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    Agnostics, Modern, Followers of Plato 31
    Ammonius Saccas, Fanatical philosophy of 220-225
    Ammonius Saccas, Christian teachers, especially Origen, followers of 224, 225
    Ammonius Saccas, Philosophy of, wisdom run mad 225
    Ammonius Saccas, Frauds necessary to philosophy of 225
    Apostles, Their testimony rejected by some in the churches 51
    Apostles, Teaching of the 113-124
    Apostles, Teaching of the, History of 113, 114
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Not apostolic 114
    Apostles, Teaching of the, When written 114, 116
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Childishness of 114, 122
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Tainted by heresy and incompetency 114
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Conflicting opinions concerning 116-118
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Summary of opinions of 116-118
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Lord’s day, supposed mention of, 118
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Extracts from 118-124
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Inconsistency of those who credit, 119
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Actually no mentioning of Lord’s day in 119
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Fasting on Wednesday and Friday commanded by 121
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Its perversion of baptism 122
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Stealing recommended by 123
    Apostles, Teaching of the, Atonement for sin by money taught in 124
    Apostasy, Paul’s prediction of 212
    Apostasy, Progress of in first century after apostles 243, 244
    Aristotle, Taught the expediency of abortion 14
    Asceticism, Growth of in the church 280
    Asceticism, Vice a result of 281, 282
    Asceticism, Growth of 283
    Asceticism, Platonic philosophy responsible for 283
    Atonement, Supposed to be gained by martyrdom 109, 110
    Aurelian, Sun-worship in time of 315
    Babylonians, Prostitution required by 11, 12
    Bacon, Rule of for guarding against error 43
    Baptism, Perverted in Teaching of the Apostles 122
    Baptism, Perversion of in Tertullian’s time 200
    Baptism, Tertullian on 200, 210-213
    Baptism, Perversion of 256-263
    Baptism of the dead 257
    Baptism, Character of heathen mysteries given to it 257, 258
    Baptism, Water of consecrated 258
    Baptism, Sanctifying power attributed to waters of 258
    Baptism, Sign of cross in connection with 257-259
    Baptism, Candidates undressed for 260-263
    Barnabas, Epistle of 74-83
    Barnabas, Epistle of, a forgery 74
    Barnabas, Epistle of, uncertainty of authorship 74, 75
    Barnabas, Epistle of, statement concerning Sabbath 78
    Barnabas, Epistle of, about unclean beasts 81
    Bible, How shown to be true 40
    Bible, The only standard of right and wrong 56
    Bible, Precepts of, neglected by Justin Martyr 152, 153
    Bible, Justin Martyr’s figurative interpretation of 154, 155
    Bishop of Rome, Exaltation of 292, 331-336
    Bishops of Rome, Extravagantly lauded by Ignatius 110, 111
    Bishop of Rome, Rival of Emperor 331
    Bishop of Rome, Opulence of 335
    Bishop of Rome, Method of electing 336
    Bishop, Power of 337
    Bishop, Heathen elected to office of 338-341
    Blindness of heathen, Cause of 28
    Blood atonement, Origin of Mormon doctrine of 109, 110
    Calf-worship by Israelites,—Sun-worship 309, 312, 313
    Carson, Existing religious customs, Statement concerning 252
    Catholic Church, Clement of Alexandria highly esteemed by, 173
    Catholic Church, Clement of Alexandria never swerved from, 173
    Catholic Church, a growth of error 329, 330
    Catholic Church, Fathers, the head of 330
    Ceremonies, Great increase of 299
    Charms and Divination, Use of in church 269
    Christians taken from depraved heathenism 26
    Christian converts, Dangers to which they were exposed 50
    Christian Ordinances, Perversion of in 2nd century 253-255
    Christian Religion, Impaired by philosophy 68
    Christ, The only true pattern 55
    Church, The True, Christ the head of 52, 53
    Church, Who constitute the true 53, 54
    Church, Influence of Fathers upon 66
    Church, Early, Shepherd of Hermas inspired book 86
    Church, Early, immorality in 276-281
    Christmas, Not of divine appointment 300
    Christmas, How introduced into the church 301-303
    Christmas, Heathen origin of 301, 302
    Christmas, How observed 302
    Christmas, Chief of festivals 303
    Christmas, Sunday of less importance than 303
    Clarke, Adam, Testimony concerning the Fathers 59
    Clement, A poor expositor of Scripture 60
    Clement of Alexandria 165-183
    Clement of Alexandria, Statements concerning 165-169, 172-174
    Clement of Alexandria, Paganism and Christianity confounded by 165, 168
    Clement of Alexandria, Fanciful interpreter 166-169
    Clement of Alexandria, Speculative philosopher 166, 167
    Clement of Alexandria, Scriptures, wretched perverter of 167, 168
    Clement of Alexandria, Philosophy, chief defender of 167
    Clement of Alexandria, Taught identity of Christianity and Greek philosophy 168
    Clement of Alexandria, Absurdly allegorized Scripture 169
    Clement of Alexandria, Ten commandments allegorized by 169
    Clement of Alexandria, Ignorant of Scripture 169
    Clement of Alexandria, Plato, called a prophet by 169
    Clement of Alexandria, Extracts from 170-183
    Clement of Alexandria, Starving of children, an advocate of, 170
    Clement of Alexandria, Senseless interpretation, specimens of 171, 172, 174, 175
    Clement of Alexandria, Peter’s tribute money, absurd exposition of 171
    Clement of Alexandria, Claimed philosophy to be preparation for faith in Christ 172
    Clement of Alexandria, Quoted Scripture inaccurately 172
    Clement of Alexandria, Great repute of in Catholic Church 173, 179
    Clement of Alexandria, False science in writings of 173
    Clement of Alexandria, Frivolous and fanciful speculation in writings of 173
    Clement of Alexandria, Tabernacle mystically explained by 174, 175
    Clement of Alexandria, Lord’s day, statement concerning 176, 178
    Clement of Alexandria, Sabbath, statement concerning 177
    Clement of Alexandria, Words without sense, use of 177
    Clement of Alexandria, Probation after death, teacher of 178, 179
    Clement of Alexandria, Fanciful speculation, specimen of 180-182
    Clement of Alexandria, Christian literature, Founder of 182
    Clement of Alexandria, Scripture meaning declared hidden by 183
    Clement of Rome, Epistle of 93-96
    Clement of Rome on Resurrection, Foolish argument for 94, 95
    Community of Women, Plato’s teaching concerning 36
    Confessors, Definition of 291
    Confessors, Veneration paid to 291
    Corinth, Errors in church of 49
    Constantine, Sun-worship of 317, 318, 325
    Constantine, Sunday edict of 318, 319, 323, 326
    Constantine’s Edict, First Law for Sunday 319
    Constantine, Desired to be worshiped 320, 325
    Constantine, Religious convictions, lack of 320
    Constantine, Double-dealing nature of 321, 322
    Constantine, Heathenism of 322, 323, 325
    Constantine’s Sunday edict, Pagan nature of 318, 323
    Constantine, Prayer composed by, for his soldiers 327
    Constantine, Edict of concerning Arius 344
    Controversy, Fathers used falsehoods in 65
    Council of Laodicea, Canon of concerning Sunday 298
    Council of Laodicea, Canon of concerning promiscuous bathing 299
    Coxe Bishop, Opinion of apostolic Fathers 72
    Dead, Prayers to in second century 273
    Deception, Practiced by Fathers 65, 66
    Diocletian, Sun-worship in time of 316
    Elagabalus, Design of, to make the sun the central object of adoration 315
    Episcopal Chair, Methods of obtaining 336
    Epistles Forged in Paul’s day 104
    Epistle of Barnabas 74-83
    Epistle of Barnabas, A forgery 74-77
    Epistle of Barnabas, Authorship uncertain 74-77
    Epistle of Barnabas, The apostle not author of 75-78
    Epistle of Barnabas, All sorts of absurd fancies found in 76
    Epistle of Barnabas, Author of possessed little genius 75
    Epistle of Barnabas, Silly interpretations in 75, 80-82
    Epistle of Barnabas, Interpretation puerile and absurd 77
    Epistle of Barnabas, Extracts from 73-83
    Epistle of Barnabas, Testimony concerning Sabbath 78, 79
    Epistle of Barnabas, Egotism of author of 80
    Epistle of Barnabas, Fanciful and absurd intrepretation of Scripture 81, 82
    Epistle of Barnabas, Absurd fancy concerning the hyena 82
    Epistle of Clement 93-96
    Epistle of Ignatius 97-112
    Epistle of Ignatius, Cause perplexities to critics 100
    Epistle of Ignatius, number 100
    Epistle of Ignatius, Eight universally admitted to be forgeries 101
    Epistle of Ignatius, Authenticity and genuineness doubtful 101, 106
    Epistle of Ignatius, All frauds 103
    Epistle of Ignatius, Condemned by Calvin 108
    Epistle of Ignatius, More trustworthy edition very much interpolated 107
    Epistle of Ignatius, Mutilated by “pious” frauds 107
    Epistle of Ignatius, Abominable trash 108
    Epistle of Ignatius, Extracts from 108-112
    Error, Natural to human heart 42
    Error, Bacon’s rule for guarding against 43
    Error in church at Corinth 49
    Errors of fact and doctrine in Fathers 60
    Exorcism, Baptism preceded by 257, 258
    Facts, Historical, denied by Justin Martyr 149
    Falsehoods, Writings of Fathers contain 64, 65, 85
    Fasting on Wednesday and Friday commanded by teaching of the apostles 121
    Fathers, Who so called 58
    Fathers, Claim made for them 58
    Fathers, How their teachings should be judged 58
    Fathers, The abettors of every heresy in church 59
    Fathers, Most foolish opinions sustained by 59
    Fathers, To whom they are valuable 60
    Fathers, Loss of their writings not to be deplored 60
    Fathers, Direct meaning of Scriptures neglected by 60
    Fathers, To obscure true meaning of Scripture their chief study 60
    Fathers, Writings rife with errors 60
    Fathers, Writings of, unreliable as to matters of fact and of doctrine 60
    Fathers, Add nothing to our understanding of Scripture 61
    Fathers, Ignorant of Scripture 61
    Fathers, Their interpretation warped by Paganism 61
    Fathers, Antichristian practices of 62
    Fathers, Refuted error and superstition by error and superstition 62
    Fathers, Advanced doctrines unwarranted by Scripture 63
    Fathers, Determined to be wiser than God 63
    Fathers, Flimsy arguments of 63
    Fathers, Bad masters in morals 64
    Fathers, Had no clear conception of virtue and vice 64
    Fathers, Things positively false in writings of 64
    Fathers, Opinions of all sects sustained by 64
    Fathers, Falsehoods used in controversies of 65
    Fathers, Taught that deception was commendable 66
    Fathers, Desired victory rather than truth 65
    Fathers, Exalted heathen philosophy 67
    Fathers, Study of philosophy recommended by 67
    Fathers, Their expositions of Scripture childish 70
    Fathers, Vagaries of 70
    Fathers, Apostolic, Who so called 72
    Fathers, Apostolic, Unlike New Testament writers 72, 73
    Fathers, Apostolic, Uncertainty of writings 73
    Fathers, The Pope the mouthpiece of 330
    Festivals, Pagan, Christian festivals modeled after 247
    Festivals, Pagan, Character of 248
    Festivals, Heathen, why adopted by the church 303
    Figurative Interpretation of Bible by Justin Martyr 154, 155
    Forgeries, Practiced by the most orthodox 66
    Forgery, Epistle of Barnabas a 74-77
    Forgery of Paul’s name in epistle to Thessalonians 104
    Frauds, “Pious” used by Fathers 65, 85
    Frauds, “Pious” use of by Christian teachers 274, 275
    Friday, Observed as holiday by early churches 297
    Gods of Heathen, Patterns of vice, 18, 19; Disrespect to them was treason 20, 21
    Good Friday, Observed by early church 297, 300
    Gospels, Four, Puerile reason for by Irenaeus 133, 134
    Greek Philosophy, Church controlled by 271
    Gregory Thaumaturgus, Church corrupted by 247
    Heathen, Described by Paul 9-13
    Heathen Mysteries 12, 13
    Heathen, Taught their children vice 13
    Heathen Philosophers, Immorality of 14-16
    Heathen of all classes consumed in practice of abominable and unnamable vice 16
    Heathen, Licentiousness of, 11-19, 25; No real conception of sin or holiness 22
    Heathenism, A school of vice, 11; State religion 20
    Heathenism, Prostitution a part of its worship 12
    Heathen Customs, introduced into church 247, 250, 251
    Heathen Philosophy, adopted in order to attract heathen 270, 271
    Heathen Festivals, Why adopted by church 303
    Heathen Marriage, Corruption of 17, 23, 25
    Heathen, Deified emperors and vile persons 24
    Heathen, Cause of their blindness 28
    Hercules, Ancient sun-god 309-311
    Hermas, What is known of 84, 85
    Hermas, Shepherd of 81-92
    Hermas, Shepherd of, Foolish and insipid 84
    Hermas, Wild disordered fanatic 85
    Hermas, Shepherd of, immorality inculcated by 86, 91
    Holidays of the church 296, 297
    Holidays, How celebrated at first 247
    Holiness an unmeaning term to heathen 22
    Idolatry a religion of obscenity 13
    Ignatian Epistles, All frauds 103
    Ignatian Epistles, More trustworthy edition very much interpolated 107
    Ignatian Epistles, Mutilated by pious fraud 107
    Ignatian Epistles, All condemned by Calvin 108
    Ignatian Epistles, Abominable trash 108
    Ignatian Epistles, Extracts from 108-112
    Ignatius, Epistles of 97-112
    Ignatius, Supposed testimony concerning Sabbath 97
    Ignatius, Information concerning, very meager 99
    Ignatius, Letters of cause great perplexity to critics 100
    Ignatius, Epistles of, How many 100
    Ignatius, Crazy fanatic, puerile boaster 103
    Ignatius, Epistles of, Eight universally regarded as spurious 101
    Ignatius, Epistles of, Authenticity and genuineness doubtful 101, 106
    Ignatius, Desire of for martyrdom 108-110
    Ignatius, Extravagant praise of bishop 110, 111
    Ignatius, Absurd idea of concerning Virgin Mary 111
    Ignatius, senseless egotism, specimen of 112
    Images, use of, among Christians 267
    Imagination, The commanding feature of Plato’s intellect 32
    Immorality of heathen philosophers 14
    Immorality in early church 49, 50, 51, 276-281
    Incense, Use of in church 300
    Irenaeus 125-145
    Irenaeus, Testimonies concerning 125-130
    Irenaeus, Ignorance of 142, 143
    Irenaeus, Absurd interpretation of Scripture by 143, 144
    Irenaeus, Influence of blighting to Christianity 145
    Irenaeus, Uncertainty of information concerning 125
    Irenaeus, Writings of, of very little value 125
    Irenaeus, Puerilities in writings of 126
    Irenaeus, Pupil of Papias 126
    Irenaeus, Folly of Papias, preceptor of 126, 127
    Irenaeus, Most unsafe authority 127
    Irenaeus, Writings of, wretchedly translated 128
    Irenaeus, Writings of, very involved and prolix 128
    Irenaeus, Conjectural translation of writings of 128, 129
    Irenaeus, Exaltation of ecclesiastics by 130
    Irenaeus, Upbuilding of Roman hierarchy 130, 131
    Irenaeus, Obedience to Church of Rome taught by 131-133
    Irenaeus, Puerile reasoning about four gospels 133, 134
    Irenaeus, Fit companion for Barnabas 134
    Irenaeus, Ridiculous interpretation of commands concerning clean and unclean beasts 134, 135
    Irenaeus, Testimony of, concerning Sunday 136
    Irenaeus, The Sabbath, uncertain reference to 137
    Irenaeus, Perpetuity of the law taught by 137, 138
    Irenaeus, Purgatory, doctrine of taught by 138
    Irenaeus, Scripture authority not enhanced by 138
    Irenaeus, Resurrection and immortality, testimony on 139
    Irenaeus, Speculation concerning age of Jesus 139-141
    Irenaeus, Writings of almost unintelligible 142
    Irenaeus, Senseless theory of, concerning name of Jesus 142
    Justin Martyr 146-164
    Justin Martyr, Testimony concerning 60, 63, 146-149
    Justin Martyr, Extracts from 149-163
    Justin Martyr, Personal history of 146
    Justin Martyr, Philosopher’s gown worn after professed conversion 147
    Justin Martyr, Always a pagan 147, 148, 149
    Justin Martyr, Equivocal and contradictory allusions to Christian doctrine 148
    Justin Martyr, Confused views of gospel doctrines 148
    Justin Martyr, Sought to harmonize Christianity with Platonic philosophy 148
    Justin Martyr, Ignorance of 148
    Justin Martyr, Wanting in discernment 148
    Justin Martyr, Loose, fanciful, and puerile reasoning of 148, 149
    Justin Martyr, First to bring Platonic philosophy and Christianity in contact 149
    Justin Martyr, Historical facts denied by 149
    Justin Martyr, Testimony concerning Sunday 149, 150
    Justin Martyr, Perversion of Lord’s Supper 151
    Justin Martyr, Not a believer in Sunday sacredness 151
    Justin Martyr, A no-Sabbath man 151-153
    Justin Martyr, Scripture precepts denied by 152, 153
    Justin Martyr, Sabbath observance, his idea of 152, 153
    Justin Martyr, Abolition of law, taught by 153
    Justin Martyr, Incorrect quoter of the Scripture 153, 154
    Justin Martyr, Interpretation of Bible, mode of 154, 155
    Justin Martyr, Direct Scripture statements denied by 154
    Justin Martyr, Sunday argument, a sample of 155
    Justin Martyr, Ark, eight persons in the, a type of “eight days” 155, 156
    Justin Martyr, Sign of cross, all power ascribed to by 156-161
    Justin Martyr, Statement that Amalek was conquered, not
    through prayer of Moses, but by sign of cross 156, 157
    Justin Martyr, Prophecy concerning Joseph, exposition of 157, 158
    Justin Martyr, Scripture, narrow view of 158-161, 163
    Justin Martyr, Sign of cross, claimed that all heathen reverenced 160
    Justin Martyr, Heathen, his puerile methods of arguing with 160, 161
    Justin Martyr, Necromancy, a believer in 161, 162
    Justin Martyr, Contradictory positions taken by 161-163
    Justin Martyr, Soul and body, necessity of each other, shown by 162
    Justin Martyr, Far-fetched and absurd figures of Christ 163
    Justin Martyr, Jacob’s marriage a type of Christ, claimed by 163
    Justin Martyr, Evidently not Bible student 164
    Killen on Ignatian epistles 102, 105, 108
    Language of Heathen incapable of expressing moral ideas 22
    Laodicea, Council of, canon concerning Sunday 298
    Laodicea, Council of, canon on promiscuous bathing 299
    Law of God, Abolition of, taught by Justin Martyr 153
    Law, Perpetuity of, taught by Irenaeus 137, 138
    Lord’s Day, The, in epistles of Ignatius 97-99
    Lord’s Day, The, really no mention of by Ignatius 97-99
    Lord’s Day, Supposed mention of in Teaching of Apostles 118
    Lord’s Day, Actually not found in Teaching of Apostles 119
    Lord’s Day, Clement of Alexandria’s statement concerning 176, 178
    Lord’s Day, Origen’s mention of 232
    Lord’s Supper, Perversion of in time of Justin Martyr 151
    Lord’s Supper, Justin Martyr’s statement concerning celebration of 151
    Lycurgus, Allowed the exposure of children 14
    Marriage, Looseness of relation among heathen 17, 23, 25
    Martyrdom, Desire for by Ignatius 108-110
    Martyrdom, Fanatical idea concerning 109, 110
    Martyrdom, Substituted for baptism 288
    Martyrdom, Atonement for sins obtained by 288, 289
    Martyrs, Pilgrimages to tombs of 283, 284
    Martyrs, Worship of 284
    Martyrs, Prayers addressed to 291
    Martyrs, Elevated to place of heathen demi-gods 286-292
    Martyrs, Exaggerated honor paid to 288
    Midwifery of the mind 34
    Miracles, False, produced by relics 290
    Monkery, Turtullian an abettor of 192
    Monkery, A promoter of vice 281
    Montanus, Sketch of 187
    Montanism, Description of 187
    Montanus, Tertullian a follower of 191
    Natural Inclination, Depravity of 42, 43
    Necromancy, Justin Martyr a believer in 161, 162
    Neo-Platonism, Origen a devotee of 218, 223
    Neo-Platonism, Account of 219-223
    Neo-Platonism, Religion obscured by 223
    Neo-Platonism, Spiritualism identical with 223
    Neo-Platonism, Superstition nourished by 224
    Neo-Platonism, Monkery fostered by 224
    Obstetrical Procedure, Plato’s theory of 35
    Origen 217-241
    Origen, Statements concerning 217-231
    Origen, Birth of 217
    Origen, Writings of, mutilated and garbled 217
    Origen, Neo-Platonism, devotee of 218
    Origen, Heathen science and Christian faith reconciled by 218
    Origen, A wild allegorizer 219
    Origen, Clearest teaching muddled by 219
    Origen, Spiritualism introduced into the church by 223
    Origen, Church filled with false philosophy by 225
    Origen, Quotations from 231-241
    Origen, Literal Scripture narrative disparaged by 226
    Origen, The law allegorized by 226
    Origen, Doctrine of works of supererogation taught by 27
    Origen, Chief of Christian interpreters of third century 227
    Origen, Found in Scripture retreat for all errors and idle fancies 227
    Origen, Biblical history, turned into fables by 227
    Origen, Contradictory nature of works of 230, 231
    Origen, Untrustworthy interpreter 231
    Origen, Christian mysticism, father of 231
    Origin, Pre-existence of souls taught by 231
    Origen, Sabbath, statement concerning 232
    Origen, Sabbath, allegorized by 232
    Origen, Lord’s day, mentioned by 232
    Origen, Reasonableness of Scripture denied by 233
    Origen, Scripture declared to contain falsehood by 234, 235
    Origen, Infidelity of worst type upheld by 233-236
    Origen, Scripture allegorizing specimen of 236
    Origen, False science, specimen of 237, 238
    Origen, Conversion of the devil foretold by 237
    Origen, Father of Universalism 239, 240
    Origen, Punishment of wicked spiritualized by 240, 241
    Pagan Temples mere brothels 11, 21
    Pagan Festivals, Scenes of licentiousness 21
    Pagan Prayers 21
    Pagan Ideas in church, how brought in 165, 166
    Pagan Literati, Influence of in church 280
    Pagan Festivals, Character of 248
    Pagan Mysteries, How brought into the church 245, 246
    Papal Assumption, Growth of 329-344
    Papal Hierarchy, Established before time of Constantine 335
    Papias, Preceptor of Irenaeus 126
    Papias, Monstrous and fabulous inventions of 126, 127
    Papias, Egregious liar 127
    Persecution of Jews and Christians, reason of 20, 21
    Persecution, Religious, sanctioned by Constantine 343, 344
    Perversion of Christian ordinances 253-255
    Philosophy, Pagan, Clement of Alexandria addicted to 166, 167
    Philosophizing, Passion for by Christian teachers 166
    Philosophy, Chiefly defended by Clement of Alexandria 167
    Philosophy, Greek identified with Christianity by Clement of Alexandria 168
    Philosophers Countenanced vicious practices, 11, 13, 14-18;
    lived most vicious lives, 15; considered all religions equally false or equally true 24
    Philosophy of Heathen, Led to atheism and despair 24
    Philosophy of Plato, Negative 30
    Philosophy, Greek, church controlled by 271
    Philosophy of Plato, Church corrupted by 271
    Philosophy, Claimed by Clement of Alexandria to be preparation for faith in Christ 172
    Philosophy, Necessary to Christianity, claimed by Clement of Alexandria 172
    Philosophy, Heathen, adopted by church to attract the heathen 269, 270
    Philosophy, Church filled with by Origen 225
    Philosophy, Platonic, interwoven with Christianity by Justin Martyr 148, 149
    Philosopher’s Gown, Worn by Justin Martyr 147, 148
    Philosopher’s Gown, Signification of 147
    Philosopher’s Gown, Survival of in Christian pulpits 147
    Philosophers, Why they missed the truth 41
    Philosophers, Heathen, exalted by Fathers 67
    Philosophers, Christianity impaired by 68
    “Pious” Frauds, Adoption of by church teachers 274, 275
    Platonic Philosophy, Asceticism fostered by 281
    Plato, Called evangelical prophet by Clement of Alexandria 169
    Platonic Philosophy, Acceptance of resulted in doctrine of purgatory 272
    Plato, Quoted as prophet by Clement of Alexandria 176
    Plato, Advocated child murder, 14, 37; commended swearing, 15; advocated lying, 16; the father of philosophy, 29; birth and education of, 29; worshiped after death as a god, 30; his treatises all negative, 30; had no fixed principles, 31; imagination the chief faculty of intellect, 31; taught the pre-existence of souls, 33, 34; his “Republic,” immorality in, 35, 36; taught community of women, 36; advocated promiscuous intercourse of sexes, 37; why he missed the truth 41
    Plato, Philosophy of, adopted by Christian teachers 148
    Plato, His philosophy adhered to by Justin Martyr 148
    Pope, The mouthpiece of the Fathers 330
    Priests of Heathenism openly taught licentiousness, 19;
    taught that the gods allowed sensual gratification 20
    Prayers, of Heathen 21
    Prostitution, Commanded by law 12
    Probation after Death, Clement of Alexandria advocate of 178, 179
    Pre-existence of Souls, Taught by Plato 33, 34
    Purgatory, Doctrine of, taught in Shepherd of Hermas 88
    Purgatory, Doctrine of, taught by Irenaeus 138
    Purgatory, Tertullian taught doctrine of 214, 215
    Purgatory, Origen taught doctrine of 239, 240
    Purgatory and Prayers for Dead, Popularity of in church in second century 272-274
    Religious Rites, Nearly all of human invention 252
    Relics, Traffic in 284
    Religion, Displaced by superstition 284, 285
    Relic and Martyr Worship 286-291
    Relics, Worship of 290
    Relics, Miracles worked by 290
    Resurrection, Phoenix, adduced by Clement of Rome as proof of 94, 95
    Rome, Moral condition of in time of Christ 23, 24
    Rome, Supremacy of bishop of 331-336
    Rome, Obedience to church of, taught by Irenaeus 131-133
    Rome, Withholding Scripture from people, authority for 183
    Sabbath, Supposed testimony of Ignatius on 97
    Sabbath, Origen’s views of 232
    Sabbath, Literal nature of disbelieved by Origen 232
    Sabbath, Existence of any denied by Justin Martyr 151-153
    Sabbath Observance, Justin Martyr’s ideas of 152, 153
    Sabbath, Uncertain reference to by Irenaeus 137
    Sabbath, Tertullian’s testimony on 197-199
    Sabbath, Clement of Alexandria’s statement concerning 177
    Sabbath, Change of gradually brought about 295, 296
    Sabbath, Observed by early Christians 296, 297
    Saints, Catholic, character of 287, 288
    Saints, Catholic, filthiness of 287, 288
    Science, Definition of true 37
    Science, What is it? 38; Science, foundation of 39
    Scripture, True meaning of obscured by Fathers 60
    Scripture, Double meaning of taught by Fathers 60
    Scripture, Knowledge of not increased by Fathers 62
    Scriptures, Childish expositions of Fathers 70
    Scripture, Tertullian a slighter of 201
    Scripture, Tertullian’s fanciful interpretation of 205, 206
    Scripture, Origen denied reasonableness of 233
    Scripture, Said by Origen to contain falsehoods 234, 235
    Scripture, Misquotation of by Justin Martyr 153, 154
    Scripture Statements, Justin Martyr’s denial of 154
    Scripture, Narrow view of by Justin Martyr 158-160
    Scriptures, Perverted by philosophizing teachers 167
    Scripture, Inaccurately quoted by Clement of Alexandria 172
    Scripture, Meaning of declared to be hidden, by Clement 183
    Scripture, Tertullian a perverter of 185, 186
    Shepherd of Hermas 84-92
    Shepherd of Hermas, Author of forged dialogues 84
    Shepherd of Hermas, Full of folly, superstition, and nonsense 84
    Shepherd of Hermas, Author a willful cheat 85
    Shepherd of Hermas, Author a wild, disordered fanatic 85
    Shepherd of Hermas, A fictitious work 85
    Shepherd of Hermas, Tone of Christianity in first centuries reflected by 86
    Shepherd of Hermas, Opinion of early church concerning 86
    Shepherd of Hermas, Quoted as Scripture by Fathers 88
    Shepherd of Hermas, Extracts from 86-91
    Shepherd of Hermas, Immorality inculcated by 86, 90, 91
    Shepherd of Hermas, Taught doctrine of purgatory 88
    Shepherd of Hermas, Doctrine of works of supererogation found in 89
    Shepherd of Hermas, Study of tended to foster licentiousness 90-92
    Shepherd of Hermas, One result of his teaching 281
    Sign of the Cross, All power ascribed to by Justin Martyr 156-161
    Sign of the Cross, Justin Martyr’s claim that the Israelites conquered by it 157, 158
    Sign of the Cross, Tertullian on 200, 202-206
    Sign of the Cross, Baptism preceded by 257-259
    Sign of the Cross, Frequency of its use 264
    Sign of the Cross, Considered as charm 264, 265
    Sign of the Cross, Pagan origin of 265, 266
    Slavery among the heathen 15, 23
    Socrates, Commended profanity, 15; practiced unnatural crimes 15, 19
    Sodomy practiced even by the philosophers 11-15
    Spiritualism, Brought into church by Origen 223
    Spiritualism, Early adoption of by the church 273
    Sunday, Testimony of Justin Martyr concerning 149, 150
    Sunday, Testimony concerning by Irenaeus 136
    Sunday, Refraining from kneeling on 136
    Sunday, Tertullian’s statements concerning 195, 196
    Sunday, Mosheim’s statement concerning 292, 293
    Sunday, Christian at Work on 294, 296
    Sunday, S. S. Times on 295
    Sunday, Wild holiday of Pagan times 318
    Sunday Law, Constantine’s, pagan nature of 318
    Sunday as a Holiday, Origin of 196
    Sunday, Not of apostolic origin 294
    Sunday, Gradually and silently introduced 295
    Sunday, Dr. Scott’s testimony concerning 295
    Sunday, Decree of council of Laodicea concerning 298
    Sunday, Devoted to sun by pagans 318, 319
    Sunday, Christmas more highly esteemed than 303
    Sunday, First law in favor of 319
    Sunday, Constantine’s relation to 318-327
    Sun-worship, Tertullian authority for 195, 196
    Sun-worship and Sunday 304-328
    Sun-worship, Scripture mention of 305, 313
    Sun-worship, How regarded by the Lord 305
    Sun-worship, Universality of 305-312
    Sun-worship, Abominations of 306, 307, 309, 311, 312
    Sun-worship, Religion of licentiousness 307, 309, 311
    Sun-worship among Romans 312, 314-319
    Sun-worship in time of Elagabalus 314, 315
    Sun-worship in time of Aurelian 315
    Sun-worship in time of Diocletian 316
    Sun-worship by Constantine 317, 318, 325
    Sun, Confounded by Christians with Son of Righteousness 317, 319
    Sun-god, Various representations of 306-312
    Superstition, Religion displaced by 284, 285
    Supererogatory Merit, Doctrine of taught in Shepherd of Hermas 89
    Supererogation, Doctrine of works of, taught by Origen 227
    “Teaching of the Apostles” 113-124
    Teaching of the Apostles, History of 113, 114
    Teaching of the Apostles, Not apostolic 114
    Teaching of the Apostles, When written 114, 116
    Teaching of the Apostles, Childishness of 114, 122
    Teaching of the Apostles, Tainted by heresy and incompetency 114
    Teaching of the Apostles, Summary of opinions on 116-118
    Teaching of the Apostles, Conflicting opinions concerning 116-118
    Teaching of the Apostles, Lord’s day, supposed mention of, 118
    Teaching of the Apostles, Extracts from 118-124
    Teaching of the Apostles, Inconsistency of those who credit 119
    Teaching of the Apostles, Actually no mention of Lord’s day in 119
    Teaching of the Apostles, Fasting on Friday and Wednesday commanded by 121
    Teaching of the Apostles, On baptism 122
    Teaching of the Apostles, Stealing recommended by 123
    Teaching of the Apostles, Atonement of sins by money taught in 124
    Tertullian, Gloomy fanatic 69
    Tertullian, Voluminous writer 184
    Tertullian, Personal characteristics of 184, 186
    Tertullian, Passionate nature of 184
    Tertullian, Exaggeration dealt in by 184, 191
    Tertullian, Untrustworthy as to matters of fact 184
    Tertullian, Superstitious and bigoted 185
    Tertullian, Scripture perverted by 185, 186
    Tertullian, Birth and conversion of 185
    Tertullian, Catholic theology founded by 185
    Tertullian, Absurdity preferred to reason, by 186
    Tertullian, Illogical 190
    Tertullian, Untrustworthiness of 190
    Tertullian, Salvation by faith not understood by 190
    Tertullian, Ungoverned imagination of 191
    Tertullian, Monkery, a father of 192
    Tertullian, Moral laxity favored by 192
    Tertullian, Prayers to dead, taught by 192
    Tertullian, Critical sagacity lacked by 193
    Tertullian, Fiery nature of 193
    Tertullian, Sunday, statements concerning 195, 196
    Tertullian, Sun-worshiper 195, 196
    Tertullian, Sabbath-keeping, statements concerning 197-199
    Tertullian, Sabbath, disbeliever in a 197
    Tertullian, Sabbath law not abolished, testimony to 198
    Tertullian, Scripture perverted by 198, 199
    Tertullian, Trine immersion taught by 200
    Tertullian, Statements concerning 69, 148, 184-192
    Tertullian, Quotations from 192-215
    Tertullian, A Montanist 186, 191
    Tertullian, Insanity of 189
    Tertullian, An infatuated author 189
    Tertullian, Catholicity of 189
    Tertullian, Baptism, statement concerning perversion of 200
    Tertullian, Offerings for the dead, practiced by 200
    Tertullian, Sign of the cross, used by 200, 202-206
    Tertullian, Scripture ignored by 201
    Tertullian, Heathenism and Christianity, identified by 204, 205
    Tertullian, Scripture, fanciful interpretation of 205, 206, 208
    Tertullian, Material Cross, his devotion to 204-206, 213
    Tertullian, Speculative writer 207
    Tertullian, Soul, belief concerning 207, 208, 209
    Tertullian, Childish nonsense of 208, 209
    Tertullian, Science, ignorance of 209
    Tertullian, Holy water, believer in 211-213
    Tertullian, Baptism, fanciful ideas of 211-213
    Tertullian, Ignorance of 148
    Tertullian, On prayer 214
    Tertullian, Doctrine of Purgatory taught by 214, 215
    Tertullian, Unchristian fanaticism of 216
    Theodosius, Superstition of 287
    Tradition, False concerning age of Jesus 139-141
    Tradition, Unsatisfactory nature of 141, 142
    Tradition, Bower’s statement of the value of 252
    Trine Immersion, Taught by Tertullian 200
    Truth of the Bible, How demonstrated 40
    Universalism taught by Origen 239, 240
    Victory, Rather than truth, the object of Fathers 65
    Vagaries, Indulged in by Fathers 70
    Women, Immorality of, among heathen 17
    Women, Community of taught by Plato 36
    Wickedness of heathen world chargeable to the philosophers 42
    Works of Supererogation, Taught in Shepherd of Hermas 89
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