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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    L. T. NICOLA



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    Progress of the Work 531
    General Conference Committee Proceedings 532
    Foreign Mission Board Proceedings 533
    General Conference Association Proceedings 534
    Pacific Press Publishing Company Proceedings 534
    General Organizations 537
    Local Organizations 538
    Mission Fields 547
    Educational Institutions 551
    Publishing Houses 550
    Health Institutions 551
    Benevolent Institutions 552
    Workers’ Directory 552
    Summary of State Officers 559
    Financial Report of Hamburg Office 561


    IT is encouraging to note that the collections from our churches and Sabbath-schools, for the Haskell Memorial Home the first Sabbath in April, last, amounted to $3179.29. This will be a great help in the care of the fatherless little ones of that institution.GCB July 1895, page 562.1

    The time for another donation of this character will come to us before the issue of another BULLETIN, hence we take this opportunity of calling the attention of our brethren and sisters to the general collection which should be taken up in all our churches and Sabbath-schools the first Sabbath in October. This will be a more favorable season of the year than was last April. The harvest time brings larger increase than does the time of sowing, hence we hope that there will be a liberal and hearty response, and that the amount given in our last offering to this worthy institution may be more than doubled in the next collection that shall be taken.GCB July 1895, page 562.2

    If the elders and leaders of our churches and companies, and the superintendents and secretaries of our Sabbath-schools will take pains to present before their members the work being done by the institution, and the obligation of the people of God toward the same, it will serve to call forth a hearty response. We have the poor with us always, and this is an opportunity to do them good. It is in some of these lines that our love for the Lord and for our brethren is tested and tried. Let us begin now to plan for our donation the first Sabbath in October. All donations for the Orphans’ Home should be sent to Elder L. McCoy, Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Mich. F. M. W.GCB July 1895, page 562.3

    IN connection with most of the directories of local organizations, pages 538 to 547, there is given a directory of a few of the churches in the principal cities, as reported by the Conference officers. Unless otherwise stated, all services are held on the Sabbath. The addresses of those connected with conferences, Tract Societies, or Sabbath-school Associations, appear in the Workers’ Directory; the addresses of those connected with churches as officers of the same, do not appear in the Workers’ Directory, but are given in the directories of churches.GCB July 1895, page 562.4

    The Conference Directories are made up from official lists furnished by the officers of the various organizations, and include only the names of those laboring under direction of the Conferences at the present time. There may be some who have heretofore been engaged in work in different lines, but for various reasons are not now so engaged, whose names do not appear in these lists.GCB July 1895, page 562.5



    THIS is a 16 page weekly journal, designed especially for pioneer work. Its columns are full of bright, interesting matter that cannot fail to make it attractive to readers of all classes. It gives subjects relating to the present truth a candid hearing, and furnishes food for thought to all careful thinkers.GCB July 1895, page 562.6

    Among the special departments in which its contents are arranged are the following: The Outlook, which deals with developments in religious lines of vital interest at the present day. The department of Home and Health has articles adapted to all ages, including much practical instruction in the principles of healthful living. Mission Fields always contains a rare fund of information in regard to the work of the gospel in different parts of the world. The Question Corner contains replies to questions as to meaning of different Bible texts difficult to understand. The International Sabbath-school lessons are presented in a lucid and practical manner calculated to be of invaluable service to all students. The aim of the editors is to bring out the real pith of the Scripture teachings.GCB July 1895, page 562.7

    These are only a few of the many things of interest and value that the paper brings its readers week by week. For subscriptions or sample copies, address Signs of the Times, Oakland, Cal.GCB July 1895, page 562.8

    Single copy, one year (50 numbers) $1,00
    To foreign countries in postal union (1,50) 6s.
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