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    Can not be repeated without intervening business. (1)
    Final action upon need not be taken at once. (2)
    Can not be taken up if a majority wish the matter postponed. (3)
    Motion to take up part of orders is not privileged. (4)
    Special orders can not be taken up before time without two-thirds vote. (5)
    Can not be debated when it relates simply to decorum, transgression of rules, priority of business,
    or while previous question is pending. (6)
    When debatable, no person can speak but once. (7)
    Not in order when another appeal is pending. (8)
    Does not require a second. (9)
    Can not be debated. (10)
    Can not be reconsidered. (11)
    Motion to suspend for same purpose can not be renewed. (12)
    Affirmative vote on, can not be reconsidered. (13)
    Can not have subsidiary Motion applied to it. (14)
    Can not be debated except on propriety of postponement. (15)
    Subject postponed can not be taken up before the time, except by two-thirds vote. (16)
    Number of a committee does not require the formality of a motion. (17)
    Amendment to amendment can not be amended. (18)
    Can not be Amended. (19)
    Does not take precedence of anything, except another principal motion. (20)
    Can not be made when another question is before the house. (21)
    Can not be acted on when another question is before the house. (22)
    No question can be twice reconsidered. (23)
    Can not apply to vote on motion to adjourn, suspend rules, and affirmative vote to lie on table or take from the table. (24)
    May be laid on table, which vote can not be reconsidered. (25)
    Previous question partly executed can not be reconsidered. (26)
    A vote which has caused action that can not be reversed, can not be reconsidered. (27)
    Nominations often made without formality of motion. The second, and any number following, are not amendments, and should be put to vote in the order announced. (28)
    Principal motion and amendments once decided, can not be acted on again at same session, except by motion to reconsider. (29)
    Can not interfere with discussion of question before the assembly. (30)

    List of Motions in the Order of Their PrecedenceKSDPR 2.2

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