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    NORTH PARMA, N.Y., FEB. 7, 1864

    My Youthful Brother, Eddie: I remember you as you were, a joyous, happy group of brothers. I can hardly realize that so great a change has come over you, and yet I know it is so. To-day, while thinking upon your present lonely and sorrowing condition, I penned the following lines. I send them for your own perusal.APYO 90.2

    There’ grief comes stealing o’er me now,
    A cloud of sadness shades my brow,
    Rude hands have caused our hearts to melt,
    Our hearthstone marred-a blight is felt,
    I strive to look so calm to you
    In vain; for I am weeping too.
    APYO 90.3

    At even when we tune our song,
    How changed-the sweetest strain is gone.
    And when we bow around in prayer
    A voice is hushed-we miss him there.
    Our brother’ name-oh why enrolled
    Among the dead, ere he was old?
    APYO 91.1

    We were but three; say, why destroy?
    Why mourning to our house of joy?
    Why take the staff, the pride of all,
    The guide of us who were so small?
    A sweet voice whispers, To save, I blest,
    Then laid him down awhile to rest.
    APYO 91.2

    Then mourn thou not. I’d rather bend
    O’er the cold form of brother, friend,
    Than see him yield the precious truth
    Which made him beautiful in youth.
    Nor would my longing love recall
    Him back to earth, exposed to fall.
    APYO 91.3

    When graveyard flowers shall cease to bloom,
    Beyond this life, beyond the tomb,
    There is a hope for those who trust
    That life will spring up from the dust.
    That seed which death hid in the tomb,
    Ere long will rise in deathless bloom.
    APYO 91.4

    Too long my heart has prostrate laid,
    Too long by this sad stroke dismayed;
    Soon will our number be complete
    In heaven-our union, oh how sweet!
    I’ll make it all my anxious care,
    Not to be missed when they are there.
    E.M. Prentiss.
    APYO 91.5

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