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    “The North Pacific Meetings” The Signs of the Times 3, 44, p. 352.

    THE meetings held in Walla Walla, are past, but our happy recollections of those meetings can never pass.SITI November 15, 1877, page 352.1

    There was quite a general attendance of our people from the surrounding country, but the outside attendance was not very great. The Lord gave his servants great liberty and power in his word, and our Sabbath meetings were exceptionally good, especially in the afternoon at 3 o’clock when a call was made for those who wished to make a start in the service of the Lord. There were perhaps no more than a dozen who responded, these from ten to seventy years of age, but the weeping eyes and broken voices told that their hearts were enlisted in the work.SITI November 15, 1877, page 352.2

    One aged brother of about seventy years stated that his companion had been livings the truth for a good many years alone, and that he knew she had been praying for him, and he had now determined, with the help of God to go with her. This gave a thrill of joy to all.SITI November 15, 1877, page 352.3

    The business sessions were of great interest to all, and all passed with never a dissenting voice.SITI November 15, 1877, page 352.4

    The evening after the Sabbath, there was a letter received from a little company of Sabbath-keepers in Carrollton, W. T., which was a joyful surprise to us all, and if they could have heard the song of, “We praise thee, Oh God,” which went up to Him who is worthy of all praise, they would have known that they were not strangers, though none of us ever saw one of them.SITI November 15, 1877, page 352.5

    But the climax of the meeting was reached when the committee on resolutions submitted to our consideration the fact that “In the providence of God not one of our number had been stricken by the hand of Death.” The whole house arose as one man, and with tearful eyes and thankful hearts sang, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”SITI November 15, 1877, page 352.6

    May God bless the N. P. Conference.SITI November 15, 1877, page 352.7


    Walla Walla, W. T., October 29, 1877.SITI November 15, 1877, page 352.8