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    LINES On the death of Nathaniel White

    who died in Rochester,
    N. Y., May 6 th, 1853, aged 22 years.
    HHHH 72.2

    Gone to thy rest, brother!
    Peaceful thy sleep;
    While o’er thy grave bending,
    In sorrow we weep,
    For the loved and the cherished,
    In life’s early bloom,
    Borne from our number,
    To the cold, silent tomb.
    HHHH 72.3

    Sweet be thy slumber!
    In quiet repose;
    Beneath the green turf,
    And the blossoming rose;
    O, soft is thy pillow,
    And lowly thy bed;
    Mournful the cypress,
    That waves o’er the dead.
    HHHH 72.4

    Dark though the pinion,
    That shaded his brow,
    The truth which he followed,
    Illumined it now;
    In the arms of his Saviour,
    He fell to his rest,
    Where woes that await us,
    Pervade not his breast.
    HHHH 73.1

    Weep not for the Christian,
    Whose labor is done;
    Who, faithful to duty,
    The treasure has won.
    The jewel was fitted,
    For ever to shine,
    A gem in the casket,
    Immortal, divine.
    HHHH 73.2

    Not long will earth’s bosom,
    His precious form hide,
    And death’s gloomy portals,
    From kindred divine;
    For swiftly approaching,
    We see the bright day,
    That brings the glad summons
    Arise! come away!
    HHHH 73.3

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