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    Section IX

    Fundamental Elements of Character Building

    Date ________CG-SG 50.9

    A. Read pages 193-220.CG-SG 50.10

    B. Check your knowledge:CG-SG 50.11

    1. Complete: The training of the first _______________________ years outweighs _______________________ the impact of the rest of life in character formation. (193:1)CG-SG 50.12

    2. What lessons in life do children seldom forget? (193:5)

    CG-SG 50.13

    3. In what years is discipline most vital to the child? (194:2) _______________________CG-SG 50.14

    4. What course of discipline produces the best results? (195:0)

    CG-SG 51.1

    5. In what do parents most generally fail? (195:2)

    CG-SG 51.2

    6. In addition to book knowledge, what are children to learn in their first fifteen years? (195:4)

    CG-SG 51.3

    7. By what means can a mother point her child to his Creator? (197:1)

    CG-SG 51.4

    8. Though children may err, which ones will not go far astray? (198:1)

    CG-SG 51.5

    9. Complete: “It is . . . by a _______________________ acts that habits are established and character _______________________.” (199:2)CG-SG 51.6

    10. In what years is character generally formed? (199:3)

    CG-SG 51.7

    11. What draws deep lines upon the tender child mind? (199:4)

    CG-SG 52.1

    12. To perfect Christian graces, what kind of efforts are required? (200:2)

    CG-SG 52.2

    13. How may parents and teachers help to establish wrong habits in children? (201:3)

    CG-SG 52.3

    14. What do cute little pranks become as children grow older? (202:1)

    CG-SG 52.4

    15. What power should be acquired while we are young? (202:5)CG-SG 52.5

    16. Complete: “In childhood Jesus did the works of an _______________________ child.” (204:4)CG-SG 52.6

    17. How should we regard the feelings of other members of the family? (205:1)

    CG-SG 52.7

    18. What must be cultivated and impressed on the mind of the child? (205:3)

    CG-SG 52.8

    19. Complete: “That restraint which must be kept upon one would _______________________ out the life of another.” (205:4)CG-SG 53.1

    20. Complete: Happiness “follows only in the wake of _______________________.” (206:2)CG-SG 53.2

    21. Complete: “You can train the _______________________ your children much more than you think.” (208:2)CG-SG 53.3

    22. Complete: “The will is the power of, _______________________, or choice.” (209:2)CG-SG 53.4

    23. What power (with God’s help) lies within each child? (209:3)

    CG-SG 53.5

    24. How are we to fashion and mold the will of the child? (210:1)

    CG-SG 53.6

    25. Complete: “The will should be guided and _______________________, but not _______________________ or _______________________.” (210:4)CG-SG 53.7

    26. What should we never do to children? (210:5)

    CG-SG 53.8

    27. Children should be taught to move from what two sources? (211:0)

    CG-SG 53.9

    28. Into what should children not be forced? (212:1)

    CG-SG 53.10

    29. What great mistake may parents blindly make? (213:1)

    CG-SG 54.1

    30. Complete: “Be careful that you are not _______________________ to your children.” (216:2)CG-SG 54.2

    31. What children are in an especially dangerous condition? (218:1, 2)

    CG-SG 54.3

    32. How will children learn gentleness? (218:4)

    CG-SG 54.4

    33. What must not escape our lips? (219:1)

    CG-SG 54.5

    34. What three things have a direct bearing on our children’s future? (219:4, 220:0) _______________________, _______________________, and _______________________ of parents.CG-SG 54.6

    C. Rate yourself as an example to your children: Excellent___ Good___ Poor___ Bad___CG-SG 54.7

    1. I hope my children copy me in

    CG-SG 54.8

    2. I hope my children do not copy me in

    CG-SG 54.9

    D. Discuss with others:CG-SG 55.1

    1. Discuss character formation in life’s first seven years.

    CG-SG 55.2

    2. Why then must discipline be developed in the first three years?

    CG-SG 55.3

    3. Discuss: Sow good seed before the devil sows tares.

    CG-SG 55.4

    4. Contrast the child training of Napoleon, Hume, Voltaire, Samuel, Joseph.

    CG-SG 55.5

    5. Discuss habit formation—time for, and means of.

    CG-SG 55.6

    6. Why should parents educate their own discriminating powers in child training?

    CG-SG 55.7

    7. Discuss the human will—its development and control.

    CG-SG 55.8

    8. Can we afford to have disciplinary crises in the home training?

    CG-SG 55.9

    9. Why should parents try to stay young in mind and heart?

    CG-SG 55.10

    10. Discuss the importance of self-control in both parent and child.CG-SG 55.11

    11. Discuss the tone of the voice in creating home atmosphere.CG-SG 55.12

    12. To what extent do formed habits carry over into the next life?

    CG-SG 55.13

    E. Think on these things:CG-SG 55.14

    1. What shall it profit me if I gain a good position and neglect my child during his infancy?

    CG-SG 55.15

    2. Should I sacrifice my child to gain an education for myself?

    CG-SG 55.16

    3. Mary could have used more money to make Baby Jesus comfortable, but she gave Him her time and companionship.

    CG-SG 55.17

    4. Am I stimulating the weak traits in my child and repressing the wrong to give my child a healthy mind?

    CG-SG 55.18

    5. How do I handle a stubborn child?

    CG-SG 56.1

    6. What does my child copy from me?

    CG-SG 56.2

    F. Name one desirable habit I have acquired since I became an adult.

    CG-SG 56.3


    ______ Husband ______ Wife ______ Son ______ DaughterCG-SG 56.5

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