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    Appendix D

    Women Licensed as Ministers, 1878—1975

    Editors’ note: Following is a partial list of women “licensed to preach” by the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1878-1975. This list, compiled from the Seventh-day Adventist Yearbook, indicates the date each candidate first received ministerial license and the conference or other organization issuing the license. Beginning in 1915, listings were made only for every fifth year. Special thanks to Josephine Benton, who is writing a history of Adventist women ministers, for her aid in preparing this chart.EGWVRWSDA 18.1

    1878 1902
    Anna Fulton Minnesota Mrs. S. N. Haskell Greater New York
    Ellen S. Lane Michigan Minnie Syp 2Spelling of family name later changed to Sype. Oklahoma
    Julia Owen Kentucky-Tennessee
    1879 Alma Bjugg*The original publication had the spelling “Bjdigg.” Finland Mission
    Libbie Collins Minnesota Mrs. J. E. Bond Arizona
    Hattie Enoch Kansas Bertha E. Jorgensen South Dakota
    Libbie Fulton Minnesota
    Lizzie Post Minnesota 1910
    Pearl Field Nebraska
    1880 Mrs. Ura Spring Nebraska
    Anna Johnson Minnesota
    1881 Ella H. Osborne Northern California
    Ida W. Ballenger Illinois Emma Wells Greater New York
    Helen L. Morse Illinois
    1884 Mrs. E. Flo Hawkins Illinois
    Ruie Hill Kansas Mrs. B. Miller East China Union Missio
    1886 1930
    Ida W. Hibben Illinois Mrs. E. Eder Northern Texas
    Mrs Beulah Langdon Northern Texas
    1887 Pearl Stafford Oregon
    Mrs. S. E. Pierce Vermont
    1893 Lucy Andrus Hopei Mission (China)
    Flora Plummer Lowa
    1894 Jessie Curtis East Pennsylvania
    Margaret Caro New Zealand
    1895 Mrs. W. H. Anderson Central Union Conference
    Mrs. S. A. Lindsay New York Marye Burdick Georgia-Cumberland
    Edna J. Cardey Potomac
    1898 Freda Ford Kentucky-Tennessee
    Sarepta Irish Henry General Conference Lucia H. Lee Georgia-Cumberland
    Lulu Wightman New York Emma Phillips Kentucky-Tennessee
    Mary Saxton Potomac
    1899 Mary E. Walsh Pacific Union
    Edith Bartlett British Conference Mrs. J. W. Wilhelm Kentucky-Tennessee
    1900 1965
    Hetty Haskell General Conference Lois Mays Potomac
    Mina Robinson British Conference Julia Ross Potomac
    1901 1970
    Carrie V. Hansen Utah Mrs. Phil Neal Kentucky-Tennessee
    Emma Hawkins Iowa Mrs. Harry Wickham Kentucky-Tennessee
    Mrs. E. R. Williams Michigan
    Josephine Benton Potomac

    [Source: Spectrum, August, 1985 (Vol. 16, No. 3), p. 601]

    Article “Words to Lay Members” published in The Review and Herald, August 26, 1902, pp. 7, 8, by EGW:

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