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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    THE second meeting of the Seventh-day Adventist Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association was held Tuesday, February 26, at 3 P.M. The President, J. H. Kellogg, M. D., occupied the chair.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.4

    “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” was the opening song. H. P. Holser offered prayer.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.5

    The Secretary, L. McCoy, read the report of the last meeting, which was approved.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.6

    A. R. Henry, Treasurer, presented the financial report.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.7

    On motion of A. O. Tait, supported by J. W. Watt, the report was adopted.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.8

    Mrs. E. H. Whitney, the chairman of the Visiting Committee of the Haskell Home, was called upon to give to the Association something of the plan adopted by said Home, which is under the the direction of the Association. Her report will appear hereafter.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.9

    Children who have both parents living, and in some cases those who have one, are not received into the Home. For the relief of many of these who are reported to the Association, a Relief Department has been placed in the Good Health and Medical Missionary, and a secretary assigned to take charge of the correspondence. Miss Eliza Burleigh has had the oversight of the correspondence in securing homes for the homeless, and presented a report, which is given following these minutes.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.10

    Dr. Kellogg, the President, spoke of the work of the Association, especially in connection with our schools. Much attention is now given to special instruction in our schools along the lines of work conducted by the Association. Almost all of the schools have adopted a vegetarian diet, and the plan is well received.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.11

    Prof. Haughey, principal of South Lancaster Academy, gave a very gratifying account of the instruction given by Sister Wigg in the school at South Lancaster, and stated that no complaint had come to him in regard to the diet; and he felt that the influence of the Instructor upon health principles is as beneficial as that of any instructor in the school.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.12

    Prof. W. W. Prescott referred to his report of the educational work as embodying his ideas upon the subject of this line of education in connection with the schools.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.13

    The President gave a “Christian Help” talk, showing some of the work done, and some of the openings and plans for future work. Special emphasis was placed upon the question, “Why should not the entire denomination be organized as a Christian Help Band?” Similar questions have been asked in Sister White’s articles. The large amount of work done by the Medical Mission in Chicago was briefly mentioned, also the work of the one in Mexico.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.14

    The work of Brother Rudolph, on the West Coast of Africa, was spoken of, the great need presenting itself being that for medical missionary work. The statistics given of the work done during the last two years in various ways by representatives of the Association, showed astonishing figures in baskets of food, treatments, etc., — each one being a little gospel sermon.GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.15

    The secretary of the Committee of Resolutions, A. O. Tait, presented the following resolutions, which, on motion of R. C. Porter, supported by G. A. Irwin, were taken up one by one, and adopted as follows:—GCB February 27, 1895, page 374.16

    1. Resolved, That we express our gratitude to God for the prosperity and signal evidences of divine favor which have attended the medical missionary enterprises undertaken under the auspices of this Association.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.1

    Whereas, The Christian Help work is in harmony with the example of our Saviour, therefore, —GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.2

    2. Resolved, That we heartily endorse what has been done in this line of work, and urge its extension into conferences and other fields where it has not yet entered; and that conference officers, and others in responsible positions, give it their hearty approval and active support.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.3

    3. Resolved, That we endorse the action of the Board in developing the various lines of our medical missionary work, as outlined in the address of the Chairman.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.4

    Whereas, There are many worthy sick poor among us that could be benefited by treatment at the Sanitarium Hospital, therefore, —GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.5

    4. Resolved, That we urge each of our conferences to endow one or more beds in the Sanitarium Hospital. And, further, that they institute a systematic plan of seeking out poor people, and report their cases to the Medical Missionary Board, being careful not to send any such to the Sanitarium except on the recommendation of the physician in charge.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.6

    Whereas, Our missions in foreign fields are much more successful when they have medical work connected with them, therefore, —GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.7

    5. Resolved, That we recommend that physicians and nurses be connected with our foreign missions as far as practicable.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.8

    6. Resolved, That, recognizing the value of the work done by the Chicago Medical Mission, we recommend that it be continued and further developed in such lines as may be considered wise by the Medical Missionary Board.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.9

    7. Resolved, That we urge the establishing of medical missions similar to the one in Chicago and other large cities, especially in Detroit, Brooklyn, New Orleans, and St. Louis, and that we request the conferences in which these cities are located to co-operate with the Board in their organization and establishment.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.10

    8. Resolved, That we urge upon our people the importance and necessity of systematically contributing to the maintenance funds of the Haskell and James White Memorial Homes.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.11

    9. Resolved, That we request the Sabbath-school Association to devote its collections for one quarter of each year to the maintenance funds.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.12

    10. Resolved, That we request that a general Sabbath collection be taken up, at least once a year, for the support of the maintenance funds.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.13

    11. Resolved, That we recommend that the Board proceed to the erection of a building for the accommodation of elderly persons as soon as the maintenance fund shall be sufficient for its support.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.14

    Whereas, The supply of medical missionaries is insufficient to meet the demands for the same, therefore, —GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.15

    12. Resolved, That we heartily endorse the efforts that have been made to educate physicians and nurses for missionary work, and recommend that even greater efforts be made in this direction in the future; and that conference officers throughout the field co-operate with the Medical Missionary Board in selecting suitable persons to be educated for this work.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.16

    DAN. T. JONES, A. O. TAIT, N. C. MC CLURE - Committee.

    Moved by W. W. Prescott, supported by J. N. Loughborough, that Resolution 2 be referred to a Committee. The Chair appointed as the Committee on Resolutions, J. R. Palmer and I. H. Evans.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.17

    Adjourned to Wednesday, February 27, 4 P.M.GCB February 27, 1895, page 375.18

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