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Acts of the Apostles -- Study Guide

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    Lesson 3

    Reading: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 47-56; Acts 2:1-39

    1. What will the gift of God’s Spirit bring within the reach of Jesus’ followers (47:1)?
    AA-SG 7.1

    2. What was the result of the giving of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (48:1)?
    AA-SG 7.2

    3. Complete the following sentence: “So ___________________ can God work when ___________________ give themselves up to the ___________________ of His ___________________” (49:1).AA-SG 7.3

    4. After receiving the power of God’s Spirit, to what degree were the early followers of Jesus freed from temptation and trial (49:3)?
    AA-SG 7.4

    5. What unhappy results prevail when the Spirit is a matter little thought of by the church (50:1)?
    AA-SG 7.5

    6. What answer would you give to Ellen White’s question (50:2), “Why do we not hunger and thirst for the gift of the Spirit?”
    AA-SG 7.6

    7. Definition of holiness: “Holiness is not ___________________: it is an ___________________ of the will to God: it is ___________________ by every word that ___________________ from the mouth of ___________________; it is ___________________ the will of our ___________________; it is trusting God in ___________________, in ___________________ as well as in the ___________________; it is ___________________ by ___________________ and not by sight; it is ___________________ on God with ___________________, and ___________________ in His love” (51:2).AA-SG 7.7

    8. Why is silence golden when it comes to the nature of the Holy Spirit (52:1)?
    AA-SG 7.8

    9. What is the office of the Holy Spirit?
    a. 52:2
    b. 52:3
    c. 52:4
    d. 52:5-53:0
    AA-SG 8.1

    10. Through whom has the Holy Spirit worked in past ages, and for what purpose (53:1)?
    AA-SG 8.2

    11. What is the Spirit enabling God’s people to do today (53:2-54:0)?
    AA-SG 8.3

    12. For what are some Christians waiting, and why is it dangerous to wait (54:1)?
    AA-SG 8.4

    13. In the time of the end, what will accompany the earnest efforts of God’s people while doing His work (54:2)?
    AA-SG 8.5

    14. With what periods in church history are the early and latter rains identified (54:2-55:1)?
    a. Early rain
    b. Latter rain
    AA-SG 8.6

    15. What will the latter rain accomplish (55:1)?
    AA-SG 8.7

    16. Who will receive the latter rain (55:2-56:2)?
    AA-SG 8.8

    Thought Question: What steps are you presently taking to prepare yourself for the latter rain? If you cannot think of any, what changes can you make in your life so you will be prepared to receive the promised power?

    AA-SG 8.9

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