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    On the leading points of faith as held by Christians generally, quotations have been given to show sufficiently what the spirits teach, and the object they are trying to effect. But the reader will be interested to learn what they teach on some other points which incidentally appear in their communications.MOSP 118.1

    Spiritualists object most strenuously to the idea of unconsciousness in death, or to the Bible declaration, “The dead know not anything.” But the spirits themselves teach this very thing. Thus Judge Edmunds, Vol. II, Appendix B, p. 524, quotes the confession of a spirit that he was totally unconscious for a time, he could not tell how long, and awoke to consciousness gradually; and that the state of unconsciousness differs with different persons, depending on circumstances. A. J. Davis admits that Professor Webster was eight days and a half unconscious. - “Death and the After Life,” pp. 18, 19. Through Mrs. Conant, medium, in Banner of Light, June 3, 1865, we have this information: “It is said that some spirits require a thousand years to awake to consciousness. Is this true? - Yes, this is true.” In “Automatic Writing,” p. 93, the spirits teach the same thing to-day. If others deny such statements, it only shows that their testimony is contradictory and therefore unreliable.MOSP 118.2

    Again, the Bible doctrine that the incorrigibly wicked must cease from conscious existence, is denounced by Spiritualists; but on this point the spirits confess also:-MOSP 119.1

    Ques. - Do I understand you to say that a diakka is one who believes in ultimate annihilation?MOSP 119.2

    Ans. - Only yesterday one said to a lady medium, signing himself ‘Swedenborg,’ this: ‘Whatsoever is, has been, will be, or may be, that I AM, and private life is but the aggregative phantasms of thinking throblets rushing in their rising onward to the central heart of eternal death.’ - “Diakka” p.11.MOSP 119.3

    Q. - Does every human being continue life on higher planes?MOSP 119.4

    A. - Shall not all who are abortions die?MOSP 119.5

    Q. - Do you mean that some born on this plane may spiritually die from lack of force to persist?MOSP 119.6

    A. - Yes - both woman and men are born into the divine humanity who must necessarily perish, because they have not sufficient soul strength to persist.” - “Automatic Writing,” pp. 101, 102.MOSP 119.7

    There is, it seems, a purgatory in the spirit world. In answer to a question, a spirit replied:-MOSP 119.8

    “There is a sphere in spirit life allotted to those who leave the earthly plan in spiritual ignorance, which is not pleasing to dwell upon, yet which is absolutely necessary to spiritual soul growth. - Id, p. 90.MOSP 119.9

    Spiritualism is claimed to settle the question of immortality; but the spirits confess themselves ignorant of it:-MOSP 120.1

    “Ques. - On your plane do you arrive at certainty in regard to immortality?MOSP 120.2

    “Ans.- We here are as ignorant as you are as to the ultimate of existence. Immortality is still an undetermined issue. One life at a time seems as pertinent with us as with you.” - Id. p. 103.MOSP 120.3

    The spirits’ heaven, it seems, is not so desirable a place that it prevents their being homesick.MOSP 120.4

    “Ques.- Why are you homesick?MOSP 120.5

    “Ans.- Have not found out the real reason; things are so different from former ideas.” - Id. p. 111MOSP 120.6

    Spirits are not allowed to tell too much about their condition, as the following question and answer show:-MOSP 120.7

    Ques.- Can’t you tell us what makes it pleasanter, - describe so we can understand?MOSP 120.8

    Ans. - You’ll find out as I did ‘gainst the rules here to tell.... Just be patient - it’s all easy enough when you learn how. I was puzzled, but it all seems straight enough now.” - Id, p. 115MOSP 120.9

    They teach the pre-existence of souls, and the old pagan doctrines of the reincarnation of souls, and the final absorption of all into Nirvana. A spirit having answered that all had been asserted in some other form, questions and answers followed from which we quote:-MOSP 120.10

    Q. - Is that statement an intimation of the truth of reincarnation?MOSP 120.11

    A. - Souls of all who have preceded you are centered in you in spite of your childish protests. Ask not of those predecessors: for they yet live in you, and you in them.... Long ago you and I went over the ground under eminent names.... Were not we together when Socrates and Aspasia talked?” - Id.,pp. 151, 152.MOSP 120.12

    Q. - Can you tell us, at least, whether spirit, as a whole, or in its individual atoms, exists eternally?MOSP 121.1

    A. - Yes; spirit as a whole is eternal - exists - did exist - by force of Powers you cannot understand. But you as individual, self-conscious, atomistic particles of spirit wholeness, are not eternal, and must return to the Primal Source.” - Id., p. 133.MOSP 121.2

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