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    ‘Twas a doleful night, on Calvary’s height,
    When the Lamb of God was slain;
    But Hope’s cheering ray, shone bright o’er the day,
    When he rose from the tomb again.
    HHHH 64.1

    O Jesus! My Saviour! Dear Saviour, come!
    Our hearts weary grow,
    Of thy longer delay-
    O hasten to gather us home!
    HHHH 64.2

    “I go,” he said, “to prepare a place,”
    Blest mansions in glory’s domain;
    And the promise, sure, sweetly fell from his lips,
    “For you I’ll return again!”
    HHHH 64.3

    Through storm and night, so dark and drear,
    In perils, grief and pain,
    Thy people have sighed for the promised day,
    When thou wouldst return again!
    HHHH 64.4

    How long, O Lord, shall we watch and weep,
    For the rightful Heir to reign?
    And the myriad saints in silence sleep,
    Who wait thy return again?
    HHHH 64.5

    See the signs fulfilled of his Advent near,
    When he come in his kingdom to reign!
    Not long will the wheels of his chariot stay,
    That brings his return again!
    HHHH 64.6

    The soul that once bowed with its burden of woe,
    Shall rejoice o’er the flowery plain,
    And a dazzling crown deck the care-worn brow
    When the King in his beauty shall reign!
    HHHH 65.1

    No tears or death shall await them more,
    Who the better land attain;
    O, we long to hail, with rapturous joy,
    Thy glorious return again!
    HHHH 65.2

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