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The Nature and Tendency of Modern Spiritualism

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    The Atonement. By Eld. J. H. Waggoner. An examination or a remedial system in the light of Nature and Revelation. 168 pp. 25 cts.NTMS 185.31

    Our Faith and Hope. Sermons on the coming and kingdom of Christ. By Eld. James White 182 pp. 25 cts.NTMS 185.32

    Facts for the Times. A volume of valuable Historical extracts, 25 cts.NTMS 185.33

    Testimonies, Nos. 20-30, each, 25 cts.NTMS 185.34

    S. D. A. Year Book for the year 1884. 25 cts.NTMS 185.35

    Refusion of the Age to come, By Eld. J. H. Waggoner.168 pp. 20 Cts.NTMS 185.36

    The Ministration of Angels, and the origin, History, and Destiny of Satan. By D. M Canright. 144pp. 20cts.NTMS 185.37

    The Nature and Tendency of Modern spiritualism. By Eld. J. H. Waggoner 184 pp. 20 cts.NTMS 185.38

    The Visions: Objections Answered. 20 cts.NTMS 185.39

    The Spirit of God, its Gifts and Manifestations to the end of the Christian age. By Eld. J. H. Waggoner. 144 pp. 15 cts.NTMS 185.40

    The Three Messages of Revelation 14:6-12. Particularly the third angel’s message and the two-horned beast. By Eld. J. N. Andrews. 144 pp. 15 cts.NTMS 185.41

    The Two Laws, as set forth in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. By D. M. Canright. 128 pp. 15 cts.NTMS 185.42

    The Morality of Sabbath, By D. M. Canright. 96 pp 15 cts.NTMS 185.43

    Miraculous Power. The Scripture testimony on the Perpetuity of Spiritual Gifts. 128 pp. 15 cts.NTMS 185.44

    The Complete Testimony of the Fathers of the First Three Centuries Concerning the Sabbath, and the First Day of the Week. By Eld. J. N. Andrews. 112 pp. 15 cts.NTMS 185.45

    Matthew Twenty-Four. A clear and forcible exposition of our Lord’s discourse [original illegible] the Mount of Olives. By Eld. James White 64 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.46

    Matter and Spirit. A philosophical argument on an interesting theme. By D. M. Canright. 10 cts.NTMS 185.47

    Bible Sanctification. By Mrs. E. G. White. 10 cts.NTMS 185.48

    The Seven Trumpets. An exposition of the subject, as forth in Revelation, chaps 8 and 9. 96 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.49

    The Truth Found. The nature and obligation of the Sabbath. By. Eld. J. H. Waggoner. 64 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.50

    Vindication of the True Sabbath. By Eld. J. W. Morton, formerly Missionary of the Reformed Presbyterian Church to Hayti. 68 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.51

    Hope of the Gospel. By Eld. J. N. Loughborough. 80 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.52

    Christ and the Sabbath: or, Christ in the Old Testament, and the Sabbath in the New. By Eld. James White. 56 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.53

    Redeemer and Redeemed. By Eld. James White, This work sets forth the plan of Redemption in its three stages. 40 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.54

    Review of Gilfillan: or, Thoughts Suggested by the Perusal of Gilfillan and other Authors ou the Sabbath. 64 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.55

    Appeal to the Baptists for the Restitution of the Bible Sabbath. 46 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.56

    Review of Baird. A review of two sermons against the Sabbath and Seventh-day Adventists. By Eld. J. H. Waggoner. 64 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 185.57

    The Rejected Ordinance. A carefully prepared paper on our Saviour’s Act of Humility in John 18:10 cts.NTMS 185.58

    The Position and Work of the True People of God under the Third Angel’s Message. By Eld. W. H. Littlejohn. 10 cts.NTMS 185.59

    Life of Christ and his Apostles. 8 books, paper covers. 90 cts.NTMS 185.60

    The Home of the Saved, or the Saint Inheritance. 10 cts.NTMS 185.61

    The Ancient Sabbath. Forty-four objections considered. 88 pp. 10 cts.NTMS 186.1

    Key to the Prophetic Chart. A valuable publication. 6 cts.NTMS 186.2

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