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The Great Controversy -- Study Guide

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    Chapter 40 — God’s People Delivered

    1. Under what crucial circumstances does sudden deliverance come to the people of God? By what strange phenomena are the wicked arrested? 635:1-3 [717:1-718:1]
    GC-SG 73.1

    2. What happy experience comes to God’s people at this time? 636:1 [718:2]
    GC-SG 73.2

    3. What effect has the presence of God upon the earth? 636:2-637:1 [718:3-719:1]
    GC-SG 73.3

    4. Who are to be raised from the grave to see Christ appear? 637:2 [719:2]
    GC-SG 73.4

    5. What will be the experience of the wicked who were about to destroy the saints? 637:3-638:1 [720:1,2]
    GC-SG 73.5

    6. What further glorious experience will come to the saints? What will be revealed to the gaze of all? What will all then see regarding the Sabbath? 639:1-640:1 [721:1-722:1]
    GC-SG 73.6

    7. What is now made known to God’s children? What appears in the heavens? What is the effect upon each class of beholders? 640:3-642:3 [722:3-724:2]
    GC-SG 73.7

    8. What memories, coupled with unspeakable remorse, will be awakened as the wicked hear the voice of God? 642:3-644:1 [724:3-726:1]
    GC-SG 73.8

    9. What contrast in size is seen among the risen saints? To what prospect may all look forward? 644:1,2 [726:2,3]
    GC-SG 74.1

    10. What change comes to the living righteous? Of what is the cloudy chariot composed, in which they ascend to heaven? What ceremony takes place before they enter the City? 645:1-3 [727:1-3]
    GC-SG 74.2

    11. What is seen as the gates of the city are thrown open? 646:1 [728:1]
    GC-SG 74.3

    “When the tide of iniquity overspread the world, and the wickedness of men determined their destruction by a flood of waters, the hand that had planted Eden withdrew it from the earth. But in the final restitution, when there shall be ‘a new heaven and a new earth,’ it is to be restored more gloriously adorned than at the beginning.”—”Patriarchs and Prophets,” p. 62.GC-SG 74.4

    12. How will the saints realize the meaning of the invitation, “Enter into the Joy of thy Lord”? 646:2-647:1 [728:2,3]
    GC-SG 74.5

    13. How does Adam add to the Joy of the angels and of the redeemed, as he meets the Saviour? 647:1-648:2 [729:1-730:1]
    GC-SG 74.6

    14. What further scene is enacted upon the crystal sea? Through what experiences have the saints passed that fits them to sing the “new song”? 648:3-650:1 [730:2-731:2]
    GC-SG 74.7

    15. How will the cross of Christ be regarded throughout the ages? What mysteries will be ever unfolding in its light? 651:1-652:2 [732:1-733:2]
    GC-SG 74.8

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