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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    THE fourth meeting of the General Conference convened in the Tabernacle at 10 A.M., February 19. Elder J. N. Loughborough presided pro tem., with L. T. Nicola pro tempore secretary.GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.3

    The hymn, “I sing the mighty power of God,” was sung, and Elder W. D. Curtis led the assembly in prayer. After the reading of the minutes, opportunity was given for the reception of new delegates, when G. E. Langdon took his seat with the Nebraska delegation.GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.4

    The report of district superintendents which was in progress at the time of the adjournment of the previous meeting was resumed by Elder J. H. Morison, who gave a report of District No. 6. The reports of Elder D. A. Robinson of District No. 7, European conferences, and of F. M. Wilcox, secretary of the Foreign Mission Board, followed, and will be found in their respective places.GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.5

    The President of the Conference, resuming the chair at the conclusion of Elder Robinson’s report, remarked that it was a matter of intense interest to observe how events were shaping. In the United States our work is coming to the attention of the authorities. In Switzerland it has gone to the government. In Australia the authorities have been called upon to consider it; in England the work is now being considered by the “powers that be;” and in Norway the situation is almost identical with that in England as just reported. These things are full of significance to us.GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.6

    Reports of committees being called for, the Committee on Educational work submitted through its secretary, H. P. Holser, the following:—GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.7

    Your committee appointed to suggest plans for educational work, would respectfully submit the following partial report:—GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.8

    1. That a more decided effort be made to conduct the work in all our educational institutions with special reference to the work of the denomination, giving the first place to lines of study which are most directly helpful in developing workers of the highest type for carrying forward the gospel work committed to this people, and making such changes in the present teaching force and courses of study as will bring them into harmony with this suggestion; and that opportunities for manual labor, both as a means of support and of education, be provided for the students as far and as fast as practicable.GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.9

    2. That arrangements be made by the General Conference Committee with the Texas Conference to take charge of the school recently established in that State, provided terms of transfer satisfactory to the General Conference Association can be arranged; that a board of managers be elected by the General Conference; that sufficient means be invested to put the school upon a good, strong basis; that such a course of study be introduced as will be in the fullest harmony with the instruction given and the principles laid down in the “Spirit of Prophecy” upon the subject of education; and that the plan of manual labor for students be further developed and carried out.GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.10

    3. That a monthly educational journal (ten numbers a year) be published under the direction of the General Conference Committee, as a means of bringing before the schools and the denomination generally, the best plans for educational work, of suggesting to parents definite plans of home education for their children, and of presenting and supervising a regular course of study and reading for ministers of the denomination.GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.11

    The Committee on Resolutions by its chairman, D. A. Robinson, presented the following:—GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.12

    Your Committee on Resolutions would respectfully submit the following partial report:—GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.13

    1. Whereas, Through divine grace, general prosperity has attended all departments of our work during the last two years; therefore, —GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.14

    Resolved, That we express anew to God our deep gratitude for these additional evidences of his love, and our high sense of the continued obligations resting upon us in meeting the demands for light and truth witnessed in all parts of the world.GCB February 20, 1895, page 249.15

    2. Whereas, Death has entered the ranks of our workers, and taken from their fields of labor our beloved brethren, A. S. Hutchins, A. E. Flowers, and Knud Brorsen; therefore,—GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.1

    Resolved, That while we bow in submission to these afflictions, we tender our sympathies to the relatives and friends of the deceased, and express our sense of loss in being deprived of their faithful labors.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.2

    3. We recommend, That the International Tract and Missionary Society be requested to publish all tracts and pamphlets of the denomination, and place the same on the market at as low a price as possible.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.3

    4. Resolved, That the International Tract Society be requested to make arrangements with the Pacific Press Publishing Association for the purchase of the Bible Student’s and Apples of Gold Libraries, it being understood that the work of printing these libraries shall be done for the present by the Pacific Press.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.4

    5. Resolved, That we recommend that the Religious Liberty and Sentinel Libraries be combined with the Bible Student’s Library.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.5

    6. We recommend, That the International Tract and Missionary Society be requested to publish as fast as possible such of our tracts and pamphlets as may be considered of a permanent character, in the various languages of the world.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.6

    7. Whereas, One of the most efficient means for disseminating the light is the circulation of a weekly paper filled with gospel truth; and, —GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.7

    Whereas, Our tract societies throughout the country and our scattered brethren and sisters find it impossible to circulate the Signs of the Times as extensively as should be done, on account of the price; therefore,—GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.8

    Resolved, That we recommend that our missionary paper, the Signs of the Times, be placed under the direct management of the General Conference, and that steps be taken to reduce the cost of the paper, so as to enable our people to give it a much wider circulation than it has ever yet had.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.9

    8. Resolved, That we request our State conferences and tract societies to encourage all their churches, unorganized companies, and isolated members to take clubs of the Signs of the Times for missionary work, to sell, loan, and give away as opportunity may afford.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.10

    9. Resolved, That we approve of the plan of inserting in the Signs of the Times and Present Truth a limited amount of carefully selected advertisements, and that the papers be illustrated.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.11

    10. Resolved, That we urge our brethren in Great Britain to push more vigorously the circulation of the Present Truth, and that we make an appropriation of $5000 to aid in that work during the coming year.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.12

    In response to an inquiry, the Chair stated that the reports of committees would not usually be considered until the following meeting or later, unless a motion to suspend the rules prevailed, in which case a report could be considered at once.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.13

    A notice of the meeting of the Health Reform Institute stockholders to be held at 3: P.M. was read, in which there was an urgent call for all interested persons to be present. The Chair added an exhortation to delegates to attend all meetings, especially those for the transaction of business relating to our institutions.GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.14

    Following is the continuation of the District Superintendent’s reports:—GCB February 20, 1895, page 250.15

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