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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    1. That the following appointments of General Conference District Superintendents be made:—GCB April 1895, page 517.42

    Elder R. C. Porter District No. 1.
    Elder Geo. A. Irwin ““2.
    Elder J. H. Morrison ““3.
    Elder J. H. Durland ““4.
    Elder J. N. Loughborough ““5.
    Elder A. J. Breed ““6.
    Elder W. C. White ““7.
    Elder H. P. Holser ““8.

    2. That Elder S. N. Haskell be invited to return to the United States, to engage in general labor as circumstances may require, leaving Africa when in his judgment it would be best for him to do so.GCB April 1895, page 517.43

    3. That Elder H. P. Holser be invited to visit Union College and such German churches and German centers in this country before returning to Europe, as may seem consistent with plans already made for work in his home field.GCB April 1895, page 518.1

    4. That counsel having been asked by Elder J. F. Hansen in regard to arrangements for labor among the Scandinavians, he be advised to labor in this country the present year, it being the design that he then go to Denmark to labor, if the state of the Danish work in this field and Europe is such as may make such change advisable.GCB April 1895, page 518.2

    5. That Elder J. T. B”ttcher, of Norwalk, Ohio, go to College View, Neb., to act as German Bible instructor in place of Elder H. F. Graf, called to another field.GCB April 1895, page 518.3

    6. That, in view of Elder C. W. Flaiz not having been communicated with in regard to his removal to South Dakota, before the recommendation for his change of field was made by the General Conference, and it appearing exceedingly inconvenient for him to go to South Dakota, the matter of his removal be left to the decision of the Chairman of the General Conference Committee and the Superintendent of District No. 4.GCB April 1895, page 518.4

    7. That Elder S. B. Whitney, of Arkansas, be invited to attend the Institute soon to be held in Arkansas, to assist in the work of the Institute, as Bible instructor.GCB April 1895, page 518.5

    8. That Elders Geo. I. Butler and John A. Brunson labor together in District No. 2, as may be arranged by the district superintendent.GCB April 1895, page 518.6

    9. That Elder R. M. Kilgore and Brother Milton S. Babcock enter upon labor at Meridian, Miss.GCB April 1895, page 518.7

    10. That Elder B. F. Purdham join Elder D. T. Shireman in labor in North Carolina.GCB April 1895, page 518.8

    11. That Elder W. T. Drummond associate in labor with B. L. Dieffenbacher, in Alabama.GCB April 1895, page 518.9

    12. That Wm. Woodford, of Ohio, connect in labor with Elder R. S. Owen, in Georgia.GCB April 1895, page 518.10

    13. That Elder I. E. Kimball and J. O. Johnston continue in labor together in South Carolina.GCB April 1895, page 518.11

    14. That, since it is inexpedient for J. E. Evans to follow the recommendation of the General Conference to go to Texas to labor, he go to Louisville, Kentucky, to join Elder J. W. Collie.GCB April 1895, page 518.12

    15. That Elder Smith Sharp and E. L. Sanford engage in labor in the Cumberland Mission field.GCB April 1895, page 518.13

    16. That N. S. Miller and W. J. Sloan locate at Louisville, Ky., to engage in the canvassing work.GCB April 1895, page 518.14

    17. That the selection of a laborer for the Louisiana field be left with the president of the General Conference, and members of the committee available for advice at the time action should be taken.GCB April 1895, page 518.15

    18. That, in view of the needs of the Pennsylvania field for assistance in the religious liberty work, Elder A. F. Ballenger be recommended to that Conference to labor.GCB April 1895, page 518.16

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