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    Section 12—Heralding the Message in Other Continents

    Sounding the Message in Europe

    The Whole Earth to Be Illuminated—At this time there should be representatives of present truth in every city, and in the remote parts of the earth. The whole earth is to be illuminated with the glory of God's truth. The light is to shine to all lands and all peoples. And it is from those who have received the light that it is to shine forth....Ev 407.1

    Certain countries have advantages that mark them as centers of education and influence. In the English-speaking nations and the Protestant nations of Europe it is comparatively easy to find access to the people, and there are many advantages for establishing institutions and carrying forward our work....America has many institutions to give character to the work. Similar facilities should be furnished for England, Australia, Germany, and Scandinavia, and other continental countries as the work advances. In these countries the Lord has able workmen, laborers of experience. These can lead out in the establishment of institutions, the training of workers, and the carrying forward of the work in its different lines. God designs that they shall be furnished with means and facilities. The institutions established would give character to the work in other countries, and would give opportunity for the training of workers for the darker heathen nations. In this way the efficiency of our experienced workers would be multiplied a hundredfold....Ev 407.2

    It pains me to think that greater facilities are not provided for the work throughout Europe. I have sore heartache as I think of the work in Switzerland, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. Where there are one or two men struggling to carry forward the different branches of the cause, there should be hundreds at work.—Testimonies for the Church 6:24-26 (1900).Ev 408.1

    Great Work in Europe—There is a great work to be done in Europe. All heaven takes an interest not only in lands that are nigh and that need our help, but in lands that are afar off. All the inhabitants of heaven are in active service, ministering to a fallen world. They take a deep and fervent interest in the salvation of men, the fallen inhabitants of this world.—Manuscript 65, 1900.Ev 408.2

    A great work is committed to those who present the truth in Europe.... There are France and Germany, with their great cities and teeming population. There are Italy, Spain, and Portugal, after so many centuries of darkness, ... opened to the Word of God—opened to receive the last message of warning to the world. There are Holland, Austria, Rumania, Turkey, Greece, and Russia, the home of millions upon millions, whose souls are as precious in the sight of God as our own, who know nothing of the special truths for this time....Ev 408.3

    A good work has already been done in these countries. There are those who have received the truth, scattered as light bearers in almost every land.... But how little has been done in comparison with the great work before us! Angels of God are moving upon the minds of the people, and preparing them to receive the warning. Missionaries are needed in fields that have yet been scarcely entered. New fields are constantly opening. The truth must be translated into different languages, that all nations may enjoy its pure, life-giving influences.—Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, 304, 305 (1915).Ev 408.4

    The Call for a Broad, Substantial Work—The time has come for much to be accomplished in Europe. A large work, such as has been done in America, can be done in Europe. Let sanitariums be established, let hygienic restaurants be started. Let the light of present truth shine forth from the press. Let the work of translating our books go forward. I have been shown that in the European countries lights will be kindled in many places.Ev 409.1

    There are many places where the Lord's work has not a proper showing. Help is needed in Italy, in France, in Scotland, and in many other countries. A larger work should be done in these places. Laborers are needed. There is talent among God's people in Europe, and the Lord desires this talent to be employed in establishing all through Great Britain and the continent centers from which the light of his truth may shine forth.Ev 409.2

    There is a work to be done in Scandinavia. God is just as willing to work through Scandinavian believers as through American believers.Ev 409.3

    My brethren, bind up with the Lord God of hosts. Let Him be your fear, and let Him be your dread. The time has come for His work to be enlarged. Troublous times are before us, but if we stand together in Christian fellowship, none striving for supremacy, God will work mightily for us.—Testimonies for the Church 8:38 (1904).Ev 409.4

    Greater Effort Needed in Europe—It will require far greater effort to accomplish the work than in America because of the poverty of the people. Then the ministers are so plentiful. We think of the words of the apostle, They shall “heap to themselves teachers having itching ears.” As soon as the truth is brought to the place the ministers of the different churches become alarmed and send at once for ministers to come in and commence revival meetings. Here they are called conferences. These meetings will continue for weeks, and no less than ten ministers will be on hand; the very best talent will be enlisted, and warnings and threatenings will be poured out from the churches against the seventh-day people, who are classed with Mormons, and who they say are breaking up churches and causing divisions.Ev 410.1

    It is very hard to get any hold of the people. The only way that we find to be successful is in holding Bible readings, and in this way the interest is started with one or two or three; then these visit others and try to interest others, and thus the work moves slowly as it has done in Lausanne; but twenty have embraced the truth there, and this is not all the good that has been accomplished, for the young men who are preparing themselves for laborers have here had a good drill and received an education that will fit them for greater usefulness in the cause of God.—Letter 44, 1886.Ev 410.2

    Reaching European State Church Members—From the light that has been given me concerning the people in this part of the country, and perhaps all through Europe, there is danger, in presenting the truth, of arousing their combativeness. There is little harmony between present truth and the doctrines of the church in which many of the people have been born and brought up; and they are so filled with prejudice, and so completely under the control of their ministers, that in many cases they dare not even come to hear the truth presented. The question then arises, How can these people be reached? How can the great work of the third angel's message be accomplished? It must be largely accomplished by persevering, individual effort; by visiting the people at their homes.—Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, 149, 150 (1886).Ev 410.3

    The Silent Messenger—“But,” says one, “suppose we cannot gain admittance to the homes of the people; and if we do, suppose they rise up against the truths that we present. Shall we not then feel excused from making further efforts for them?” By no means. Even if they shut the door in your face, do not hasten away in indignation, and make no further effort to save them. Ask God in faith to give you access to those very souls. Cease not your efforts, but study and plan until you find some other means of reaching them. If you do not succeed by personal visits, try sending them the silent messenger of truth. There is so much pride of opinion in the human heart that our publications often gain admittance where the living messenger cannot.Ev 411.1

    I have been shown how reading matter on present truth is sometimes treated by many people in Europe and in other countries. A person receives a tract or paper. He reads a little in it, finds something that does not agree with his former views, and throws it aside. But the few words he did read are not forgotten. Unwelcome though they are, they remain in the mind until an interest is awakened to read further on the subject. Again the paper is taken up; again the reader finds something in it that is opposed to his long-cherished opinions and customs, and he angrily flings it aside. But the rejected messenger says nothing to increase his opposition or arouse his combativeness; and when the force of his anger dies away, and the paper is again brought out, it tells the same simple, straightforward story, and he finds in it precious gems. Angels of God are near to impress the unspoken word upon his heart; and, although loath to do so, he at last yields, and light takes possession of his soul. Those who are thus unwillingly converted, often prove to be among the most substantial believers; and their experience teaches them to labor perseveringly for others.—Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, 150 (1886).Ev 411.2

    Open-Air and Tent Meetings—I was requested to speak in regard to holding tent meetings in Europe. I told them according to the light the Lord had given me, tents could be used to good advantage in some places, and if conducted properly would result in great good. I did not know at this time why they called me out on this, but learned that it was because Brother _____ had previously spoken rather against tents being the best for meetinghouse purposes.Ev 412.1

    I then presented my objections in regard to open-air meetings. It was very wearing to our ministers, because taxing to the vocal organs. The voice was strained to an unnatural pitch, and would be greatly injured by this method of labor. Another objection was that discipline and order could not be preserved; such labor would not encourage studious habits in diligently searching the Scriptures to bring from God's storehouse things both new and old.—Letter 2, 1885.Ev 412.2

    God Will Work Mightily—There is a great work to be done in Europe. It may seem to move slowly and hard at first; but God will work mightily through you if you will only make an entire surrender to Him. Much of the time you will have to walk by faith, not by feeling.—Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, 128, 129 (1886).Ev 412.3

    To the Ends of the Earth—The light of truth is to shine to the ends of the earth. Greater and still greater light is beaming with celestial brightness from the Redeemer's face upon His representatives, to be diffused through the darkness of a benighted world. As laborers together with Him, let us pray for the sanctification of His Spirit, that we may shine more and more brightly....Ev 413.1

    Our efforts are not to be confined to a few places where the light has become so abundant that it is not appreciated. The gospel message is to be proclaimed to all nations and kindreds and tongues and peoples.—Testimonies For The Church 8:40 (1904).Ev 413.2

    To Belt the World—God has qualified His people to enlighten the world. He has entrusted men with faculties that adapt them to extend and accomplish a work that will belt the world. Sanitariums, schools, printing offices, and kindred facilities are to be established in all parts of the earth.Ev 413.3

    But this work has not yet been done. In foreign countries many enterprises that require means must yet be begun and carried forward. The opening of hygienic restaurants, the establishment of sanitariums for the care of the sick and suffering, is just as necessary in Germany as in America. Let all do their best, making their boast in the Lord, and blessing others by their good works.Ev 413.4

    Christ co-operates with those who engage in medical missionary work. Men and women who unselfishly do what they can to establish sanitariums and treatment rooms in many lands will be richly rewarded. Those who visit these institutions will be benefited physically, mentally, and spiritually. The weary will be refreshed, the sick will be restored to health, and the sin-burdened will be relieved. In far-off countries thanksgiving will be heard from the lips of those whose hearts are turned from the service of sin unto righteousness. By their songs of grateful praise a testimony is borne that will win other souls to the truth.—Letter 121, 1902.Ev 413.5

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