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    Of the many reported signs in the moon witnessed in various localities, space is given only to a few of the most striking. The first noticed is one reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer, as described by an officer in the United States army, a man said to be of the most unquestionable character and veracity. This letter was dated Fort Leavenworth, Kan., March 20, 1843, and reads as follows:—LDT 110.2

    “On the 14th of February we had the most remarkable phenomenon I ever heard of, except the falling of the stars. At three A. M., the moon, which had been obscured by a cloud for some hours, burst forth of a deep blood-red color, with a black cross of equal proportion over the face, but not extending beyond the rim, while on the two sides small pieces of a rainbow were visible.LDT 110.3

    “After continuing in this way for about an hour, the color of the moon changed to its ordinary hue, and the cross became of a silvery white, with the edges extending beyond the moon, and touching the rainbow.LDT 110.4

    “It continued so for half an hour, and heavyLDT 110.5



    clouds then intervening obscured the moon, which set unseen. This phenomenon was seen by the hospital attendants, who were up at that hour-some of them very intelligent men-and by the guard and sentinels on post, and by several citizens of Weston, a little town five miles off. The next morning the sun arose accompanied by two sun-dogs, as they are commonly called, nearly equal in brilliancy to the sun, and resembling two other suns. This latter scene was witnessed by numbers.”LDT 113.1