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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    That camp-meetings be held the coming season as follows:—GCB April 1895, page 518.39

    District No. 1.GCB April 1895, page 518.40

    Quebec June 14-24.
    Pennsylvania June 19 to July 1.
    Vermont (local) June 25 to July 1.
    Atlantic Aug. 1-12.
    Virginia Aug. 8-19.
    Vermont Aug. 16-26.
    Maine Aug. 22 to Sept. 2.
    New England Aug. 30 to Sept. 9.
    New York Sept. 5-16.
    West Virginia Sept. 12-23.

    District No. 3.GCB April 1895, page 519.1

    Indiana July 30 to Aug. 12.
    Ohio Aug. 9-19.
    Illinois Aug. 19 to Sept. 2.
    Michigan Sept. 11-30.

    District No. 4.GCB April 1895, page 519.2

    Iowa May 23 to June 3.
    Minnesota June 4-11.
    Wisconsin June 11-17.
    South Dakota June 18-24.
    North Dakota July 3-9.
    Nebraska Aug. 26 to Sept. 9.

    District No. 5.GCB April 1895, page 519.3

    Texas Aug. 8-19.
    Arkansas Aug. 16-26.
    Oklahoma Aug. 22 to Sept. 2.
    Colorado Aug. 29 to Sept. 9.
    Kansas Sept. 12-23.
    Missouri Sept. 25 to Oct. 7.

    District No. 6.GCB April 1895, page 519.4

    North Pacific May 9-20.
    Upper Columbia May 16-27.
    California May 30 to June 10.
    Montana June 14-24.

    District No. 8.GCB April 1895, page 519.5

    Norway June 4-16.
    Sweden June 18-30.
    Denmark July 2-14.
    Germany July 16-28.
    Switzerland Aug. 1-11.
    England Aug. 15-25.

    Perhaps all the meetings in this District can not be conducted as camp-meetings.GCB April 1895, page 519.6


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    1. That the following arrangements be made with reference to the General Conference BULLETIN:—GCB April 1895, page 519.7

    a. To issue the paper quarterly during the General Conference biennial period, in a single volume, at fifty cents for the entire time, including the Extras during the General Conference session.GCB April 1895, page 519.8

    b. To issue the next number in April; it being understood that it should contain a workers’ directory, a grouping of all the resolutions and actions of the Conference recently held, together with index of the proceedings of the same, etc.GCB April 1895, page 519.9

    c. To cut off all copies in clubs to delegates and such, except in cases where twenty-five cents additional is paid on single subscriptions.GCB April 1895, page 519.10

    d. To close the orders for bound copies with the April number, and send to all subscribers for same.GCB April 1895, page 519.11

    2. That three tents be furnished by the General Conference as follows: One for Louisville, Ky., one for Meridian, Miss., and one for the New Mexico and Arizona field, when it is decided when and where operations should begin.GCB April 1895, page 519.12

    3. That J. V. Wilson and wife, and A. J. Howard be recommended to take the special six months’ training course at the Sanitarium at Battle Creek, Mich., and that B. F. Goudy take the regular two years’ course at the same institution.GCB April 1895, page 519.13

    4. That Presidents of Conferences should take the same interest in organized work in foreign languages found within their Conference limits, as in the American work.GCB April 1895, page 519.14

    5. That the Chicago Transportation office be continued, and that it be placed in charge of the International Tract Society and Review and Herald Chicago branch office.GCB April 1895, page 519.15


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    SINCE the close of the General Conference, the following recommendations have been made:—GCB April 1895, page 519.16

    1. That Elder S. J. Hersum and wife, of the Atlantic Conference, go to Newfoundland to open up mission work.GCB April 1895, page 519.17

    2. That Dr. J. H. Neall and wife defer their mission to Rio de Janeiro for the present and respond to the urgent call from Guadalajara, Mexico.GCB April 1895, page 519.18

    3. That Prof. E. B. Miller, of South Africa, return to this country to engage in educational work.GCB April 1895, page 519.19

    4. That Elder E. H. Gates and wife, of California, and H. H. Brand and wife, of Chicago, go to Honolulu, H. I., to open up mission work.GCB April 1895, page 519.20

    5. That Elder F. I. Richardson, of the Maritime Provinces, join Elder A. J. Haysmer in labor in the Island of Jamaica, West Indies.GCB April 1895, page 519.21

    6. That the following persons go to England to engage in the canvassing work: Frank McCormick, Miss M. I. Gresswell, James and Walter Gillis, Frank McMortim.GCB April 1895, page 519.22

    7. That Elder A. T. Jones attend the general meetings to be held in Europe during the present season.GCB April 1895, page 519.23

    8. That Jean Vuilleumier, of the New England Conference, go to Argentina to labor in the French work.GCB April 1895, page 519.24

    9. That Prof. W. W. Prescott in the interest of school work visit Australia, South Africa, and Europe in the order named.GCB April 1895, page 519.25

    10. That Elder D. A. Robinson and wife, of England, go to India to open up mission work as soon as Sister Robinson’s health will permit, and suitable help can be provided for the English field.GCB April 1895, page 519.26

    11. That the recommendation for Clifton Tarr and wife to go to Zambesia be withdrawn for further consideration.GCB April 1895, page 519.27

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