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    For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be
    condemned. Matthew 12:37.
    HHHH 85.1

    Of things which we so careless name,
    How little kindles to a flame;
    The unruly tongue no man can tame.
    HHHH 85.2

    They say” (and so it must be true)
    What would, did we but rightly view,
    Prove false and vanish as the dew,
    HHHH 85.3

    Abroad from lip to lip it flies,
    And reaches, soon, a wondrous size,
    As mountains, oft, from mole-hills rise.
    HHHH 85.4

    Or as the torrent in its flow,
    Or as the Winter’s rolling snow,
    Lose nothing as they onward go.
    HHHH 85.5

    Far better rob one of his gold;
    For this could be restored four-fold;
    But never what is wrongly told.
    HHHH 85.6

    As in the lightning’s path we find
    Its scathing tracks are left behind;
    So is this influence of the mind
    HHHH 85.7

    Then deem it not a little thing;
    A whisper borne on silent wing,
    May reach a heart that feels its sting.
    HHHH 85.8

    Nor think ye lightly of the deed,
    Broadcast to fling the poisonous seed,
    That springs to many a deathly weed.
    HHHH 86.1

    Thou Hypocrite! why vainly try,
    From motes to free thy brother’s eye;
    First, in thine own, the beam descry.
    HHHH 86.2

    As if a fabric thou couldst rear,
    Of others’ faults, thyself to clear;
    More guilty thus dost thou appear.
    HHHH 86.3

    If temples for God’s Spirit meet-
    No fountain with pure streams replete,
    Sends forth both bitter and the sweet.
    HHHH 86.4

    O that we could this lesson learn;
    From every thing, away to turn,
    But what does only us concern.
    HHHH 86.5

    Then should we know and see and hear,
    The more of joy, the less of fear,
    And half our trials disappear.
    HHHH 86.6

    A richer harvest we should reap,
    A better record angels keep,
    And many smile, where now they weep.
    HHHH 86.7

    By this we quench Love’s holy light;
    We scatter when we should unite,
    And darken all that else were bright.
    HHHH 86.8

    But they in Charity abound,
    Who, faultless, will the throne surround,
    And in their mouth no guile be found.
    HHHH 87.1

    How much we’ve spoken ill or well,
    Whether to wound or soothe it fell,
    Eternity alone can tell!
    HHHH 87.2

    O then how wilt thou be o’erwhelmed,
    Though well the current thou hast stemmed,
    If by thy words thou art condemned!
    HHHH 87.3

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