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“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”

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    Did You Get Rich From Writing So Many Books?

    Sometimes it has been reported that I am trying to get rich. Some have written to us, inquiring, “Is not Mrs. White worth millions of dollars?” I am glad that I can say, “No.” I do not own in this world any place that is free from debt. Why? Because I see so much missionary work to be done. I receive royalties from the sale of my books; but nearly all is spent in missionary work.LASW 28.7

    God has helped me. We thank God for His presence, and for what we can now see as the result of the efforts put forth. 22Selected Messages 1:103-105.LASW 28.8

    The Visions

    Each of you has a special angel, your guardian, whose duty it is to guide, to protect, and to influence you in making right choices. How wonderful it would be if you could see that heavenly visitor by your side!LASW 29.1

    To Ellen White was given a special angel. We cannot know if he was the same bright being who appeared to the prophets of Bible times, but it was his assignment to give to her God’s messages for His children on earth. She came to know him well, for she was given about two thousand visions, some lasting for several hours, others like a brief flash of light. Some were given in the daytime, others during the dark hours of night. She once stated that it was always the same angel who came to her, instructing her in visions, either by night or by day. She spoke of him as “the angel,” “my guide,” “my instructor,” “the young man,” and described him as a beautiful, glorious being.LASW 29.2

    At the beginning of a vision Sister White at times would cry, “Glory!” Then in softer tones, “Glory! Glory!” Was she seeing the bright beauty of her angel messenger or, perhaps, a group of heavenly beings?LASW 29.3

    God knew that the church needed special messages to prepare them for the soon coming of Jesus. He chose for His messenger Sister White, who carefully wrote what was told her by that special angel, God’s go-between from heaven to earth.LASW 29.4