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Ellen G. White’s Use Of The Term “Race War”, and Related Insights

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    C. The prediction concerning “race war” was fulfilled, but like other statements by Ellen White, it has continuing application.

    Ellen White made several statements that had specific fulfillment, but also had continuing, contemporary relevance. These statements may include:EGWUTRW 26.4

    Her 1864 statement concerning the poisonous nature of tobacco (Temperance, 57).EGWUTRW 27.1

    Her 1890 statement on the effect of negative pre-natal influences (Patriarchs and Prophets, 561).EGWUTRW 27.2

    Her 1905 statement pointing to cancer as a virus or germ (The Ministry of Healing, 365).EGWUTRW 27.3

    Her other statements concerning the negative use of drugs (Selected Messages 2:442).EGWUTRW 27.4

    The rise of Spiritualism (The Great Controversy, 561), etc.EGWUTRW 27.5

    So it is with her 1907 prediction concerning the “race war.” It was, in fact, fulfilled, but in the train of that fulfillment there has been an historical line of racial disturbances and antagonism. On the racial front there have been riots and counter-riots, marches and counter-marches, backlashes and counter-backlashes. The continuing effects of this fulfilled prediction are being felt in our day.EGWUTRW 27.6