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    January 23, 1902

    What Our Publications Are Doing

    [Remarks of Mrs. E. G. White before a meeting for canvassers November 18, 1901, at 313 W. 59TH Street, New York, N. Y.]


    I think the Lord has given you the right ideas. These silent messengers that we have accomplish a work which the ministry can not do.SW January 23, 1902, par. 1

    I spoke to the people once in Launceston in Tasmania. As soon as I got through, a tall, fine-looking lady came up to me and threw her arms around my shoulders and wept and wept and could not speak for a little time. My son tried to get her to let go and told her that I was weary, but she would not let go, and said, I am going to tell my story, so he had to stand back. She said she had a son who was very sick and was visited by ministers and had read a number of books, but he said:SW January 23, 1902, par. 2

    “I can not understand it; they don't speak right to my heart. Haven't you got something in the whole library that I have not read?”SW January 23, 1902, par. 3

    “Why,” said she, “there is a book that the canvassers brought around here; I have never read it, but I will find it.”SW January 23, 1902, par. 4

    So she brought the book to him and he read and re-read it.SW January 23, 1902, par. 5

    Said he, “Mother, I've got it, I think I have found the way, I'll be on the rock.”SW January 23, 1902, par. 6

    He read the book through and said, “I've got it, I know my Saviour and I am His child.”SW January 23, 1902, par. 7

    “After that,” said the mother, “he was just as happy as could be every moment that he lived. But before he died, he said:SW January 23, 1902, par. 8

    “Now, mother, promise me one thing, if ever Mrs. White shall come into our country and you see her, will you tell her that that book was the means of saving my soul? Will you lend this book to all our neighbors?”SW January 23, 1902, par. 9

    Said she, “I have done it and it's about worn out and I will have to replace it. There are several that know now what faith is and what dependence upon God is.”SW January 23, 1902, par. 10

    That is one testimony. (W. C. White : It was “Great Controversy.”)SW January 23, 1902, par. 11

    My husband and I were lost once in the section of country near Charlotte, Michigan, in the woods. We had to have an ax to cut our way through the woods. My husband was well acquainted in that region and he could not understand it. He kept saying, “This beats all, this beats all; why, I know the way just as well as anything.”SW January 23, 1902, par. 12

    We had an appointment that evening, too, but we could not fill it. I was tired and worn out, but they did not dare give me any water for it was a malarious district. We kept on and chopped our way through until we came to a log house. We found that it was twenty-miles from where we wanted to go and it was so near dark we could not go further. So they told us to come in and we did so. They gave us some bread and milk and baked apples. We were hungry enough to eat them. After we had eaten, we talked with them and I had with me “Experience and Views,” and read chapters from it. They were very much interested in it. We prayed with them and the next morning we left them. I gave them the book.SW January 23, 1902, par. 13

    About twenty years after that, we were in a Charlotte camp meeting, and just as the meeting closed, as I had been speaking, there was a gentleman came up with some twenty people around him and wanted to talk to me. My husband said, “My wife is weary and tired and you can not speak to her now.” But the gentleman insisted and asked if we remembered leaving a little book in a log house a good many years before. Said he, “We have read it through and through and have worn it all out loaning it to our neighbors. There are now about forty in a church there, about forty keeping the Sabbath. Twenty of them are here, the rest are at home with their families and taking care of their farms. And I want to tell you that we have the truth and we understand the Bible now.” He seemed to be very thankful and they were all bright faced, cheerful people.SW January 23, 1902, par. 14

    One instance more. We were in New Castle but were told we need not expect anything in New Castle, but such a meeting as we had. I can not tell you how many thousand were at that meeting. It was the most powerful one I had ever witnessed. Such voices, such singing, there seemed to be nothing like it. The moment I get through, I am in a perspiration and have to go where my home is and take a cold bath to keep from nervous exhaustion. I was leaving after speaking at a meeting when a man said, “I must bear my testimony. My wife was sick quite a long time. She had ministers and doctors to console with her and pity her. But she was not satisfied,” said he, “I want to know that my feet are on the rock, she would say.” He brought her the book, “Patriarchs and Prophets,” and she read it and with joy told him, “I've found it, I have found that I can trust in Jesus Christ, I have found that He will receive me just as I am.” She died happy, without a single doubt, and, said he, “It's worth thousands of dollars to me.”SW January 23, 1902, par. 15

    These things have encouraged me a great deal and from the light God has given me, it is that canvassers’ work is a very important work. When you enter the family, if you see any chance where you can help bring in a little wood, or if there is a pail empty, find where the water is and get the water. Do simple little errands and let them see that you want to be helpful. They will say, there is a kind man, he is courteous. You are preaching a sermon in that.SW January 23, 1902, par. 16

    Again, there may be somebody sick there. You want to know how to use the common methods, the simple remedies of water. It is a simple power. Although my husband and I were not physicians, yet we were. We could go around when the doctors[’] children were cut down, four and five in the families of physicians. We never lost a case. That is in diphtheria, and we used only the simple treatments. In doing this, we gained the confidence of the physicians. When persons would go to the physicians for help, they would say, “If anybody can help you, it is up there at Elder White's. He and his wife go around and help people, I don't know how they do it.” It may be that God will send you to some such homes where help is needed for the sick. You can melt your way into the hearts of the worst souls and they be converted.SW January 23, 1902, par. 17

    It is best not to see the discouraging features. It is best when you can talk light and faith, and the more faith you will talk, the more faith you will have, and the more light you talk, the more light you will have. Let us open the windows heavenward and close them earthward.SW January 23, 1902, par. 18

    What is there beyond? Christ, life, happiness, peace, comfort, joy. God has a place for every one of us. He will give every one of us an opportunity to do the very work that he has appointed for us to do. Don't go to looking on the dark side. Every woman in the house can write a few lines to a friend, but I do not believe in a mother having a family of children going out to canvass. She should teach her children, step by step, here a little and there a little. If she brings her children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, she has so many to add to the Lord's army, to join His ranks. Let us everyone do our appointed work.SW January 23, 1902, par. 19

    Don't criticize some one else; criticize yourself as severely as you please. Don't feel that God has appointed you to bear the sins of the world. There is only one man who was appointed to bear the sins of the world. He is our Sin-bearer, there is only one sin-bearer. If He laid other sins on us, they would crush us; we can not even bear our own sins; but he can bear them, He can take them away. “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world.” You just think of that. Be very anxious that He take away your sins, but don't you begin to judge a brother or sister; you lose your chance of eternal life, you can't afford it. Let us everyone seek the Lord with all the heart that we may find Him. Do the very best you can and wrestle your way through the very best you can and God will give you a blessing in standing the trial. The Saviour says, “I am with you even unto the end of the world.”SW January 23, 1902, par. 20

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