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Health, or, How to Live

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    1. SLEEPING rooms should be well ventilated.
    2. No person should sleep on feathers.
    3. Clothing worn in the day, should not be worn at night.
    4. When taken off, it should be thoroughly aired.
    5. Otherwise effete matters remain in it.
    6. Sleep is the best restorer of the Nervous system.
    7. One hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after it.
    8. Never eat anything between meals.
    9. Two meals a day is better than three.
    10. The drink which nature provides is cold water.
    11. The use of salt may fairly be questioned.
    12. It has no nutriment in it, and greatly provokes costiveness.
    13. Persons of constipated bowels will find its disuse advantageous.
    14. Daily exercise in the open air is an absolute pre-requisite to Health.
    15. Without Health of body, vigor of mind is not to be expected.
    16. With feeble body and mind, large spirituality cannot be enjoyed,
    17. And without this, one cannot be a growing Christian.
    18. So that Christianity enjoins obedience to Physical law,
    19. And insists on its sacredness as truly as on that of THE DECALOGUE;
    20. But Ministers seldom preach on the worth of the Body.
    21. They preach of the worth of the soul.
    22. Not thinking that in a sick body, the soul is in prison. 23. And it is more likely to grow depraved than good,
    24. And to become indifferent to spiritual considerations,
    25. And willing to exchange them for bodily indulgences,
    26. So that their preaching and labor is almost useless,
    27. And needs to be recast, directing itself as,
    28. Well to Physical habits as to Principles.
    HHTL 334.1

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