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Ellen G. White’s Use Of The Term “Race War”, and Related Insights

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    E. Slavery, prejudice, and all of their resultant evils were viewed by Ellen White as originating with Satan, and she saw that the only true antidote is acceptance of the Spirit of Christ, and genuine conversion.

    OriginsEGWUTRW 28.4

    The whole system of slavery was originated by Satan, who delights in tyrannizing over human beings. 3The Southern Work, 61.

    Through human agencies, Satan has manifested his own attributes and passions.... 4The Southern Work, 61.

    Parties [secret organizations] are already formed, and they are waiting, burning with a desire to serve their master, the devil, and do abominable work. 5The Southern Work, 87.

    The powers of hell are working with all their ingenuity to prevent the proclamation of the last message of mercy among the colored people. 6Testimonies for the Church 9:208.

    AntidoteEGWUTRW 29.1

    Men have both hereditary and cultivated prejudices, but when the love of Jesus fills the heart, and they become one with Christ, they will have the same spirit that He did. If a colored brother sits by their side, they will not be offended or despise him. They are journeying to the same heaven, and will be seated at the same table to eat bread in the Kingdom of God. If Jesus is abiding in our hearts we cannot despise the colored man who has the same Saviour abiding in his heart. 7The Southern Work, 14 (March 20, 1891).

    The walls of sectarianism and caste and race will fall down when the true missionary spirit enters the heart of men. Prejudice is melted away by the love of God. 8The Southern Work, 55 (January 21, 1896).

    Walls of separation have been built up between the whites and blacks. These walls of prejudice will tumble down of themselves as did the walls of Jericho, when Christians obey the Word of God, which enjoins on them supreme love to their Maker and impartial love to their neighbors. 9The Southern Work, 43 (December 17, 1895).

    When the Holy Spirit is poured out, there will be a triumph of humanity over prejudice in seeking the salvation of the soul of human beings. God will control minds. Human hearts will love as Christ loved. 10Testimonies for the Church 9:209 (1909).