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    Study Questions on Section VI:

    “The Dorcas Movement in the Church”WM-SG 20.2

    1. Of what two facts did Dorcas keep herself aware? (p. 142)
    WM-SG 20.3

    2. In what work should a larger number of women now be engaged? (p. 143)

    WM-SG 20.4

    3. When will believing women be working as Christ worked? (p. 143)

    WM-SG 20.5

    4. What will give the churches a life and vitality that they have long needed? (p. 144)

    WM-SG 20.6

    5. Which type of woman will be given power by the Saviour that exceeds that of men? (p. 145)

    WM-SG 20.7

    6. How could we see many more converted to the truth? (p. 146)

    WM-SG 20.8

    7. Women are better qualified to fill certain offices than men. Name one. (p. 147)

    WM-SG 21.1

    8. What are the Martha and Mary attributes? (p. 150)

    WM-SG 21.2

    9. What characteristics will the successful woman worker for God have? (pp. 150-155)

    WM-SG 21.3

    10. What type of woman will exert a forceful influence for good? (p. 157)

    WM-SG 21.4

    11. What responsibility of women is paramount to everything else? (p. 158)

    WM-SG 21.5

    12. How may a woman stand on an equality with her husband as adviser, counselor, companion, and co-worker? (p. 160)

    WM-SG 21.6

    13. How does Satan seek to enlist the women in his cause? (p. 161)

    WM-SG 21.7

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