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    A. General Counsels

    1. There should be a larger number of women engaged in the work of ministry to suffering humanity than are in the field at present (Welfare Ministry, 143).EGWVRWSDA 4.4

    a. We need women workers (Evangelism, 491), just as greatly as men (Evangelism, 493)EGWVRWSDA 4.5

    b. God has appointed some to the task of ministry (Evangelism, 491).EGWVRWSDA 4.6

    c. The Lord will use them if they are willing (Evangelism, 491).EGWVRWSDA 4.7

    d. They are to be encouraged actively to give themselves to this work (Evangelism, 493).EGWVRWSDA 4.8

    2. All have not the same work; but there are distinct and individual duties for each woman to perform.EGWVRWSDA 4.9

    a. The faithful exercise of God-given talents will result in new, additional talents being bestowed.EGWVRWSDA 4.10

    b. The Christian woman may continually increase her:EGWVRWSDA 4.11

    (1) power of influenceEGWVRWSDA 4.12

    (2) sphere of usefulness.EGWVRWSDA 4.13

    c. Her individuality may (and should) be distinctly preserved, and yet she still be part of the great whole in advancing the work of reform.EGWVRWSDA 4.14

    d. The woman who wisely improves her time/faculties, and relies up on God for wisdom/strength may stand on an equality with her husband, without losing any of her womanly grace/modesty, as:EGWVRWSDA 4.15

    (1) adviser,EGWVRWSDA 4.16

    (2) counselor,EGWVRWSDA 4.17

    (3) companion, andEGWVRWSDA 4.18

    (4) co-worker.EGWVRWSDA 4.19

    e. As she elevates her own character, she:EGWVRWSDA 4.20

    (1) ennobles the characters of her family members, andEGWVRWSDA 4.21

    (2) exerts a powerful (though unconscious) influence upon others around her (Welfare Ministry, 159, 160).EGWVRWSDA 4.22

    3. The dignity/importance of woman’s mission for the Lord, and her distinctive duties, are of a more sacred character than the corresponding duties of men (Testimonies for the Church 3:565 in Welfare Ministry, 145).EGWVRWSDA 4.23

    a. God will give women a power that exceeds that given men (Evangelism, 464).EGWVRWSDA 4.24

    b. She can reach a class not reached by male ministers (Evangelism, 466).EGWVRWSDA 4.25

    c. She can do in families a work that men cannot do in reaching the inner life, coming close to hearts than men cannot reach (Evangelism, 464, 465).EGWVRWSDA 4.26

    4. Concerning the employment of women in church work:EGWVRWSDA 4.27

    a. Those engaged in cooking/household work are as verily engaged in the service of God as are those engaged in Bible work.EGWVRWSDA 4.28

    (1) It is just as essential.EGWVRWSDA 4.29

    b. They are due:EGWVRWSDA 4.30

    (1) “A just wage.”EGWVRWSDA 4.31

    (2) “Words of appreciation, ... compassion, and sympathy.”EGWVRWSDA 5.1

    (a) Those in domestic duties have a greater need for these three elements than those engaged in Bible work; housework does not provide that which keeps the spirits “cheered, uplifted and comforted” as does its counterpart in “spiritual lines of work” (Evangelism, 468).EGWVRWSDA 5.2

    c. Women in gospel work should be paid from the tithe as men.EGWVRWSDA 5.3

    (1) And paid whether they ask for wages or not (Evangelism, 492).EGWVRWSDA 5.4

    d. Failure to pay women workers their “just due”:EGWVRWSDA 5.5

    (1) Is viewed by God as “making a difference.”EGWVRWSDA 5.6

    (a) If self-denial is required because of shortage of funds, it should fall equally upon male and female workers.EGWVRWSDA 5.7

    (2) Is “not sanctioned by God.”EGWVRWSDA 5.8

    (3) Is viewed by Him as:EGWVRWSDA 5.9

    (a) “Selfishly withholding ... their due.”EGWVRWSDA 5.10

    (b) “Injustice.”EGWVRWSDA 5.11

    (c) “Belittl[ing] woman’s work.”EGWVRWSDA 5.12

    (4) Discourages our sisters from qualifying themselves for work God has called them to perform (Evangelism, 491-93).EGWVRWSDA 5.13

    5. [In the context of the feminist movement of the 19th Century] Our sisters are not to seek to become:EGWVRWSDA 5.14

    a. Voters in elections.EGWVRWSDA 5.15

    b. Political office-holders (Welfare Ministry, 165).EGWVRWSDA 5.16

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