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    C. Colby (Legacy), $200.00
    James Harvey, 50.00
    A Friend, 25.00
    A. Kilgore, 24.85
    Sarah F. Nicola, 20.00
    M. M. Nelson, 20.00
    W. S. Boone, 12.00
    W. C. Stillman, 10.00
    A. M. Johnson, 10.00
    S. J. Bowers, 10.00
    John Hanson, 10.00
    B. Judd, 10.00
    M. H. Bates, $10.00
    Mrs. Daniel Hildreth, 10.00
    J. Edgerton, 10.00
    P. Holcomb, 10.00
    E. Ross, 6.00
    A Sister, 6.00
    Miss L. G. Green, 5.00
    S. B. Whitney & wife, 5.00
    H. Hare, 5.00
    D. Webster, 5.00
    N. Knight, 5.00
    W. T. S., 5.00
    D. Moser, 5.00
    J. R. Elliot, 5.00
    B. M. Hibbard, 5.00
    M. Field, 5.00
    C. S. Clark, 5.00
    S. M. Clark, 5.00
    Clara Bryant, 5.00
    C. B. Stratton, 5.00
    J. E. Crocker, 5.00
    M. B. Edwards, 5.00
    S. J. Penn, 5.00
    S. Rogers, 5.00
    S. J. Merrill, 5.00
    C. H. Tubbs, 5.00
    S. C. Conrey, 5.00
    J. C. Denison, 5.00
    Mrs. R. Damon, 5.00
    Maria West, 5.00
    Maggie Edgerton, 5.00
    K. H. Elliot, 5.00
    M. L. B., 5.00
    P. C. Dennison, 5.00
    Mrs. H. C. McDearmon, 5.00
    Sarah J. Smith, 5.00
    James Lovell, 5.00
    Abigal Mears, 5.00
    E. C. Decker, 5.00
    Mary Dunn, $3.84
    E. J. Burnham, 3.40
    M. E. Benight, 3.33
    A. C. Deveraux, 3.00
    A Sister, 2.00
    J. Wright, 2.00
    H. Overmire, 2.00
    I. G. Camp, 1.00
    Mary Napier, 1.00
    J. B. Lock, 1.00
    H. Haskell, 1.00
    M. Haskell, 1.00
    M. Chapman, 1.00
    E. M. Chamberlain, 1.00
    J. G. Smith, 1.00
    E. McCald, 1.00
    A Sister, 1.00
    Mrs. C. Moch, 1.00
    C. H. Farnsworth, 1.00
    H. Tuttle, 1.00
    A. Anold, 1.00
    D. M. Minick, 1.00
    M. J. Clark, 1.00
    E. Heald, 1.00
    M. A. Cottrell, 1.00
    MISCELLANEOUS: M. Avery, 25 cts., B. Clark, 50 cts.
    Whole amount in shares, $33,775.00
    Whole amount of donations, 457.17
    Legacies, 200.00
    Sum Total, $34,432.17

    The foregoing sums in Shares, Donations, and Legacies of $34,432.17, has been raised by a few only of our people. But when the officers of our Tract and Missionary Societies shall bring about equality, according to the ability of all our brethren and sisters to take stock in this noble enterprise, the sum will be increased four-fold.AWMW 93.1

    There should be found among the health reformers in the ranks of S. D. Adventists,
    25 families each holding stock amounting to $1,000
    50 500
    100 200
    200 100
    400 50
    1000 25
    Amounting in all to the handsome sum of $135,000

    During the past year, stock in the Health Institute has been taken to the amount of several thousands. But a large share of this very stock has been bought of those stockholders who were not able to make an assignment to the Health Institute the profits that might accrue to said stock, so that the Health Institute has received but little present benefit from it. All who are able to make the assignment should do so without further delay. And as new stock shall be taken, others who are not able to hold what stock they now have will have a chance to sell theirs, in part, or in full, as the necessity of the case may demand. Those most in need should find a sale of stock first.AWMW 93.2

    And we should here remark that all who have not made an assignment of stock are by no means on the list of those who wish to sell out. But very few of these expect to find a market. There are scores of those who prize the health reform too highly to wish to call back what they have put into this cause. Instead of taking back what they have invested, true health reformers will not be satisfied with doing less than to put into the Health Institute and Hygienic Book Fund the full amount of money saved by carrying out the principles of the reform.AWMW 93.3

    Among the inferior benefits of change from the common habits of life to those conducive to health and happiness, is money saved. The Health Reformer now (June, 1872,) makes its monthly visits to not less than six thousand families. And we safely conclude that four thousand of these, at least, are true reformers. These four thousand families have left the use of tobacco, tea, and coffee, the annual expense of which, in cash paid out, would be from ten to sixty dollars a family. But we will put the average cost at twenty-five dollars to each family. The money saved, then, by four thousand families of reformers, in abstaining from tobacco, tea, and coffee, alone, would be the handsome sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars.AWMW 94.1

    But this is not all the money saved by those who carry out the principles of health reform. The amount annually paid out to the doctors by those who adhere to old habits, is nearly as large as that paid out for tobacco, tea, and coffee. Then add to this the sum paid out for patent medicines, and the total would not be less than twenty-five dollars to a family. This, too, is saved by true health reformers, amounting, in four thousand families, to not less than a second One Hundred Thousand Dollars.AWMW 94.2

    And, again, this is not all that is saved by the reform. The vegetarian diet, consisting of the grains, vegetables, and fruits, which is indeed the fat of the land, is far less expensive than the food usually eaten of flesh, butter, sweet cake, and pies, lard, saleratus, pepper, vinegar, pickles, allspice, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, etc. When we first left these, and purchased for our family only such articles as flour, meal, vegetables, and fruits, we were surprised to learn how little it cost to live. The change was so great that we really felt embarrassed over the fact that our grocery bills were almost next to nothing, and we begged of Mrs. W. to make out a memorandum of eatables for us to purchase in town, that we might have the pleasure of paying out some money to live. In our own family, ranging from ten to fifteen persons, we have saved annually, by adopting the reform diet, not less than one hundred and fifty dollars. But we will put the average saving in the four thousand families of health reformers, in consequence of changing to a more healthful diet, at twenty-five dollars to each family, making the third sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars. The total amount saved, in money only, by those subscribers of the Health Reformer who have fully adopted the reform, is the very handsome sum of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars annually.AWMW 94.3

    But all this talk about money saved is hardly worthy to be put in print compared with physical, mental, moral, and spiritual benefits derived from correct habits of life. Health is man’s capital, the value of which cannot be computed in dollars and cents. And self-denial of hurtful indulgences strengthens and elevates the moral powers, while the mental and spiritual become clearer, with an improved physical condition.AWMW 95.1

    The real health reformer who is true to the principles he adopts, enjoys a comparative freedom from pain, a clearness of thought, a calmness of nerve and temper, a release from dark forebodings and the horrors of a diseased conscience, which constitute, in a very great degree, the pleasure of existence. His senses are clear and keen, and he enjoys the glories of nature wherever his eye meets them, and the delights of a restored taste in the proper use of healthful food. Such an one finds himself, as it were, in a second Eden, almost in the enjoyment of the natural blessings of the first, when “out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food.”AWMW 95.2

    True, we are not really in Paradise restored to its Eden glory; but having it in full prospect, soon to be given to the pure, we really do not see the need of passing an imaginary and self-made purgatory in reaching the heavenly plains. Thousands of our readers know, by happy experience, the things of which we speak. To those who do not, we would say, Change from your gross habits of life; wash up; and cheer up. God lives and reigns, and wills that you may be well and happy, and make the best of the ills of this mortal life; and, if true to God and yourself, he will, ere long, give you life eternal.AWMW 96.1

    Health reform, with the money saved, and all its inestimable blessings, is a Godsend. We appeal especially to our friends who rejoice in the reform: What shall we render to the Lord for these benefits? Shall we covetously invest the money saved in lands, houses, horses, carriages, furniture, fine clothing, and the like? Or, shall we consecrate it to the cause of health reform as a thank-offering to God for the good we have received? Those who love self supremely will do the former. Those who love God and humanity, the latter.AWMW 96.2

    We are making arrangements to publish largely on the health question. We shall issue tracts, pamphlets, and books, upon the subject in such numbers, and at such prices, as to encourage their active and extensive circulation. We design immediately to raise a fund of twenty thousand dollars, in donations from the friends of the reform, that we, and our friends, and the tract societies in different parts of the country, may have health publications to give to those who do not choose to purchase.AWMW 97.1

    Twenty thousand dollars may be regarded as a large sum for this object. But it is only one-fifteenth part of the amount annually saved by the reform, according to the foregoing computations. Does the reader say that our figures are too large? Then we will take off one-third, leaving the amount saved by our people by adopting health reform, only two hundred thousand dollars annually. And if it be regarded by any still too large, we will reduce it to only one hundred thousand dollars saved. This would be a handsome sum to divide between our Health Institute and a Health Tract Fund.AWMW 97.2

    Now shall we come right up to the work, and show to the world that our benevolence can be reached by facts and figures which present a clear duty to our fellow-men, and that we can be moved by principle, and through love to our fellows, instead of through the debased avenue of morbid appetite as in the case of church festivals?AWMW 97.3

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