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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    1. Whereas, Through divine grace, general prosperity has attended all departments of our work during the last two years; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 513.5

    Resolved, That we express anew to God our deep gratitude for these additional evidences of his love, and our high sense of the continued obligations resting upon us in meeting the demands for light and truth witnessed in all parts of the world.GCB April 1895, page 513.6

    2. Whereas, Death has entered the ranks of our workers, and taken from their fields of labor our beloved brethren, A. S. Hutchins, A. E. Flowers, and Knud Brorsen [and Albert Stone]; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 513.7

    Resolved, That while we bow in submission to these afflictions, we tender our sympathies to the relatives and friends of the deceased, and express our sense of loss in being deprived of their faithful labors.GCB April 1895, page 513.8

    6. We recommend, That the International Tract and Missionary Society be requested to publish as fast as possible such of our tracts and pamphlets as may be considered of a permanent character in the various languages of the world.GCB April 1895, page 513.9

    8. Resolved, That we request State Conferences and tract societies to encourage all their churches, unorganized companies, and isolated members to take clubs of the Signs of the Times for missionary work, to sell, loan, and give away as opportunity may afford.GCB April 1895, page 513.10

    9. Resolved, That we approve of the plan of inserting in the Signs of the Times, the Present Truth, and the American Sentinel, a limited amount of carefully selected advertisements, the illustrating of the papers to be left with the publishers.GCB April 1895, page 514.1

    10. Resolved, That we urge our brethren in Great Britain to push more vigorously the circulation of the Present Truth, and that we make an appropriation of $5000 to aid in the work the coming year.GCB April 1895, page 514.2

    11. Whereas, Opportunities have arisen and doubtless will arise in the future to secure from various civil governments grants and donations; and, —GCB April 1895, page 514.3

    Whereas, To seek or even to accept any such thing from any civil government in any country would be a violation of the fundamental principles of separation of Church and State; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 514.4

    Resolved, That we ought not as a denomination either to seek or accept from any civil government, supreme, local, or otherwise, any gift, or grant, either of land, money, or other thing of value.GCB April 1895, page 514.5

    14. Resolved, That the General Conference Association be requested to make arrangements with the Pacific Press Publishing Company for the purchase of the Bible Students’ and Apples of Gold Libraries, and that the said association, through the International Tract and Missionary Society, publish all our tracts, pamphlets, and libraries, and place the same on the market at as low a price as possible.GCB April 1895, page 514.6

    15. Whereas, The rapid enlargement of the work brings in larger burdens to be borne by those in responsible positions; and, —GCB April 1895, page 514.7

    Whereas, It is impracticable for the General Conference Committee to deal with the many details of the work in the General Conference districts; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 514.8

    Resolved, That the presidents of the Conferences, chairmen of mission boards, and the district superintendent of each district, constitute an executive board for their field, to take under advisement, with power to act, such local matters as shall be named by the General Conference, as follows:—GCB April 1895, page 514.9

    (1) The changing of laborers from one Conference to another in the same district Conference, providing such changes do not conflict with appointments made by the General Conference Committee or the Foreign Mission Board.GCB April 1895, page 514.10

    (2) The arranging of all camp-meetings and other general meetings in the district.GCB April 1895, page 514.11

    (3) The originating and conducting of canvassers’ and church schools of more than four weeks’ duration.GCB April 1895, page 514.12

    (4) The appointment of a treasurer for each district outside of North America, who shall receive all General Conference funds, disbursing the same as the General Conference may direct.GCB April 1895, page 514.13

    15a. Resolved, That in case there is not a uniformity of action in any question before the Board, the matter be referred to the General Conference Committee for instruction.GCB April 1895, page 514.14

    16. Resolved, That all moves in connection with the district work that call for larger expenditure of means, be referred to the General Conference Committee for counsel.GCB April 1895, page 514.15

    17. Resolved, That this Board, with as many of the laborers of each Conference as shall be chosen by the State Conference executive committee, meet in counsel at least once a year, to make a study of the best plans for carrying forward the work; and that a series of Bible studies be conducted during this council, the time, place, and length of this council to be decided by the district executive board; and, —GCB April 1895, page 514.16

    Further, That the District Board hold other meetings for counsel as often as the district superintendent, in correspondence with the several Conference presidents in his district, shall appoint.GCB April 1895, page 514.17

    And, That the President of the General Conference be requested to attend the councils of these districts as far as shall be consistent with his other duties.GCB April 1895, page 514.18

    18. Whereas, The closing work is not only to go to all the world, but also to go with great rapidity; and, —GCB April 1895, page 514.19

    Whereas, It has been urged upon us repeatedly to send laborers to the “regions beyond;” therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 514.20

    Resolved, That we approve of the course that has been pursued by the Foreign Mission Board in the past, and request them to continue to study carefully the field, and to send forth laborers as fast as the proper persons can be selected and fitted for the work, and as fast as means are on hand with which to send them.GCB April 1895, page 514.21

    19. Resolved, That it be expressed as the sense of this body that the editorial control and the shaping of the general policy of the Review and Herald, Signs of the Times, American Sentinel, Home Missionary, Youth’s Instructor, Our Little Friend, and the Danish, German, Swedish, and Holland papers be placed in the hands of the General Conference, it being understood that the business and financial management of these journals remain in the control of the organizations now governing the same, and that the editors of these papers be appointed by the General Conference Committee. And, further, —GCB April 1895, page 514.22

    20. Resolved, That steps be taken to reduce the cost of our missionary paper, the Signs of the Times, so as to enable our people to give it a much wider circulation than it has ever yet had.GCB April 1895, page 514.23

    22. Whereas, It is desirable to have detailed reports from the various Conferences, mission fields, tract societies, and Sabbath-school associations; and, —GCB April 1895, page 514.24

    Whereas, It would be more convenient for all parties to have these reports sent to one person; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 514.25

    Resolved, That blanks be furnished the proper officials of the various Conferences, mission fields, tract societies, and Sabbath-school associations, and all our institutions. That these officials be requested to fill out these blanks as fully as possible semi-annually, the reports to close June 30 and Dec. 31. That the statistician of the denomination furnish the necessary reports to the members of the General Conference Committee and such other officials as may desire them. That this shall not interfere with the present system of Sabbath-school reporting.GCB April 1895, page 515.1

    23. Whereas, The religious-liberty work is not designed merely to prepare the way for the third angel’s message, but is the giving of the message itself; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 515.2

    Resolved, That we urge upon all friends of religious liberty everywhere, and especially upon ministers and other Conference laborers, the importance of a thorough preparation for the intelligent presentation of religious liberty questions.GCB April 1895, page 515.3

    24. Whereas, The introduction of numerous Sunday bills and other measures of like character into the legislatures and courts of the various States and countries, affords good opportunities for placing before legislators and other men in public life the fundamental principles of the gospel; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 515.4

    Resolved, That we urge upon all our Conference and mission field officers the importance of meeting these issues by the general circulation of literature and by presenting to jurists and members of legislatures, personally, the principles involved.GCB April 1895, page 515.5

    (a) Resolved, That we request the General Conference Committee to continue a competent man in the religious liberty work at the capital of the nation, especially during the next session of Congress.GCB April 1895, page 515.6

    (b) Whereas, The American Sentinel is one of the very best means of interesting public men in religious liberty principles, and as a result, in kindred truths; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 515.7

    Resolved, That we encourage an increased circulation of this paper.GCB April 1895, page 515.8

    The committee on finance submitted the following, which were adopted:—GCB April 1895, page 515.9

    Whereas, There is great financial depression throughout this and other countries, a great scarcity of money, and a general reduction of prices, both in labor and material, and in nearly everything in the market; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 515.10

    Resolved, That we recommend that officers and managers of our different Conferences, schools, and various institutions, ought to consider carefully all these conditions in settling with their workers.GCB April 1895, page 515.11

    Whereas, God’s plan for supporting those who devote their time especially to the teaching of his word is to pay them out of the tithes; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 515.12

    Resolved, That we recommend that Conferences patronizing schools where Bible instructors are employed, be asked to consider favorably the propriety of contributing to the support of such instructors.GCB April 1895, page 515.13

    Whereas, It seems necessary, in carrying forward the work of the Third Angel’s Message, to establish health institutions and medical missions, as has been done at College View, Neb.; Boulder, Col.; Guadalajara, Mexico, and other places; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 515.14

    Resolved, That the furnishing of aid in the establishment of such institutions be left to the General Conference, who should be managers and financial controllers of such enterprises; and we would make mention of Mexico, Colorado, and Central Europe as fields worthy of immediate and especial attention.GCB April 1895, page 515.15

    Whereas, there are enterprises occasionally undertaken by individuals and State Conferences which involve a large expenditure of means, frequently bringing them into embarrassment, which the General Conference is called upon to relieve; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 515.16

    Resolved, That we advise all concerned not to invest money in school buildings or other enterprises, without first consulting with the General Conference, and that the General Conference exercise great caution in affording aid to such enterprises started without their sanction.GCB April 1895, page 515.17

    Whereas, Money will be continually needed to carry on the work already begun in this and other countries, and to enter new fields; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 515.18

    (a) Resolved, That the importance of our methods for raising money, such as first-day offerings, Sabbath-school donations, and free-will and annual offerings, be constantly kept before our people by all our public laborers.GCB April 1895, page 515.19

    (b) Resolved, That the calls which come from foreign countries, such as South America, Africa, Japan, China, etc., receive favorable consideration, and that financial aid be rendered in carrying the gospel to these countries, keeping in view continually the strictest economy consistent with the circumstances.GCB April 1895, page 515.20

    Whereas, There are occasional calls in this and other countries for assistance to erect church buildings in large cities, where our people are unable to build them without financial aid; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 515.21

    Resolved, That the General Conference take this matter under favorable consideration, and when they deem it necessary, aid to a limited extent in such cases; and especially would we call attention to the request made for such aid from Copenhagen (Denmark), and Australasia.GCB April 1895, page 515.22

    The Committee on Education presented the following resolutions, which were adopted:—GCB April 1895, page 515.23

    1. That a more decided effort be made to conduct the work in all our educational institutions with special reference to the work of the denomination, giving the first place to lines of study which are most directly helpful in developing workers of the highest type for carrying forward the gospel work committed to this people, and making such changes as will bring our schools into harmony with this suggestion; and that opportunities for manual labor, both as a means of support and of education, be provided for the students as far and as fast as practicable.GCB April 1895, page 515.24

    2. That arrangements be made by the General Conference Committee with the Texas Conference to take charge of the school recently established in that State, provided terms of transfer satisfactory to the General Conference Association can be arranged; that a board of managers be elected by the General Conference; that sufficient means be invested to put the school upon a good, strong basis; that such a course of study be introduced as will be in the fullest harmony with the instruction given and the principles laid down in the “Spirit of Prophecy” upon the subject of education; and that the plan of manual labor for students be further developed and carried out.GCB April 1895, page 515.25

    3. That a monthly educational journal (ten numbers a year) be published under the direction of the General Conference Committee, as a means of bringing before the schools and the denomination generally, the best plans for educational work, of suggesting to parents definite plans of home education for their children, and of presenting and supervising a regular course of study and reading for ministers and other laborers of the denomination.GCB April 1895, page 516.1

    4. Whereas, There is a demand for church and Conference schools in various parts of the field, and to secure the best results it is highly important that teachers be selected who are thoroughly prepared for the lines of work to be carried, also that the schools be established upon a safe financial basis; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 516.2

    Resolved, That it is the sense of this Conference that before starting such schools, there be careful deliberation and consultation between the local conference committee or the local mission board and the educational secretary.GCB April 1895, page 516.3

    5. Whereas, A school has been opened in connection with the medical mission in Guadalajara, Mexico; and, —GCB April 1895, page 516.4

    Whereas, Conditions are such in that country as to require a more vigilant supervision over the moral and religious training of the children than can be obtained through the medium of a day-school; we would, therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 516.5

    Recommend, That such steps be taken to place the school on a basis which will make it efficient in the propagation of gospel truth, as may be agreed upon by the managers of the mission and the Foreign Mission Board; and that the necessary funds be appropriated for its support.GCB April 1895, page 516.6

    6. Whereas, The greatly increased demand for educated laborers at home and abroad has demonstrated the necessity of facilities for instructing those who cannot attend our regularly organized schools; and, —GCB April 1895, page 516.7

    Whereas, The General Conference Bible schools now in successful operation at Battle Creek and College View do not meet the wants of the laborers in other parts of the field; therefore, —GCB April 1895, page 516.8

    Resolved, That similar schools be established at Walla Walla, Healdsburg, South Lancaster, and Dist. No. 2, as the demand may indicate; and that ministers, licentiates, colporters, and Bible workers be encouraged to attend as far as practicable, and that a uniform course of study, covering a period of three years, be adopted in all these schools.GCB April 1895, page 516.9

    The above resolutions have been given in the Conference proceedings, but are here reproduced for convenient reference.GCB April 1895, page 516.10

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