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From Eden to Eden

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    No. years. b. c.
    Creation of the world 4004
    Abraham called to go into Canaan 2083 1921
    Covenant with Abraham, Genesis 17 60 1898
    Isaac was born 1 1897
    Promises renewed to Isaac 93 1804
    Promises renewed to Jacob 44 1760
    Jacob went down into Egypt 54 1706
    Israelites left Egypt,—covenant at Horeb 215 1491
    They ask for a king,—Saul is anointed 396 1095
    David began to reign in Hebron 40 1056
    Promises made to David and his seed 14 1042
    Solomon built the temple 37 1005
    The kingdom divided,—Judah and Israel 30 975
    Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) entirely overthrown 254 721
    Manasseh, king of Judah; carried captive to Babylon 44 677
    Part of the vessels of temple, and some of the children of Judah, taken to Babylon, Daniel et al. 70 606
    Nebuchadnezzar’s dream interpreted 3 603
    Zedekiah taken to Babylon, temple and city destroyed 15 588
    (Solomon’s temple stood 417 years.)
    Daniel’s vision of chapter 7 48 540
    Belshazzar slain; kingdom of the Medes and Persians 3 538
    Alexander the Grecian overthrew the Persians 206 331
    League between the Jews and the Romans 170 161
    a. d.
    Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom, Mark 1 197 27
    Roman Empire divided 449 476
    The Papacy established 62 538

    Note.—For the convenience of the reader, the dates in this table are according to the chronology of the English Bible, Authorized Version. Any variation in correction of these dates cannot be so great as to affect the results. As the full year cannot always be given, there will be found an apparent discrepancy, but there is none in fact.FEE 10.1

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