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    Be Not Cast Down

    Tempted, tried, desponding one,
    Why does darkness shade thy brow?
    Is there no all-beaming sun
    In the heavens above thee now?
    POUS 132.2

    Is the cloud of radiant light,
    Glowing round th’ Eternal throne,
    Shrouded in a pall of night,
    Or in outer darkness gone?
    POUS 132.3

    Is the fount of glory dried?
    Are the gates of mercy closed?
    Went there ever unsupplied,
    Any who in God reposed?
    POUS 132.4

    Has his arm grown short to save?
    Heavy is his ear to hear?
    Bids he any be a slave
    To despair or doubt or fear?
    POUS 132.5

    Then may we refuse to move,
    When his word and mighty arm,
    Weak and impotent shall prove,
    To deliver us from harm.
    POUS 132.6

    Then may we despondent be,
    And in him refuse to trust,
    When his throne and majesty
    Both shall crumble to the dust.
    POUS 133.1

    Has not help on One been laid
    Strong to save and set us free?
    And is there no promise made,
    In his name, of victory?
    POUS 133.2

    Then in Jesus let us trust;
    On him stay our troubled mind:
    Not presume; for God is just:
    Nor despair; for he is kind.
    POUS 133.3

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