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The Signs of the Times, vol. 13

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    December 15, 1887

    “Plan of Biblical Course for 1888” The Signs of the Times 13, 48, p. 760.

    IT has been thought best that I should say a word in regard to the work contemplated in the Biblical Course the coming quarter.SITI December 15, 1887, page 760.1

    First, we want to make it as profitable as possible to all who attend, whether they have been there before or not. Therefore we expect to give as full a view of the present truth as is possible in the time that we shall have. This work in the regular Bible-class will be carried forward much in the same form as a series of sermons would be in a new place, where it was certain that the minister would remain fifteen weeks. This on the part of the teacher. Then it will be the work of the students to learn to make Bible-readings, following the same course.SITI December 15, 1887, page 760.2

    Secondly, we wish to make this term one of special interest and profit to those who have publicly labored in the cause, or who intend to do so. therefore all thee will form a special class, and in addition to the course named above, will be given: (1) The history of the rise and establishment of the Papacy, and of the formation of the union of Church and State, both in the establishment of the Papacy, and in the making of the image to the Papacy, which is fast approaching in our own country; (2) drill in speaking; (3) drill in writing reports of sermons, and of meetings, and in writing articles for the press; (4) drill in reading, especially in reading the Scriptures, and hymns. In short, it is intended to make this class a school of practice for work in the field, so that when the school term is ended, and the students go into the field to work, they will be simply going on with that which they have been doing in the class. In this class we want to do everything that can be done to profit those who take the course, and to make them efficient in the work to which we hope they have devoted their lives.SITI December 15, 1887, page 760.3