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    The Conference

    We had hoped to present complete in this number all the proceedings of the Conference, with the doings of the other associations which have held their annual sessions in connection therewith. But the occasion has been so prolific of proceedings, resolutions, plans, committee work, and suggestions, swelling the reports to such voluminous dimensions, that the secretaries have found it impossible to prepare their records in season for this number, and they are thus necessarily deferred to our next issue, which will be mailed Jan. 2, 1882.EGWVRWSDA 16.1

    We give this week another chapter of General Conference proceedings, with the doings of the Publishing Association and the Educational Society. The proceedings of the Health Institute, the General T. and M. Society, the General S. S. Association, and the American Health and Temperance Association, with the remainder of the General Conference proceedings, are deferred. A committee has been appointed to prepare all the proceedings of all the societies for publication in pamphlet form, for convenient reference and general circulation.EGWVRWSDA 16.2

    The character of the meetings has been the same as heretofore reported. There is a more general feeling of satisfaction expressed in regard to the occasion in this respect than ever before. There has been a disposition to examine every proposition thoroughly and go to the bottom of every subject; and while opinions have been expressed with the largest freedom pro and con, the conclusions arrived at have been substantially unanimous. The prospect is encouraging, so much so as to have called forth the remark from various brethren that it looks as though we might be near the time when this work will go with greatly accelerated power.EGWVRWSDA 16.3

    General Conference

    Business Proceedings (continued)

    Fifth Meeting, Dec. 5, 10 a.m.—Prayer by Eld. Loughborough. Minutes of last meeting read and approved.EGWVRWSDA 16.4

    Bro. J. N. Loughborough was cordially welcomed as a delegate from England.EGWVRWSDA 16.5

    The resolution touching the separation of the primary department from the College proper, which had been postponed till after the meeting of the Educational Society, was now called up, and adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.6

    The question in reference to ministers’ moving to Battle Creek was taken from the table, and after being discussed by A. O. Burrill, W. H. Littlejohn, and J. O. Corliss, was referred back to the Committee on Resolutions.EGWVRWSDA 16.7

    Resolved, That the Chair be requested to appoint a committee of five brethren, whose duty it shall be to arrange a systematic course of reading for the ministers of our denomination.—Adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.8

    The following named brethren were thereupon appointed as said committee: J. N. Loughborough, W. H. Littlejohn, D. M. Canright, S. H. Lane, and E. R. Jones.EGWVRWSDA 16.9

    Resolved, That all candidates for license and ordination should be examined with reference to their intellectual and spiritual fitness for the successful discharge of the duties which will devolve upon them as licensed and ordained ministers.EGWVRWSDA 16.10

    This was spoken to by D. M. Canright, D. H. Lamson, W. H. Littlejohn, S. H. Lane, G. C. Tenney, E. R. Jones, W. C. White, A. S. Hutchins, and R. M. Kilgore, and adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.11

    Resolved, That females possessing the necessary qualifications to fill that position, may, with perfect propriety, be set apart by ordination to the work of the Christian ministry.EGWVRWSDA 16.12

    This was discussed by J. O. Corliss, A. C. Bourdeau, E. R. Jones, D. H. Lamson, W. H. Littlejohn, A. S. Hutchins, D. M. Canright, and J. N. Loughborough, and referred to the General Conference Committee.EGWVRWSDA 16.13

    Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with our beloved brother, Eld. J. N. Andrews, in his present condition of physical prostration, and that we will continue to pray most earnestly that the God of all grace may restore him to perfect health.EGWVRWSDA 16.14

    This resolution received the hearty endorsement of those present, as expressed by a unanimous vote.EGWVRWSDA 16.15

    Whereas, We recognize the manifestation of spiritual gifts, especially the spirit of prophecy, as one of the distinguishing features of the work of the third angels message, and—EGWVRWSDA 16.16

    Whereas, We fully believe that the neglect of these gifts and of the special instruction given us through them, will surely result in a decline of spirituality and true godliness among us as a people; therefore—EGWVRWSDA 16.17

    Resolved, That we urgently recommend to all our ministers that they frequently present before our brethren, in our older churches as well as among those more recently brought to the faith, the plain teaching of the Scriptures concerning the perpetuity of these gifts, and the great importance of carefully heeding the precious instruction given us through this agency.—Adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.18

    Adjourned to call of Chair.EGWVRWSDA 16.19

    Sixth Meeting, Dec. 7, 10 a.m.—Prayer by Eld. A. S. Hutchins. Minutes of last meeting read and approved.EGWVRWSDA 16.20

    The Committee on a Course of Reading for Ministers presented a report, recommending a course to extend over a period of six years. [This report, on account of its length, is not inserted in this record of proceedings, but is given by itself in another column—Sec.]EGWVRWSDA 16.21

    Moved, That we adopt the report, by considering the course prescribed for each year separately. The question now being on the adoption of the recommendation for the first year’s course of reading, after some discussion, an amendment was offered that Geike’s Life of Christ be placed in the first year’s course. This was spoken to by a number of brethren, and adopted. The motion, as amended, was then adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.22

    The question now recurring on the adoption of the second year’s course, an amendment was offered that the volume of Gibbon to be used should be the student’s edition; this amendment was lost. The motion was then adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.23

    The courses of the remaining years were voted on favorably, when the preamble and report as a whole were adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.24

    Moved, that the Chair appoint a committee of three to still have this matter under advisement with a view to suggesting revisions of the various courses, if in their judgment any should be made.—Carried.EGWVRWSDA 16.25

    The resolution referred back to the committee relative to the ministers’ moving to Battle Creek was presented in the following modified form:—EGWVRWSDA 16.26

    Whereas, It is the highest degree important that our churches should enjoy the labor and watchcare of our ministers, andEGWVRWSDA 16.27

    Whereas, The wants of the church in Battle Creek in that direction can be provided for by those ministers who are connected to the institutions which have been planted in that place; therefore—EGWVRWSDA 16.28

    Resolved, That we recommend those of our brethren who are actively engaged in the work of the ministry to find homes in the vicinity of churches which have need of their labor and oversight, unless their connection with the cause shall, in the judgment of the General Conference Committee, render it desirable that they should reside in Battle Creek.—Adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.29

    Whereas, The labors and responsibilities of the President of the General Conference are, from the necessity of the case, very great, and wearing in their character; therefore—EGWVRWSDA 16.30

    Resolved, That we express it as the sense of this body that the person occupying that position should not be encumbered by his brethren with the additional cares and duties which attend the presidency of State Conferences, or other offices which are merely local in their character.—Adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.31

    Adjourned to 3 p.m.EGWVRWSDA 16.32

    Seventh Meeting.—Met as per adjournment. Prayer by D. M. Canright. Minutes read and approved.EGWVRWSDA 16.33

    The report of the Committee on Destitute Fields being called for, they presented a partial report, recommending that Eld. C. L. Boyd of Nebraska labor in Oregon, and that Eld. Samuel Fulton of Minnesota labor in Tennessee.EGWVRWSDA 16.34

    This report was adopted.EGWVRWSDA 16.35

    Moved, that the 1000 copies of the Signs now sent to England be continued.EGWVRWSDA 16.36

    After some discussion, and a request from Bro. Loughborough that action be deferred till he had opportunity to lay the situation more fully before the Conference, the motion was laid on the table.EGWVRWSDA 16.37

    Moved, That the question of renewing the credentials of laborers in the South, and granting licenses to new applicants, be referred to the General Conference Committee, with instructions to confer with those who are acquainted with that field.—Carried.EGWVRWSDA 16.38

    Bro. Loughborough was requested by vote to make a full statement of the condition and prospects of the English mission, Sabbath, Dec. 10, at 10:20 a.m. [With this request he complied, as noticed in general remarks on The Conference in last weeks Review.—Sec.]EGWVRWSDA 16.39

    The Committee on Nominations reported as follows:—EGWVRWSDA 16.40

    For President, Geo. I. Butler; Secretary, A. R. Oyen; Treasurer, M. J. Chapman; Executive Committee, Geo. I. Butler, S. N. Haskell, U. Smith. These persons were thereupon elected to the offices named.EGWVRWSDA 16.41

    The Committee on Census Blanks reported that they had prepared blanks, and that they were ready for use.EGWVRWSDA 16.42

    Adjourned to call of Chair.EGWVRWSDA 16.43

    Eighth Meeting, Dec. 9, 2 p.m.—Prayer by Eld. A. Stone.EGWVRWSDA 16.44

    The following preamble and resolution were introduced, discussed, and adopted:—EGWVRWSDA 16.45

    Whereas, Many calls for ministerial labor among our churches come in from every part of the field; and—EGWVRWSDA 16.46

    Whereas, In part our method of labor has failed to meet the wants of many churches, on account of the unsystematic bestowal of mid labor; therefore—EGWVRWSDA 16.47

    Resolved, That we recommend that all our Conferences so distribute the labor in their respective States as to give each ordained minister, at least, a certain portion of territory to which his labors may be confined for a stated period, with instructions to labor for the spiritual advancement of each church and company in his respective territory, and thus hold together and build up the work already started with so much expense and labor, before entering new fields.EGWVRWSDA 16.48

    Moved, That it be considered the rule that State Conferences pay their tithe to the General Conference quarterly.—Carried.EGWVRWSDA 16.49

    Moved, That the constitution of the General Conference, as revised by the committee appointed in 1875, be printed.—Carried.EGWVRWSDA 16.50

    Moved, That the Chair appoint a committee of three to examine the form of constitution for State Conferences, with a view to suggesting such revision as may be necessary to adapt it to present wants, and to report at this session if possible.—Carried.EGWVRWSDA 16.51

    Brn. W. H. Littlejohn, J. N. Loughborough, and U. Smith were appointed as said committee.EGWVRWSDA 16.52

    The Conference then listened to an interesting report from Bro. Loughborough concerning his visitEGWVRWSDA 16.53

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