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    It is by providential dispensation
    We pass beneath the rod;
    But in each pang this brings us consolation:
    They are all known to God,
    HHHH 108.3

    He watches o’er us with a kind protection,
    Through every changing hour;
    With all a Heavenly Father’s pure affection,
    To shield us by his power.
    HHHH 108.4

    ‘Tis not in vain that we endure afflictions;
    For they fulfill their part,
    In mercy sent as Heaven’s benedictions,
    To purify the heart.
    HHHH 108.5

    ‘Tis then the soul for aid divine is pleading,
    Its loneliness to cheer;
    When earthly scenes are from our view receding,
    ‘Tis then that Heaven draws near.
    HHHH 109.1

    Some longer stay to act in life’s relation,
    While some sleep in the dust:
    His ways are past our narrow penetration;
    Yet in him we can trust.
    HHHH 109.2

    There’s many a cloud that dims our mental vision,
    Yet he knows what is best:
    If we our all resign, from fields elysian
    The heavenly Dove brings rest.
    HHHH 109.3

    There’s joy unbounded when we hold communion
    With Him who rules o’er all,
    And feel that he with sweetest filial union,
    Will us, his children call.
    HHHH 109.4

    Enrobed in white, with heavenly luster shining,
    The jewels of his love,
    With wreaths of beauty round the brow entwining,
    Will reign with him above.
    HHHH 109.5

    Let life, with suffering, be my portion given,
    Or in the grave my rest,
    If I but have, at last, a place in heaven,
    A home among the blest.
    HHHH 109.6

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