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“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”

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    After All These Experiences, You Must Have Been Glad When Automobiles Were Invented.

    We arrived here [Paradise Valley, California] last Monday evening. An automobile was waiting for us to take us from the train to the sanitarium. Brother Johnson, who owns this machine, meets all the trains and brings passengers to the sanitarium. One day he took us into San Diego, and we crossed over the bay on the ferry to Coronado. Yesterday I rode out again. I enjoy very much riding in the automobile. 21Letter 263, 1905.LASW 122.1

    Elder Andross took us in an automobile to visit the several churches and the Bible Workers’ Home in Los Angeles. We did not get out of the conveyance, but stopped and spoke to some of those engaged in the work. It was a very pleasant trip. The automobile was an easy-riding machine that did not jolt me. 22Letter 20, 1911.LASW 123.1

    When we were ready to return home, a brother who is always ready to place his automobile at our disposal took us several miles through the city [Nashville, Tennessee] to the station, and saw us on board the train for St. Helena. 23Letter 60, 1911.LASW 123.2

    Willie and his family are well. His twin boys are busy workers. They have recently purchased an automobile, and yesterday I took my first ride in it. It is the easiest machine that I have ever ridden in. 24Letter 11, 1913.LASW 123.3

    [The twin boys, Henry and Herbert White, were seventeen years old at the time they bought their car—a model-T Ford—and took their grandmother riding.]LASW 123.4