    Description of second symbol of Revelation 13. 105
    De Tocqueville on our separation from England. 19
    Detroit Evening News on official corruption. 141
    Different organizations for Sunday. 222
    Discovery of America an enterprise undertaken in the interest of religion. 83
    Doctrines common to Christendom. 162
    Dublin Nation notes the manner of our development. 127
    Dublin Nation on American Empire. 22
    Edward Everett on English exiles. 127
    Effect of apostasy. 166
    Effect of deceitful wonders. 159
    Elements now at work in this nation. 144
    Emile de Girardin on American prospects. 22
    End if the prophecy of Revelation 13. 96
    England on U.S. Constitution. 77
    Enumeration of the ten divisions of Rome. 109
    Equal rights to give way before religion. 214
    Europe has an eye on America. 112
    Evils in Protestant churches. 143
    Evils involved in the amendment movement. 247
    Examiner and Chronicle shouts both yea and nay. 236
    Exposition of 2 Thessalonians 2:9. 152
    Ex-President Fillmore on Sunday legislation. 215
    Extract from Burnaby’s travels. 16
    False claims of Spiritualism. 154
    False definition of Church and State. 204
    F.E.Abbott’s estimated of the N.R. movement. 197
    First-day keepers and the mark. 184
    First railroad in America. 27
    Form of government in St. John’s time. 116
    Frederic, Napoleon, and Washington. 79
    Galiani’s prediction. 17
    General Conference of M.E. Church indorses amendment movement. 238
    Geo. A. Townsend on the present politico-theological movement. 192
    Geo. A. Townsend, providence in America. 20
    Geo. Herbert’s poem. 18
    God chose America’s first settlers. 84
    God not in the Constitution. 190
    God’s question to Job. 150
    Governor Pownal’s views of America. 17, 19
    Great judgments attributed to Sunday-breaking. 217
    Great wonders. 148
    Grounds on which image can be erected. 162
    Heaven’s judgments justified. 186
    History of the National Reform Association. 192
    Hon. A.H. Cragin, speech of. 73
    How does a government speak? 137
    How the miracles of Revelation 13:13 are wrought. 151
    How the papacy rose. 100
    How revolutions are accomplished. 192
    Identity between the little horn of Daniel 7:25 and leopard beast of Revelation 13. 100
    Idle talk. 205
    Inconsistency of the National Reform Movement. 201
    Incorporation of the National Reform Association. 196
    Independent American Catholic Church. 167
    Infant baptism not enjoined in the Scriptures. 179
    Influence of the U.S. in the Pacific. 66
    Intention necessary to change. 176
    Inter Ocean’s report of Liberal convention. 231
    In the forehead and hand explained. 266
    Iowa Baptist Association indorses amendment movement. 239
    Jefferson on origin of “just powers.” 252
    J. Litch on chronology of Revelation 13:11. 120
    J.M. Foster (extract from sermon). 20
    John Adams’s expectation. 16, 17
    Joseph Cook argues for Sunday as a civil institution. 225
    J.S. Smart on the political duties of Christians. 189
    Justinian’s decree. 100
    Lansing State Republican on the religious amendment. 208
    Lashes and swords poor ambassadors for Christ. 233
    Last apostasy the worst. 170
    Last day prophecies. 153
    Law in Daniel 7:25 172
    Law of symbols as to territory. 109
    Legislation must favor Christians only. 214
    Liberty enlightening the world. 62
    Location of government represented by the second symbol of Revelation 13. 111
    Louisville, ky., pronounces Sunday a civil institution. 225
    Lying wonders defined. 151
    Lyman Beecher’s testimony. 166
    Macmillan on national changes. 25
    Magistrates may enforce Sunday as a civil institution. 215
    Making an image. 159
    Mark of beast — by whom enforced. 169
    Mark of beast — what? 172
    Meaning of Greek anabainon. 126
    Meaning of Greek enopion. 112
    Meaning of Greek kata in 2 Thessalonians 2:9. 152
    Meaning of Greek charagma. 171
    M.E. Conference in Missouri indorses amendment movement. 238
    Men must have a religion. 83
    Missionary operations of Americans. 79
    Mistake of Protestantism. 163
    Mitchell’s testimony. 23
    Moral condition of the last days. 138
    Moral law — what? 175
    Mormon polygamy. 254
    Motto of International Sabbath Association Recorder. 223
    Mr. Haven’s testimony. 167
    Napoleon’s pretended wonders. 152
    Nature of existing elements. 139
    Necessary conditions of the church at the second advent. 185
    New York Independent on the inconsistencies of the National Reform Movement. 205
    New York Sabbath committee. 189
    No concessions to Jews and S.D. Baptists. 226
    No objection to Sunday laws. 256
    No rights for the minority. 228
    No Scripture for Sunday-keeping. 173
    Not a pleasing picture. 165
    Number of Spiritualists. 157
    Number of the beast — what? 267
    Occurrence of the word “mark.” 171
    Oppression of conscience. 228
    Organized opposition. 139
    Origin of Spiritualism. 156
    Our position defined. 245
    Our two evangels. 83
    Out of the Dark Ages. 182
    Out of the earth. 124
    Overthrow of the papacy in 1798. 103
    Papacy and the law. 172
    Paul’s testimony in 2 Thessalonians 2:8. 173
    Penal power to enforce Sunday called for. 212
    Persecution in Pennsylvania. 257
    Petitions to Congress. 194
    Petroleum. 87
    Political and religious liberty guaranteed. 71
    Political necessities of Christianity. 199
    Population of U.S. Colonies. 24
    Population of U.S. to 1850. 26
    Position of Mr. Brunot on the Pennsylvania law. 258
    Position of Nebraska State Journal. 251
    Power exercised by the symbol of Revelation 13:11. 147
    Prediction by Banner of Light. 167
    Prideaux on the mark. 171
    Probabilities of trouble. 138
    Prof. Zollner’s experiments. 155
    Prospects of the amendment movement. 259
    “Protestant branch of the great Catholic Church.” 243
    Protestant inconsistency exposed by Catholics. 179
    Protestantism surrendering. 243
    “Protestant portion of the Catholic Church of Rome.” 244
    Recognizing God in the Constitution. 248
    Relation of Romanism to our government. 142
    Religion in politics. 199
    Religious discrimination. 227
    Religious element in our national organization. 74
    Religious element in Rome’s two phases. 107
    Religious, not civil, observance of Sunday sought for. 224
    Religious rights of the State defined. 254
    Remarkable instances of city growth. 27
    Remarkable scene in a political convention over a religious question. 218
    Remodeling the government. 207
    Republicanism and Protestantism. 134
    Resources of America. 86
    Respect for Sunday rest on individual preferences, not on law. 190
    Result of the religious amendment movement. 211
    Result of transferring the seat of the Roman empire to Constantinople. 99
    Revelation 18:4 — when to be fulfilled. 165
    Reversing the theory of our government. 262
    Roman Catholics commended for favoring Sunday. 213
    Rome reproduced. 208
    Rome’s spiritual kingdom. 99
    Romish miracles. 152
    Rule for introducing nations into prophecy. 90
    Russia, population of. 23
    Schuyler Colfax’s testimony. 66
    Scientific American on Pacific railway. 61
    Scott’s testimony. 110
    Sea, as a symbol, explained. 124
    2 Timothy 3:1-5. 164
    Secretary of the Navy on Sunday legislation. 223
    Settlement at Jamestown. 24
    Seventh-day arguments in France. 221
    Seventh-day keepers must attend court. 213
    Shadows of the Dark Ages. 141
    Shameful Sunday technicality in New York. 226
    Short race predicted for seventh-day observers. 213
    Signers of Declaration of Independence, portraits of. 269
    Significance of the expression “caught up.” 119
    Signs and wonders of Spiritualism. 155
    Sir Thos. Brown’s prediction. 16, 18
    Some modern names of Rome’s ten kingdoms. 110
    Spirit of apostates. 186
    Spiritualism. 154
    Spiritualism and kings of the earth. 157
    Stability of the U.S. government. 76
    Startling character of Spiritualism. 156
    Striking in the dark. 181
    Sunday agitation in Europe. 219
    Sunday agitation in the United States. 219
    Sunday as a civil, not religious, institution. 223
    Sunday closing in England. 220
    Sunday desecration over Grand Alexis. 215
    Sunday enforcement in India. 221
    Sunday in politics. 215
    Sunday-keeping agitated in Austria. 221
    Sunday-keeping agitated in Germany. 221
    Sunday legislation the object of the N.R. Movement. 209
    Sunday reform. 189
    Sunday rest to be compulsory. 228
    Sunday sophistry. 227
    Survey of the field of prophecy. 90
    Symbol of horns explained. 131
    Taming the lightning. 150
    Teaching the lightning to speak. 150
    Terms defined. 168
    Territorial changes in last half century. 26
    Territorial growth of the U.S. 25
    Territory of U.S. in 1783. 24
    Testimony of Geo. Bush. 264
    The anti-Sunday movements. 245
    Theater of the coming struggle. 198
    The Atlantic cable. 112
    The battle of the amendments. 198
    The book unsealed. 148
    The California Sunday issue. 217
    The Church in America becoming a political machine. 232
    The Church in the prophecy of Revelation 12-14. 96
    The Church seeking political power. 189
    The Cincinnati Convention. 193
    The civil observance of Sunday not a religious act. 224
    The “civil” rest-day always Sunday — why? 255
    The coming test. 158
    The “consent” of all governed. 254
    The creed evil. 163
    The dragon, Revelation 12, explained. 98
    The Exarch of Ravenna. 116
    The false prophet. 122
    The false prophet of Revelation 19:20. 151
    The ideal government. 86
    The image — what? 263
    The issue that is to come. 186
    The leopard beast of Revelation 13 explained. 99
    The magnet of America. 74
    The mark defined. 175
    The ministry sought for. 260
    “The Model Republic.” 79
    The most improbable feature of the prophecy coming to pass. 191
    The National Reform Association. 190
    The National Reform Association — of what classes composed. 190
    The Nation on the civil service of the U.S. 140
    The N.Y. Independent wheels into line. 225
    “The old Philadelphia lie. 252
    The outlook from 1798. 122
    The papacy re-instated. 117
    The present compared with the age of Voltaire. 140
    The question settled. 182
    The real issue. 249
    The Revolution not a war of conquest. 125
    The right plant for the new world. 81
    The Rochester circular. 164
    The Saviour’s prediction. 153
    The seal of God — what? 183
    The seven forms of Roman government. 115
    The symbol of a woman explained. 97
    The symbol of Revelation 13:11 a republic. 160
    The thirteen original States. 24
    The Tulare (Cal.) Times denounces the amendment movement as leading to religious tyranny. 231
    The U.S. at the head of self-governing powers. 15
    The U.S. the great evangelizer. 82
    The U.S. will remain through all time to come. 122
    The war of 1812 not a war of conquest. 125
    The wonders of Revelation 13:13. 150
    Third message of Revelation 14. 120
    Thompson on American immigration. 64
    Thompson “Centennial Dinner” speech. 125
    Townsend on the development of the U.S. government. 127
    Treatise of thirty controversies. 177
    Unbelief in the ministry. 140
    Union of Church and State disavowed. 202
    Union of Church and State indorsed. 203
    Union of Church and State strangely ignored. 194
    Union of churches called for. 166
    Universalists in convention favor the religious amendment. 237
    Verbs of action, signification of. 264
    Vicarius Filii Dei, meaning of. 266
    Warning of the third message, Revelation 14:9-12. 169
    Washington Monument. 60
    Washington on religious liberty. 72
    Wesley on chronology of Revelation 13:11. 120
    What a horn may denote. 135
    What classes have embraced Spiritualism? 157
    What Spiritualism teaches. 154
    What the Churches united can do. 222
    What the image does. 169
    What the proposed amendment is designed to secure. 204
    What will constitute the image? 161
    When can the mark be received? 185
    Where a fulfillment is to be expected. 187
    Wholly Christian or infidel, which? 198
    Who will decide what are Christian laws? 207
    Who will have the mark? 185
    Why should not the Jew be made to keep Sunday? 212
    Wicked sophistry. 251
    Winds as a symbol explained. 124
    Wonderful condensation of instruction in prophecy. 106
    Working-man’s Lord’s-day Rest Association in England. 220
    Work of little horn of Daniel 7. 172
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