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    Stamped with its Author’s lineaments divine
    Truth’s lofty structure ever stands secure.
    The storms of hate and scorn that round it lower,
    May hurl their bolts in vain, its beauty to
    Deface; nor opposition’s swelling waves,
    That foam and break in fury round its base,
    Its sure foundations undermine; for he
    Who built the skies, and stretched abroad the heaven’s
    Blue covering as a curtain round the wide
    Etherial space, and in their orbits set
    The countless worlds, that sparkling o’er its vast
    Expanse, more on in their eternal course.
    Hath its bright temple framed, and guarded by
    His mighty hand, it has withstood the force
    Of warring elements combined to thrust
    It down, and through the lapse of ages bid
    Defiance to the ravages of time.
    HHHH 34.1

    Each age has had its basis broad, on which
    Its champions have stood, and bold in its
    Defense, have stained its hallowed precincts with
    Their blood. And now the glorious crowning truths
    Of revelation’s book, unsealed, foretell
    The closing of the great prophetic scheme;
    HHHH 34.2

    And from the watch-tower forth is heard the true
    Alarm for those who, anxious, would inquire,
    What of the night? The morning comes! also
    The night! And now the enemy and all
    His raging hosts, fierce at its vitals aim
    Their poisonous darts, and with the remnant ‘neath
    The high and royal standard raised, make war;
    And happy they who, faithful to their charge,
    Endure until the great Deliverer comes;
    For they alone who, with its armor girt,
    Lay not their weapons idly down until
    The final conquest won, will reap the rich
    Reward; and worthy they alone to join
    The victor’s song, or wear the conqueror’s crown.
    HHHH 35.1

    And when that storm of wrath whose fearful shadesHHHH 35.2

    Already tinge with gloom the distant skies,
    And sounds portentous of its dread approach
    Fall on the ear of the universal mind
    As bright precursors of a better day,
    Shall like an angry flood o’erwhelm the earth;
    And as a scroll together rolled, involved
    In one terrific blaze, the heavens reveal
    The righteous Judge in robes of vengeance clad,
    Whose light ineffable the sun and stars
    Enshroud as in the pall of night, whose voice
    The solid globe shall shake, and with the shock
    Throughout convulsed all nature shuddering dies—
    Then all the fabrics frail that human art
    Or sophistry have reared, but founded on
    The sand, shall fall; and visionary plans
    Dissolve as mist before the opening day;
    HHHH 35.3

    While Truth, triumphant, rises o’er their tomb
    Sublime, and there amid the general wreck
    Its everlasting pillars firm remain.
    And when the renovated earth shall bloom
    Beneath the smiles of an approving God,
    Whose glory, as a flood poured from the fount
    Of light, irradiates from pole to pole,
    Hosannas, raptured strains, unceasing roll
    To swell the wonders of redeeming love,
    And all creation’s voice anew the songs
    Of praise awakes, as on its morning dawn—
    Then shall his chosen Israel behold
    The grand design of wisdom infinite,
    Complete—The restitution of a world.
    HHHH 36.1

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