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Acts of the Apostles -- Study Guide

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    Lesson 13

    Reading: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 255-280; Acts 18:18-28; 1 and 2 Thessalonians; 1 Corinthians

    1. What important doctrine had the believers in Thessalonica misunderstood, and what was Paul’s instruction on this doctrine (257:3-258:2)?
    AA-SG 26.1

    2. How did Paul’s instruction affect the church (259:1-3)?
    AA-SG 26.2

    3. What does Paul teach regarding an indifferent attitude toward the signs of Jesus’ coming (259:4-260:1)?
    AA-SG 26.3

    4. What did the Thessalonians mistakenly think Paul taught about the second advent of Jesus, and how did he correct their misunderstanding (264:1-265:1)?
    AA-SG 26.4

    5. What must develop in the religious world before Jesus would return (265:2-266:2)?
    AA-SG 26.5

    6. Where did Paul first meet Aquila and Priscilla (243:2)?
    AA-SG 26.6

    7. What service did Aquila and Priscilla render in Ephesus (269:2-270:1)?
    AA-SG 26.7

    8. How effective was Apollos’ ministry (270:2)?
    AA-SG 26.8

    9. What problem arose after Apollos arrived in Corinth (270:2)?
    AA-SG 26.9

    10. Summarize Paul’s work for the Corinthian church (270:3-273:1).
    AA-SG 27.1

    11. How had the advancement of some of the Corinthian believers been hindered(271:1)?
    AA-SG 27.2

    12. What does the grace of God do to the natural disposition of the human being (273:2)?
    AA-SG 27.3

    13. How did Paul look upon the discussion in the Corinthian church as to the merits of different ministers (273:3-274:0)?
    AA-SG 27.4

    14. As the messenger of the Lord, how did Ellen White look upon the tendency to compare one worker in God’s cause with another (274:1-276:2)?
    AA-SG 27.5

    15. In what ways is God dishonored by some church members (277:2)?
    AA-SG 27.6

    16. Why is a church benefited by having different ministers over the years (277:2-278:1)?
    AA-SG 27.7

    17. What danger lurks for those who have an independent spirit and refuse to listen to the voice of the church (278:4; 279:2)?
    AA-SG 27.8

    18. Describe the personal relationship between Paul and Apollos (280:2).
    AA-SG 27.9

    Thought Question: What do you think would be the best way to settle a disagreement in your church that is rooted in a party spirit?

    AA-SG 27.10

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