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    Study Questions on Appendix:

    “Personal Experiences of Ellen G. White as a Welfare Worker”WM-SG 4.1

    1. Not long after her marriage, Ellen White became involved in one of the more difficult types of welfare ministry. What was it, and what was her motivation? (p. 321, p. 322)

    WM-SG 4.2

    2. What was one of Mrs. White’s favorite sermon topics? (p. 321, p. 322, footnote)

    WM-SG 4.3

    3. What example did Elder White set in hospitality? (p. 322, footnote)

    WM-SG 4.4

    4. How were the White boys influenced by their parents’ generosity? (p. 325)

    WM-SG 4.5

    5. Though untrained medically, James and Ellen White treated apparently hopelessly ill patients and were blessed. What type of treatments did they give, and to what did they attribute their success? (p. 325, p. 326)

    WM-SG 4.6

    6. What other beneficial results followed the medical care given patients while Mrs. White was working in Australia? (p. 327, p. 328)

    WM-SG 4.7

    7. If we followed Mrs. White’s example, what kind of donations would we make to the Dorcas Society? (p. 328, p. 329)

    WM-SG 5.1

    8. What was her attitude during an acute depression in Australia? (Circle correct statements--p. 330, p. 335)
    a. She couldn't help everybody, so she would pretend the depression didn't exist and ignore the needs around her.
    b. She would give to all who applied, without considering their backgrounds or how they would use the money.
    c. While not forgetting her needy neighbor, she would see that those financially distressed who were of “the household of faith,” received assistance lest through discouragement, Satan take them “out of our ranks.”
    d. She felt that it was better for the dignity and self-respect of those helped to be given pay for work done, than outright cash gifts.
    WM-SG 5.2

    9. What part did Mrs. White take in the organization of a Dorcas Society in Australia? (p. 331, p. 332)

    WM-SG 5.3

    10. Briefly describe a Dorcas gathering in Mrs. White’s home in Australia. What happy result of taking personal interest in the poor is related? (p. 334)
    WM-SG 5.4

    11. Mrs. White’s objective in helping “God’s suffering poor” was: “We should make these men and women all ______________________________________.” (p. 337)WM-SG 5.5

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