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“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”

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    Didn’t You Get Tired, With So Much To Do?

    [Greenville, Michigan] Sunday, April 5, 1868.—Brother Fargo took dinner with us, also Brother and Sister Noyce. Our table is always full. I would not have it otherwise.LASW 45.4

    Tuesday, April 14.—After breakfast rode to Greenville. Purchased a hat for Sonia—a very neat hat. Paid one dollar. We are having now quite a large family. If we only enjoy the blessing of God all will go well. Monday, April 20.—We had plowing done. Made beds to put my flowers sent from Battle Creek. Sowed peas of a nice quality. I was busy indoors and out all day, and was tired all the time. 13MS 15, 1868.LASW 45.5