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    1. A Selection of Spirit of Prophecy Counsels 2
       Preparation for Christ’s Coming—God’s Design in Food Reform 2
       Choose the Best Foods 2
       Prepare Them in a Simple Appetizing Way 2
       Appetite Not a Safe Guide 3
       A Factor in Antediluvian Depravity 3
       Why Use Secondhand Food? 3
       Few Animals Free From Disease 3
       Entire System Corrupted 4
       Doubly Objectionable Now 4
       Depreciates the Blood 4
       Cancerous Tumors and Flesh Eating 4
       Disease Planted in the System 6
       The Real Cause Not Suspected 6
       Mortality and Meat Eating 6
       Fish Foods and Disease 6
       If We Disregard Health Reform 6
       Not the Right Food for God’s People 6
       Character Building and Flesh Eating 6
       Flesh Foods and Clear Thinking 9
       Flesh Foods Hinder Development of All Our Powers 9
       Other Considerations 9
       Let Flesh Foods Alone 9
       Not an ounce of Flesh Foods 9
       Instruction Concerning a Change in Diet 9
       Well-prepared Substitutes are Helpful 9
       Guard Against a Poverty-Stricken Diet 9
       Illogical Excuses 9
       Responsibility of Physicians 10
       Responsibility of Ministers 11
       Flesh Foods and Sanitariums 12
       Responsibility of Institutional Workers 13
       Flesh Foods in Schools 13
       Ellen G. White Reports on Benefits of Flesh-Free Diet 14
       Made No Raid on Others or Their Tables 14
       Tolerance of Others 15
       No Precise Rules Can Be Laid Down 15
       “I Have Been A Faithful Health Reformer” 15
       Ellen C. White’s Appeal at the General Conference of 1909 16
       Health Reform a Duty 16
       Is This Not the Time? 16
       Before God’s People Stand Perfected 16
       God is Bringing His People Back 16
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