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    Thought Questions

    1. What would you say is the divine philosophy of suffering and poverty?

    WM-SG 8.1

    2. What evidence is there that God is not responsible for suffering?

    WM-SG 8.2

    Study Questions on Section II:WM-SG 8.3

    “God’s Program for His Church”WM-SG 8.4

    1. List five classes of people who will be benefited by reading Isaiah 58. (p. 28)

    WM-SG 8.5

    2. “The whole of the ______________________________________ is to be regarded as a message for this time, to be given over and over again.” (p. 29)WM-SG 8.6

    3. What kind of ministry will bring life into the churches? (p. 29)

    WM-SG 8.7

    4. When is it impossible to fasten upon the arm of God? (p. 31)

    WM-SG 8.8

    5. What promise is given when you do work of mercy and love? (p. 31)

    WM-SG 8.9

    6. How only can we give a practical demonstration of the truths of the gospel? (p. 32)

    WM-SG 8.10

    7. What is the true interpretation of the gospel? (p. 33)

    WM-SG 9.1

    8. Christ’s definition of pure religion is “the exercise of pity, sympathy, and love” in the following places: (p. 35)
    WM-SG 9.2

    9. How is true godliness measured? (p. 37)

    WM-SG 9.3

    10. Our neighbor is every person who ___________________. (p. 43) Our neighbor is every soul who is ___________________. (p. 43) Our neighbor is everyone who is ___________________. (p. 43)WM-SG 9.4

    11. “To leave the suffering neighbor unrelieved is a ___________________ of the ___________________.” (p. 47)WM-SG 9.5

    12. What is the only genuine fruit of Christianity? (p. 49)

    WM-SG 9.6

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