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    November 6, 1889



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    THE meeting opened at the usual morning hour, Tuesday, November 5, with song, and prayer by Elder E. E. Miles, of Massachusetts. The minutes of the last meeting were approved, and the unfinished business was taken up, which was the consideration of the report of the Committee on the consolidation of denominational interests. The report as adopted, reads as follows:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.1

    Your Committee appointed to take into consideration the publishing interests of the denomination, have carefully considered this subject; and in order to meet the increasing demand of our work, and to avoid all sectional feeling and personal interests which are now liable to arise from the present plan of conducting our business by having separate organizations, and also to unify the work and secure the more hearty co-operation of all, would respectfully recommend,GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.2

    1. That steps be taken at once to form a corporation for the purpose of taking entire control of all our publishing interests, thus bringing the work under one general management.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.3

    2. That the officers of this Association be a board of twenty-one trustees, to be elected by the General Conference, with power to organize themselves by electing a president, vice-president, secretary, assistant secretary, a corresponding secretary, and a treasurer.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.4

    3. That at least twelve persons on this board be representative men not connected with any local publishing house, taken from different parts of North America, according to the numerical strength of the denomination.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.5

    4. That when this Association is organized, one-third of the trustees be elected for one year, one-third for two years, and one-third for three years.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.6

    5. That the Stockholders of the Review and Herald Publishing House and the Pacific Press Publishing Company take into consideration the advisability of turning over all their interests to this new organization, and if thought advisable to do so, that steps be taken as soon as possible to bring about this result.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.7

    The objects of this new organization shall be:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.8

    1. To hold the title of all our denominational publishing houses and the equipments thereof.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.9

    2. To own, publish, and control the sale of all denominational books, tracts, and periodicals.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.10

    3. To secure, as far as possible, by purchase or otherwise, the plates and copyrights of all denominational books now published by our different publishing houses, or that may be written in the future.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.11

    4. To encourage the preparation of books, pamphlets, and tracts upon the different points of our faith.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.12

    5. To appoint editors and managers, to take a general supervision of the work of the various offices.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.13

    In view of the fact that it may take some time to bring about, in full, this much-to-be-desired result, and in order to move in that direction as far and as fast as possible, we recommend that at the first, this association assume control of all denominational publications and periodicals now published in the foreign languages and of such works as belong to the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, but that the incorporation be made with a view to assuming entire control of all our publishing interests.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.14

    In order that no time may be lost, your Committee would further recommend that a standing Committee of twenty-one be elected by the General Conference at its present session to take this whole question into consideration, with power to act. We would also suggest that the very best legal advice be consulted in bringing this new organization into existence.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.15

    Your committee would further recommend that a similar organization be effected for the purpose of controlling all our educational interests, and owning the property, - thus bringing them under one general management. Also, another to control our health institutions.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.16

    A. R. Henry presented the following:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.17

    We would recommend that one-tenth of the net earnings of the consolidated publishing association be set aside from year to year, to create a fund for the assistance or support of superannuated ministers; that the General Conference, or its Executive Committee, take charge of this fund, and make regulations for its care and disbursement. Should this not be sufficient to meet the demands, other sources of income may be devised from time to time as circumstances may indicate.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 149.18

    A further report from the Committee on Distribution of Labor, was then given as follows:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.1

    The Committee on Distribution of Labor further report by recommending as follows:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.2

    17. That H. W. Miller, in accordance with the request of the Ohio brethren, go to that State and take the presidency of the Tract Society, and act as a member of the Conference Committee.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.3

    18. That Elder E. J. Van Horn act as a member of the Ohio Conference Committee.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.4

    19. That Elder T. M. Steward return to Michigan to labor in that field.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.5

    20. That Brother John Cole, in harmony with the request of the Nebraska Conference, return to that field.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.6

    21. That Elder W. W. Sharp make the North Pacific Conference his field of labor, and that he be advised to attend the ministers’ school.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.7

    22. That Elder W. H. Saxby be invited to attend the ministers’ school, and then go to Ohio.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.8

    23. That Elder Oscar Hill and wife return to Kansas.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.9

    24. That N. W. Kauble attend the ministers’ school, and then go to South Dakota and act as a member of the Conference Committee of that State.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.10

    25. That recommendation 12 be amended by inserting “Iowa” in the place of “Nebraska.”GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.11

    26. That M. G. Huffman attend the ministers’ school this winter.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.12

    27. That Elder O. A. Olsen act as president of the Michigan Tract Society, and take the place of H. W. Miller on the Michigan Conference Committee.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.13

    28. That the Michigan Conference be divided into three sections, and that a Vice-President be appointed to take the charge of each of these sections.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.14

    29. That G. H. Rogers engage in the canvassing work in the Lake District.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.15

    30. That Elder J. W. Scoles labor in the Upper Columbia Conference provided he can be spared from the Signs office.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.16

    31. That Elder W. B. White act as President of the South Dakota Sabbath-school Association in place of Elder W. W. Sharp.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.17

    32. That Elder Wm. Covert go to Missouri.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.18

    33. That all fields not hereby supplied, be referred to the General Conference Committee.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.19

    34. That New Brunswick be cut off from the Maine Conference, and that it become a part of the mission field of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.20

    35. That the question of transfer of Bible workers and canvassers be referred to the General Conference Committee, the canvassing agent, and the officers of the International Tract Society.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.21

    36. That the question of help for the foreign fields be referred to the Foreign Mission Board.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.22

    Per order of Committee. D. A. ROBINSON, Secretary.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.23

    The Educational Committee, whose report was referred back to them (see BULLETIN, p.125), reported again, recommending the following amendments in the sections numbered:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.24

    2. That the location of the school be left to the following Committee; provided, however, that the school shall not be so located by the Committee as to impose the six shares hereafter mentioned, upon any Conference, against the protest of the member of the Committee from that Conference: J. H. Morrison, W. B. White, R. S. Donnell, L. A. Hoopes, E. H. Gates, J. G. Wood, W. S. Hyatt, Allen Moon, L. Dyo Chambers, W. W. Prescott.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.25

    8. That the amount of money to be raised within this school district for improvements upon the real estate within a period of two years shall not exceed $50,000.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.26

    10. That the General Conference be requested to provide $20,000 to assist in the erection of “Homes” for this school.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.27

    They also recommended bi-annual instead of annual elections.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.28

    The report called out interesting remarks from Prof. W. W. Prescott and the chair. Each of them spoke of the necessity of having apartments in the home of the proposed school, so that each nationality can have quarters by themselves. This was not because of any national line, but was suggested in order that the students might keep alive their knowledge of their mother tongue, and by this means become better qualified to labor in behalf of the people whom they represent. The report was then adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.29

    The Committee on Nominations reported further, as follows:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.30

    For Board of Managers of the Central Bible School of Chicago - W. W. Prescott, W. C. White, R. M. Kilgore, Geo. B. Starr, A. O. Tait.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.31

    For Board of Managers of the Western School - W. W. Prescott, E. W. Farnsworth, J. H. Morrison, Allen Moon, C. A. Hall, J. P. Gardiner, N. P. Nelson.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.32

    For Committee on Transportation - A. R. Henry, T. A. Kilgore, J. M. Craig, A. T. Robinson, C. H. Jones.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.33

    Foreign Mission Committee - A. R. Henry, C. Eldridge, L. C. Chadwick, E. B. Miller, L. McCoy.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.34

    For Committee on Consolidation of Publishing Interests - O. A. Olsen, S. N. Haskell, W. C. White, A. R. Henry, C. Eldridge, F. E. Belden, Harmon Lindsay, C. H. Jones, J. N. Loughborough, M. J. Church, E. W. Farnsworth, E. H. Gates, W. W. Prescott, J. H. Kellogg, D. T. Jones, L. C. Chadwick, R. A. Underwood, A. T. Robinson, R. M. Kilgore, J. H. Morrison, W. H. Edwards.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.35

    The Committee on Resolutions submitted the following substitute to a former report of the Judiciary (page 59 of the BULLETIN) regarding the transfer of the Battle Creek church to the jurisdiction of the General Conference:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.36

    In view of the fact that the Battle Creek church is composed of persons largely drawn together by our institutions of a general character belonging to the denomination, and in view of the great importance these institutions sustain to the general cause, also the need of more thoroughly organized aid in the Battle Creek church; therefore, -GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.37

    Resolved, That it is the sense of this Conference that a transfer of the church and territory included in the city of Battle Creek to the jurisdiction of the General Conference would be a good plan; and further, we invite the Battle Creek church and the Michigan Conference to take this matter under favorable consideration.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.38

    The Committee on Resolutions then presented the following additional report:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.39

    Resolved, That we express our thanks to the Review and Herald Board for providing commodious and well furnished office rooms for the Secretary of this Conference, and for the Secretary and Treasurer of the General Conference Association.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.40

    Resolved, That we recommend that steps be taken to organize a Conference in the State of North Dakota as soon the General Conference Committee may think best.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 150.41

    WHEREAS, The canvassing work has assumed such magnitude that it is impossible for the general canvassing agent to render the assistance and give the instruction that is needed in all the States; and, -GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.1

    WHEREAS, This work has resulted not only in developing workers who have been made useful in other branches of General Conference work, but also in bringing in a large increase of tithe; therefore, -GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.2

    Resolved, That we grant the request of the International Tract Society, to provide for the support of a district canvassing agent in each of the General Conference districts.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.3

    WHEREAS, Elder A. J. Cudney was selected to visit the brethren in Pitcairn Island, to complete the organization of a church there, and left Honolulu, H. I., on the ship Phebe Chapman, for that purpose, July 5, 1888; and, -GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.4

    WHEREAS, Nothing has been heard from him since that time; therefore, -GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.5

    Resolved, That we hereby express the sense of pain we feel over the suspense arising from this lack of tidings, and the uncertainty that hangs over his fate.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.6

    Resolved, That we will use due diligence to secure, if possible, some tidings concerning him after his departure from Honolulu.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.7

    Resolved, That we tender to his family our sympathy in their afflicting circumstances.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.8


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    THE members were led in prayer by the chairman, Elder W. C. White, at 2:30 P. M., November 5. The minutes of the preceding meeting were approved. The resolution concerning the plans for circulating religious liberty literature, as found on page 143 of the BULLETIN, was considered and adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.9

    The first resolution on page 147 of the BULLETIN was next taken up. The following substitute was offered by C. Eldridge, and was adopted:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.10

    Resolved, That we recommend that an assistant to the State Agent be chosen for the health and temperance work, in the same manner as the State Agent is appointed, who shall labor under the direction of the latter in appointing and instructing agents for this line of work.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.11

    The substitute was opposed by H. W. Pierce and Allen Moon. C. Eldridge spoke at length, strongly advocating the measure. W. R. Smith thought it a move in the right direction. The substitute was then voted upon and was carried.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.12

    The next resolution followed under consideration, when C. Eldridge moved to amend so that instead of reading “an assistant State agent,” the resolution should be made to read “the State agent’s assistant.” The mover of the amendment, in answer to a question, said that if one were canvassing for religious works, and desired to change to the work of selling health books, the same steps should be taken to accomplish the change, as would be to remove an agent from one State to another. The resolution was then adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.13

    The report of the Committee on Constitution and work, found on same page of BULLETIN, was next discussed by L. C. Chadwick and C. Eldridge. The first two words of the last clause were replaced by the words “who may,” and the entire article was then added to the previous article, and as amended was adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.14

    A Committee which was appointed to consider the first resolution at the bottom of page 133 of the BULLETIN, reported the following:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.15

    The Committee appointed by the Seventh-day Adventist Publishing Association to consider the matter of a canvassers’ journal, and who were instructed to report to this body, respectfully submit the following:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.16

    We recommend that the chair appoint, at this session, a committee of five to take this matter into consideration together with such recommendations as may be made by the General Conference, and that said committee have power to act.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.17

    L. C. CHADWICK, ]
    F. E. BELDEN, ]
    E. E. MILES, ] Committee.
    S. N. CURTISS, ]
    A. J. BREED, ]

    The report was adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.18

    The Chair spoke of the advisability of publishing, immediately after the close of the session, an abstract of the proceedings of the entire session, for the benefit of the workers. It was then moved by A. T. Robinson that such matter be published in an “extra” of the Home Missionary, and that a committee of three be appointed to prepare the matter for it. Carried.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.19

    A. T. Robinson then presented the following resolution:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.20

    Resolved, That the next regular session of the International Tract and Missionary Society be held in District No. 1, of the General Conference field, at such time and place as the Executive Board may decide upon, unless some emergency should arise making it seem necessary to hold the session at some other place.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.21

    The resolution was adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.22

    L. C. Chadwick and the chair then highly recommended The Gospel in all Lands, not only as valuable to the ministers, but as a family journal.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.23

    The society then adjourned sine die.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.24


    No Authorcode

    AT 3:30 P. M., November 5, the delegates were again assembled in Conference, and joined in singing Hymn No. 983. Prayer was offered by Elder I. D. Van Horn. Minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.25

    The Committee on Distribution of Labor reported the following additional recommendations:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 151.26

    (Continued on page 154.)


    No Authorcode

    No. NAME OF DISTRICT NAME OF CONFERENCE OR TERRITORY. Ministers. Licentiates. Total no. laborers.
    1 ATLANTIC Maine 4 3 7
    Vermont 5 2 7
    New England 9 4 13
    New York 8 4 12
    Pennsylvania 6 9 15
    Atlantic 5 .... 5
    Virginia 2 .... 2
    West Virginia 2 .... 2
    Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and P. E. Island. 1 .... 1
    Quebec 2 1 3
    Totals 44 23 67
    2 SOUTHERN Kentucky 2 .... 2
    Tennessee 2 2 4
    North Carolina 2 2 4
    South Carolina]
    Georgia        ] 1 1 2
    Florida        ]
    Mississippi] 2 1 3
    Louisiana   ]
    Totals 9 6 15
    3 LAKE Ontario  ] 27 29 56
    Ohio 8 5 13
    Indiana 9 5 14
    Illinois 7 3 10
    Totals 51 42 93
    4 NORTHWEST Wisconsin 11 8 19
    Minnesota    ]
    Manitoba     ] 12 9 21
    North Dakota]
    South Dakota 5 5 10
    Iowa 13 9 22
    Nebraska 5 7 12
    Totals 46 38 84
    Churches. Membership. Tithe.
    24 452 $2,625 21
    18 473 1,845 18
    22 766 9,788 68
    30 826 4,834 58
    42 914 6,921 02
    5 151 683 73
    4 118 455 62
    4 125 560 00
    3 31 109 13
    5 141 358 69
    157 3,997 28,181 84
    5 75 350 00
    9 171 1,192 72
    4 80 158 20
    4 141 1,014 36
    6 90 273 21
    28 557 2,988 49
    118 4,443 31,955 46
    47 1,068 8,740 26
    49 1,148 3,776 33
    31 831 8,800 68
    245 7,490 53,272 73
    60 1,709 10,209 02
    66 1,913 12,213 17
    23 686 6,575 09
    79 1,760 14,718 82
    36 670 8,460 85
    264 6,738 52,176 95

    No Authorcode

    No. NAME OF DISTRICT NAME OF CONFERENCE OR TERRITORY. Ministers. Licentiates. Total no. laborers.
    5 SOUTHWEST Missouri 7 7 14
    Kansas 10 13 23
    Colorado   ]
    Wyoming    ] 7 1 8
    New Mexico]
    Indian Territory .... .... ....
    Texas 2 6 8
    Arkansas 1 2 3
    Totals 27 29 56
    6 PACIFIC COAST Montana 1 1 2
    Upper Columbia -
    East 2/3 Washington]
    East 2/3 Oregon    ] 5 7 12
    Idaho              ]
    North Pacific -
    West 1/3 Washington]
    West 1/3 Oregon    ] 7 4 11
    British Columbia   ]
    California 17 8 25
    Totals 30 20 50
    7 FOREIGN CONF. AND MISSIONS Australia 3 6 9
    Central Europe 6 4 10
    Denmark 3 1 4
    New Zealand 2 2 4
    Norway 4 1 5
    Sweden 2 3 5
    British 2 4 6
    South Africa 2 1 3
    Totals 24 22 46
    Churches. Membership. Tithe.
    24 773 $ 3,455 98
    64 2,183 10,780 26
    10 316 4,445 15
    .... ..... .........
    14 425 2,001 84
    13 271 702 00
    125 3,968 21,385 23
    .... 22 500 00
    16 438 4,509 66
    26 627 7,205 72
    34 2,143 35,032 90
    76 3,230 47,248 28
    6 362 7,468 00
    30 693 2,139 64
    10 265 859 16
    3 175 1,403 00
    3 301 473 00
    12 360 929 23
    8 160 1,217 80
    4 80 2,798 36
    76 2,396 $17,288 19

    No Authorcode

    1 ATLANTIC ........... 44 23 67 157 3,997 $28,181 84
    2 SOUTHERN ........... 9 6 15 28 557 2,988 49
    3 LAKE ........... 51 42 93 245 7,490 53,272 73
    4 NORTHWEST ........... 46 38 84 264 6,738 52,176 95
    5 SOUTHWEST ........... 27 29 56 125 3,968 21,385 23
    6 PACIFIC COAST ........... 30 20 50 76 3,230 47,248 28
    7 FOREIGN ........... 24 22 46 76 2,396 17,288 19
    Grand Totals 231 180 411 971 28,376 $222,541 71

    37. That Elder S. H. Lane take the presidency of the New York Tract Society, and that A. E. Place act as Vice-President of the same, and that F. M. Wilcox be a member of the New York Conference Committee.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.1

    38. That Elder M. H. Brown take the place made vacant by W. W. Sharp on the Wisconsin Conference Committee.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.2

    The Foreign Mission Committee, through its chairman, W. C. White, then rendered the following report:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.3

    Your committee on foreign missions, find:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.4

    1. That in New Zealand, an efficient preacher is needed, in addition to the laborers already in that field.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.5

    2. That two additional laborers are greatly needed in Australia.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.6

    3. That an able and experienced editor is needed in London, and six more Bible workers, and two preachers, for the work in Great Britain.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.7

    4. That in Germany there is a call for two more preachers; and for Hamburg, four experienced Bible workers; and a ship missionary who can speak German, Danish, and English.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.8

    5. That an able corps of canvassers should be sent to France and Italy, as soon as suitable books and tracts are prepared for use in Catholic countries.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.9

    6. That there is great necessity for books in the French, Italian - Spanish, Portuguese, Bohemian, and German languages, especially edited for use in Catholic countries, aiming to dispel the darkness of superstition, and to reveal the beauties of God’s word; and that special attention should be given to the preparation of works for South America.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.10

    7. That more preachers are needed in Sweden, and experienced workers to connect with the publishing house in Christiania.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.11

    8. That a Dutch minister is needed in South Africa, also a company of trained health missionaries.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.12

    9. That South America offers many promising fields for canvassers who can speak two or more of the following languages; namely, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and English.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.13

    10. That the West Indies is a promising field for a minister, a Bible worker and one or two canvassers.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.14

    11. Your Committee finds itself quite unable to secure laborers for the greater number and the most important of these positions, without taking men from their places whose loss would seem to be an irreparable injury to the work in which they are now engaged.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.15

    We therefore recommend:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.16

    1. That greater efforts be put forth for the education and training of laborers for foreign missions: (a.) By encouraging suitable persons to attend the German, French, and Scandinavian branches of the Ministers’ Bible School, in Battle Creek; (b.) By the holding of three or four months’ Institutes, for the instruction of large classes of Bible workers and colporters, in such places as London, Hamburg, Basel, Christiania, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cape Town, Melbourne, and other central points.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.17

    2. That the Mission Board be instructed to select at as early a date as possible, suitable persons for the places needing laborers, and to send them into the work as rapidly as the amount of funds in the treasury will warrant.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.18

    3. That an able corps of translators and book editors be employed to labor under the direction of the Book Committee, to prepare as soon as consistent with good work, an ample supply of books, pamphlets, and tracts, for use in the Catholic countries above mentioned.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.19

    W. C. WHITE, ]
    D. A. ROBINSON, ]
    A. R. HENRY, ] Committee.
    W. C. SISLEY, ]
    W. H. EDWARDS, ]

    The report of the Committee on Christmas Exercises was then taken up, and after a few amendments was adopted. [As this matter, when prepared, is to be sent to the proper persons, with instructions, it is not printed here.]GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.20

    The report of the Committee on the Manufacture of Tents (BULLETIN, p.140) was then called up, and adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.21

    The report of the Committee on Credentials and Licenses (see page 140) was then called up. The name of A. T. Robinson was added to the list of those to receive credentials, and the report as a whole was adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.22

    The Committee on Credentials and Licenses further recommended that those who have been removed from General Conference fields into local Conferences, be granted credentials or licenses by the Conferences where they labor. This recommendation was adopted by unanimous consent.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.23

    The report of the Finance Committee (found in first column of page 139 of the BULLETIN) was then adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.24

    The recommendations of the Committee on Distribution of Labor (BULLETIN, pp.130,150, and 151) were then considered and adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.25

    The additional recommendations of the Committee on Nominations (BULLETIN, p.150), were then called up and adopted, with the exception of the Committee on Consolidation of Publishing Interests, which was referred back to the Committee.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.26

    The resolutions presented at the preceding meeting were then taken up and adopted. The recommendation of A. R. Henry, providing for a superannuated ministers’ fund, was also adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.27

    The meeting then adjourned to the call of the chair.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.28


    No Authorcode


    No Authorcode

    THE third meeting of the Conference, held on Tuesday Nov. 5, was opened at 8 o’clock P. M., by the song “Watch and Pray.” The delegates joined in prayer with Elder J. N. Loughborough. After the reading of the minutes of the last meeting, Prof. W. W. Prescott, in behalf of the Committee on Education, presented the following:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.29

    WHEREAS, An educational institution, known as South Lancaster Academy, and located in what is now District No. 1, of the General Conference field, and, -GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.30

    WHEREAS, This school is fully equipped, with a competent corps of teachers, and is prepared to do thorough work in its line; therefore, -GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.31

    Resolved, That we recommend to the Conferences located in the field, the importance of sustaining this school by influencing students to attend.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 154.32

    We recommend that one-tenth of all the funds which shall hereafter come into the hands of the General Conference Association through legacies, be used under the direction of the General Conference Committee, in the education of laborers, provided that the amount so used shall not exceed $5,000 per year.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.1

    The rules were suspended to allow immediate action upon these recommendations. Prof. Prescott spoke specially of the first one, urging the delegates from the East to labor to fill the South Lancaster School. The report as a whole was then adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.2

    The Nominating Committee then reported the following amended report in reference to the Committee to plan foe consolidation of the publishing interests:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.3

    O. A. Olsen, W. C. White, J. B. Goodrich, A. R. Henry, Harmon Lindsay, L. Dyo Chambers, C. H. Jones, H. W. Decker, R. A. Underwood, M. J. Church, E. W. Farnsworth, E. H. Gates, D. T. Jones, R. M. Kilgore, A. T. Robinson, Allen Moon, J. H. Morrison, S. H. Lane, Geo. A. Irwin, L. C. Chadwick, A. O. Tait.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.4

    This report was amended by the substitution of the names of C. Eldridge for that of Harmon Lindsay, F. E. Belden for Geo. A. Irwin, and Uriah Smith for J. B. Goodrich. As amended, the report was adopted.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.5

    The chair appointed the following named persons to act as committee to prepare Bible-readings on first-day offerings (see BULLETIN, pp.90,91):-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.6

    R. A. Underwood, A. T. Jones, U. Smith, E. J. Waggoner, E. W. Farnsworth.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.7

    Upon request, the chair announced the members of the General Conference Committee who are to have charge of the various districts for the coming year. These stands thus: District No. 1, A. T. Robinson; No. 2, R. M. Kilgore; No. 3, O. A. Olsen; No. 4, E. W. Farnsworth; No. 5, E. H. Gates; No. 6, R. A. Underwood; What these districts comprise may be seen from the table on pages 152 and 153 of the present issue of the BULLETIN.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.8

    On motion of E. W. Farnsworth, a vote of thanks was tendered to the Battle Creek church, for their kindness to the delegates to this Conference. A vote of thanks was given to the editors of the BULLETIN.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.9

    It was voted that it is the sense of this body that the regular sessions of the Conference should be held in the spring.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.10

    A motion to adjourn was then carried. Before dismissing, the president, O. A. Olsen, made the following remarks:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.11

    “I would express my gratitude to God for his kindness and favor and blessing with us during this session of the General Conference; and as we separate, may we carry the spirit of the message with us. I desire that the Committee may have a large share in your prayers.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.12

    “We are carrying great responsibilities, and we need the special help of God. We thank you for your help and your favor the past year. It is our earnest desire to seek God, and to walk in all his counsel; and by your help we shall have the help of God with us in the future work.”GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.13

    The delegates then joined in singing the hymn and the meeting was dismissed with the benediction by the president.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.14

    Appointments for the meeting of Conference, Wednesday, November 6:-GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.15

    Managers of Western school at General Conference room at 12, M.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.16

    Managers of Central Bible School at 6 P. M. in A. R. Henry’s room.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.17

    Presidents of Conferences and officers of the N. R. L. A. will meet at the office of C. Eldridge, west building of Review office at 9 A. M.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.18

    Delegates and laborers from District No. 1, in southwest vestry, at noon. Committee on Bible Readings on Church Order and Government, R. A. Underwood, A. T. Jones, U. Smith, E. W. Farnsworth, E. J. Waggoner, will meet at the General Conference rooms at 6 P. M.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.19

    Delegates from Districts No. 6 of General Conference will meet at General Conference rooms at 5 P. M. by request of R. A. Underwood.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.20

    The Executive Committee of the International Sabbath-school Association will meet at 303 West Main Street (W. C. White’s house), Wednesday, at 9 A. M.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.21

    Committee on consolidation of publishing work, at 2 P. M.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.22

    Trustees of General Conference Association, at 11 A. M.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.23

    Auditing Committee at 7 P. M.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.24

    Delegates from District No. 3, at 9 A. M.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.25

    All interested in the Ministers’ School met in College Chapel, at 4 P. M.GCDB November 6, 1889, page 155.26

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