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    A Christian institution is your claim;
    The “Christian Sabbath” now you call your name,
    Or with the title, “Lord’s Day,” mount the throne
    Of Sabbath rest, and call it all your own.
    WFS 40.2

    What is a Christian institution, pray?
    Something ordained by Christ our Lord, you say. Like baptism and the eucharist, we see
    This institution, then, must surely be.
    But these unto the church alone belong;
    How comes it then that Sunday claims so strong,
    So broad, so full, and universal sway
    That saint and sinner must alike obey?
    Like the Lord’s supper must the Lord’s day be,
    If but a Christian ord’nance there we see.
    Then to the church its use must be confined,
    Not urged upon the godless ‘mong mankind.
    WFS 40.3

    Did Christ within his lips e’er take the name?
    No; and from him no Sunday precept came.
    How oft did those inspired to teach his grace,
    The name of first-day on their pages trace?
    Eight times alone of this one day they speak,
    But call it always “first day of the week.” 1Matthew 28:1; Mark 16:2, 9; Luke 24:1; John 20:1, 10; Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 16:2.
    And six of these refer to that one day
    When from death’s bonds our Saviour broke away.
    They name it never as a day of rest,
    Nor once declare it sanctified or blest.
    WFS 41.1

    One first-day meeting only do they name,
    When, on his journey, Paul to Troas came. 2Acts 20:7.
    And this an evening meeting, as is shown
    By “many lights” within that upper room.
    And as the night before the daylight stands, In Bible time, throughout all Bible lands,
    Here’s a night meeting, as we now would speak,
    On Saturday, the last day of the week.
    And when arose the Sunday morning fair,
    That Sunday morning fresh with Syrian air,
    Bidding the church at Troas all adieu,
    Paul starts again his journey to pursue.
    If in the night he had a Sabbath made,
    By meeting the disciples to break bread,
    He surely tore that Sabbath all away
    By traveling off afoot through all the day. 1See Conybeare and Howson’s Life and Epistles of Paul, pp.592-595.
    WFS 41.2

    Again ‘t is said that Paul by plain command,
    Showed that the Sunday must as Sabbath stand,
    By word through Corinth and Galatia sent,
    That all the brethren there, with care intent,
    Should on each first-day lay aside some store, 21 Corinthians 16:1, 2.
    To help their Christian brethren who were poor.
    WFS 42.1

    Must they to church, to do this service, come?
    No; each was to lay by himself at home. 3See the Greek.
    A work most fit for week-days, any one,
    But never on the Sabbath to be done.
    WFS 42.2

    Driven thus from every text, rather than yield
    And like a thin imposter quit the field,
    Behind a show of reason next it aims
    To shield its groundless and presumptuous claims. Redemption is a greater work ‘t is claimed,
    Than the creation, when all worlds were framed,
    And as our Lord on Sunday made complete
    That glorious work, it surely is most meet
    That day henceforth in sacred robes should stand,
    As the true Sabbath of the fourth command.
    WFS 42.3

    Does God’s word tell you so? Ah! no indeed,
    No aid it gives to such presumptuous creed.
    Can you decide which work most labor cost,
    To make a world or rescue it when lost?
    How dare you then decide, a finite man,
    On works infinity alone can span,
    And on your rash decision then essay
    To judge God’s law and change his Sabbath day?
    WFS 43.1

    But is the work of God’s redeeming grace
    As yet completed for our fallen race?
    Well for us is it this is not yet true.
    Such fact would all our hopes of life undo.
    Nor will it be complete till all shall stand,
    Who are to come from every age and land,
    Redeemed in Heaven, their mortal journey through;
    Nor till the earth itself is made anew.
    WFS 43.2

    Vain, vain, to think memorials to find,
    To keep redemption’s finished work in mind
    Until the work is finished; which will be
    Only when all are saved eternally.
    WFS 43.3

    Again, Sir Sunday, will you take the stand?
    In your behalf can you show one command,
    In all the Bible, hinted or expressed,
    That we should spend your hours in hallowed rest?
    Not one is found. Then can you show wherein
    We in the least incur the guilt of sin
    By earnestly devoting all your days
    To wordly labor and all business ways?
    For Paul decides by this most plain expression
    That “where no law is, there is no transgression.” 1Romans 4:15.
    Again, in words that cannot be disputed,
    When there’s no law, then sin is not imputed. 2Romans 5:13.
    WFS 44.1

    Did e’er a being divine employ in rest,
    Your passing hours, or sanctify and bless?
    Not one. On what pretense then can you claim
    The Sabbath obligation or the name?
    Where is the sacredness of Sunday? where?
    The question dies unanswered on the air.
    WFS 44.2

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