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    Calf, The - Conversion

    Calf, The

    The young of the herd Job 21:10; Jeremiah 31:12; TTI .Calf, The.3

    Playfulness of, alluded to Psalm 29:6; TTI .Calf, The.4

    Fattened in stalls, &c 1Samuel 28:24; Amos 6:4; TTI .Calf, The.5

    Offered in sacrifice Leviticus 9:2; Hebrews 9:12; TTI .Calf, The.6

    Of a year old best for sacrifice Micah 6:6; TTI .Calf, The.7

    If first-born not redeemed Numbers 18:17; TTI .Calf, The.8

    Eaten in the patriarchal age Genesis 18:7; TTI .Calf, The.9

    When fattened considered a delicacy 1Samuel 28:24; Amos 6:4; Luke 15:23; TTI .Calf, The.10

    Calf of Gold

    Made on account of the delay of Moses in the mount Exodus 32:1; TTI .Calf of Gold.3

    Molten in the fire Exodus 32:4; Psalm 106:19; TTI .Calf of Gold.4

    Fashioned with a graven tool Exodus 32:4; TTI .Calf of Gold.5

    An altar built before Exodus 32:5; TTI .Calf of Gold.6

    Sacrifices offered to Exodus 32:6; Acts 7:41; TTI .Calf of Gold.7

    Worshipped with profane revelry Exodus 32:6; 1Corinthians 10:7; TTI .Calf of Gold.8

    Moses interceded for those who worshipped Exodus 32:11; Deuteronomy 9:18; TTI .Calf of Gold.9

    Destroyed by Moses Exodus 32:20; Deuteronomy 9:21; TTI .Calf of Gold.10

    Punishment of those who worshipped a warning to others 1Corinthians 10:5; TTI .Calf of Gold.11

    Call of God, The

    By Christ Isaiah 55:5; Romans 1:6; TTI .Call of God, The.3

    By his Spirit Revelation 22:17; TTI .Call of God, The.4

    By his works Psalm 19:2; Romans 1:20; TTI .Call of God, The.5

    By his ministers Jeremiah 35:15; 2Corinthians 5:20; TTI .Call of God, The.6

    By his gospel 2Thessalonians 2:14; TTI .Call of God, The.7

    Is from darkness 1Peter 2:9; TTI .Call of God, The.8

    Addressed to all Isaiah 45:22; Matthew 20:16; TTI .Call of God, The.9

    Most reject Proverbs 1:24; Matthew 20:16; TTI .Call of God, The.10

    Effectual to saints Psalm 110:3; Acts 2:47; 13:48; 1Corinthians 1:24; TTI .Call of God, The.11

    Partakers of, justified Romans 8:30; TTI .Call of God, The.12

    Walk worthy of Ephesians 4:1; TTI .Call of God, The.13

    Blessedness of receiving Revelation 19:9; TTI .Call of God, The.14

    Praise God for 1Peter 2:9; TTI .Call of God, The.15

    Illustrated Proverbs 9:3; Matthew 23:3; TTI .Call of God, The.16

    Withdrawal of the means of grace Jeremiah 26:4; Acts 13:46; 18:6; Revelation 2:5; TTI .Call of God, The.17

    Temporal judgments Isaiah 28:12; Jeremiah 6:16; 35:17; Zechariah 7:12; TTI .Call of God, The.18

    Rejection by God Proverbs 1:14; Jeremiah 6:19; TTI .Call of God, The.19

    Condemnation John 12:48; Hebrews 2:1; 12:25; TTI .Call of God, The.20

    Destruction Proverbs 29:1; Matthew 22:3; TTI .Call of God, The.21

    Calves of Jeroboam

    Made of gold 1Kings 12:28; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.3

    Made to prevent the Israelites going to Jerusalem 1Kings 12:26; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.4

    Placed in Dan and Bethel 1Kings 12:29; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.5

    Probably from an Egyptian model 1Kings 11:40; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.6

    Designed to represent God 1Kings 12:28; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.7

    Priests appointed for 1Kings 12:31; 2Chronicles 11:15; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.8

    Sacrifices offered to 1Kings 12:32; 13:1; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.9

    Feasts appointed for 1Kings 12:32; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.10

    Were kissed in adoration Hosea 13:2; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.11

    God's people refused to worship 1Kings 19:18; 2Chronicles 11:16; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.12

    Guilt of making 1Kings 14:9; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.13

    Guilt of worshipping 1Kings 14:15; 2Kings 17:22; TTI .Calves of Jeroboam.14

    Camel, The

    Unclean Leviticus 11:4; Deuteronomy 14:7; TTI .Camel, The.3

    Found in deserted places Ezekiel 25:5; TTI .Camel, The.4

    The dromedary a species of, remarkable for swiftness Jeremiah 2:23; TTI .Camel, The.5

    Abounded in the east 1Chronicles 5:21; Isaiah 60:6; TTI .Camel, The.6

    A part of patriarchal wealth Genesis 12:16; 30:43; Job 1:3; TTI .Camel, The.7

    Kept in numbers by kings 1Chronicles 27:30; TTI .Camel, The.8

    Of the rich adorned with chains Judges 8:21; TTI .Camel, The.9

    Furniture of, alluded to Genesis 31:34; TTI .Camel, The.10

    Subject to plagues Exodus 9:3; Zechariah 14:15; TTI .Camel, The.11

    Treated with great care Genesis 24:31; TTI .Camel, The.12

    Esteemed a valuable booty 1Chronicles 5:20; 2Chronicles 14:15; Job 1:17; Jeremiah 49:29; TTI .Camel, The.13

    Coarse cloth made from its hair Matthew 3:4; TTI .Camel, The.14

    Referred to in illustrations by Christ Matthew 19:24; 23:24; TTI .Camel, The.15

    Canaanites, The

    Descended from Ham Genesis 10:6; TTI .Canaanites, The.3

    An accursed race Genesis 9:25; TTI .Canaanites, The.4

    Different families of Genesis 10:15; TTI .Canaanites, The.5

    Comprised seven distinct nations Deuteronomy 7:1; TTI .Canaanites, The.6

    Possessions of, how bounded Genesis 10:19; TTI .Canaanites, The.7

    Country of, fertile Exodus 3:17; Numbers 13:27; TTI .Canaanites, The.8

    Extremely numerous Deuteronomy 7:17; TTI .Canaanites, The.9

    Had many strong cities Numbers 13:28; Deuteronomy 1:28; TTI .Canaanites, The.10

    Expelled for wickedness Deuteronomy 9:4; 18:12; TTI .Canaanites, The.11

    Kind to the patriarchs Genesis 14:13; 23:6; TTI .Canaanites, The.12

    Terrified at the approach of Israel Exodus 15:15; Joshua 2:9; 5:1; TTI .Canaanites, The.13

    Partially subdued by Israel Joshua 10:1; Judges 1:1; TTI .Canaanites, The.14

    Israel ensnared by Judges 2:3; Psalm 106:36; TTI .Canaanites, The.15

    Some descendants of, in our Lord's time Matthew 15:22; Mark 7:26; TTI .Canaanites, The.16


    A part of household furniture 2Kings 4:10; TTI .Candlestick.3

    Care, Overmuch

    About earthly things, forbidden Matthew 6:25; Luke 12:22; John 6:27; TTI .Care, Overmuch.3

    God's providential goodness should keep us from Matthew 6:26; Luke 22:35; TTI .Care, Overmuch.4

    God's promises should keep us from Hebrews 13:5; TTI .Care, Overmuch.5

    Trust in God should free us from Jeremiah 17:7; Daniel 3:16; TTI .Care, Overmuch.6

    Should be cast on God Psalm 37:5; 55:22; Proverbs 16:3; 1Peter 5:7; TTI .Care, Overmuch.7

    An obstruction to the Gospel Matthew 13:22; Luke 8:14; 14:18-20; TTI .Care, Overmuch.8

    Be without 1Corinthians 7:32; Philippians 4:6; TTI .Care, Overmuch.9

    Unbecoming in saints 2Timothy 2:4; TTI .Care, Overmuch.10

    Uselessness of Matthew 6:27; Luke 12:25; TTI .Care, Overmuch.11

    Vanity of Psalm 39:6; Ecclesiastes 4:8; TTI .Care, Overmuch.12

    Warning against Luke 21:34; TTI .Care, Overmuch.13

    Sent as a punishment to the wicked Ezekiel 4:16; 12:19; TTI .Care, Overmuch.14


    Natural Hebrews 11:38; TTI .Caves.3

    Artificial Judges 6:2; TTI .Caves.4

    Often capacious 1Samuel 22:1; 24:3; TTI .Caves.5

    Afford no protection from the judgments of God Isaiah 2:19; Ezekiel 33:27; Revelation 6:15; TTI .Caves.6

    Cedar, The

    Planted by God Psalm 104:16; Isaiah 41:19; TTI .Cedar, The.3

    Made to glorify God Psalm 148:9; TTI .Cedar, The.4

    Lebanon celebrated for Judges 9:15; Psalm 92:12; TTI .Cedar, The.5

    Banks of rivers favourable to the growth of Numbers 24:6; TTI .Cedar, The.6

    Imported largely by Solomon 1Kings 10:27; TTI .Cedar, The.7

    Considered the first of trees 1Kings 4:33; TTI .Cedar, The.8

    Extensive commerce in 1Kings 5:10; Ezra 3:7; TTI .Cedar, The.9

    Destruction of, a punishment Jeremiah 22:7; TTI .Cedar, The.10

    Destruction of, exhibits God's power Psalm 29:5; TTI .Cedar, The.11


    For burning incense Leviticus 10:1; 2Chronicles 26:19; TTI .Censers.3

    One of gold in the most holy place Hebrews 9:4; TTI .Censers.4

    Directions for removing Numbers 4:14; TTI .Censers.5

    Often used in idolatrous worship Ezekiel 8:11; TTI .Censers.6

    Of Korah, &c made into plates to cover the altar Numbers 16:18; TTI .Censers.7

    Typical of Christ's intercession Revelation 8:3; TTI .Censers.8

    Character of Saints

    Attentive to Christ's voice John 10:3; TTI .Character of Saints.3

    Blameless and harmless Philippians 2:15; TTI .Character of Saints.4

    Bold Proverbs 28:1; Romans 13:3; TTI .Character of Saints.5

    Contrite Isaiah 57:15; 66:2; TTI .Character of Saints.6

    Devout Acts 8:2; 22:12; TTI .Character of Saints.7

    Faithful Revelation 17:14; TTI .Character of Saints.8

    Fearing God Matthew 3:16; Acts 10:2; TTI .Character of Saints.9

    Following Christ John 10:4; TTI .Character of Saints.10

    Godly Psalm 4:3; 2Peter 2:9; TTI .Character of Saints.11

    Guileless John 1:47; TTI .Character of Saints.12

    Holy Deuteronomy 7:6; 14:2; Colossians 3:12; TTI .Character of Saints.13

    Humble Psalm 34:2; 1Peter 5:5; TTI .Character of Saints.14

    Hungering after righteousness Matthew 5:6; TTI .Character of Saints.15

    Just Genesis 6:9; Habakkuk 2:4; Luke 2:25; TTI .Character of Saints.16

    Led by the Spirit Romans 8:14; TTI .Character of Saints.17

    Liberal Isaiah 32:8; 2Corinthians 9:13; TTI .Character of Saints.18

    Loving Colossians 1:4; 1Thessalonians 4:9; TTI .Character of Saints.19

    Lowly Proverbs 16:19; TTI .Character of Saints.20

    Meek Isaiah 29:19; Matthew 5:5; TTI .Character of Saints.21

    Merciful Psalm 37:26; Matthew 5:7; TTI .Character of Saints.22

    New Creatures 2Corinthians 5:17; Ephesians 2:10; TTI .Character of Saints.23

    Obedient Romans 16:19; 1Peter 1:14; TTI .Character of Saints.24

    Poor in spirit Psalm 51:17; Matthew 5:3; TTI .Character of Saints.25

    Prudent Proverbs 16:21; TTI .Character of Saints.26

    Pure in heart Matthew 5:8; 1John 3:3; TTI .Character of Saints.27

    Righteous Isaiah 60:21; Luke 1:6; TTI .Character of Saints.28

    Sincere 2Corinthians 1:12; 2:17; TTI .Character of Saints.29

    Steadfast Acts 2:42; Colossians 2:5; TTI .Character of Saints.30

    Taught of God Isaiah 54:13; 1John 2:27; TTI .Character of Saints.31

    True 2Corinthians 6:8; TTI .Character of Saints.32

    Undefiled Psalm 119:1; TTI .Character of Saints.33

    Upright 1Kings 3:6; Psalm 15:2; TTI .Character of Saints.34

    Watchful Luke 12:37; TTI .Character of Saints.35

    Zealous of good works Titus 2:14; 3:8; TTI .Character of Saints.36

    Character of the Wicked

    Abominable Revelation 21:8; TTI .Character of the Wicked.3

    Alienated from God Ephesians 4:18; Colossians 1:21; TTI .Character of the Wicked.4

    Blasphemous Luke 22:65; Revelation 16:9; TTI .Character of the Wicked.5

    Blinded 2Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 4:18; TTI .Character of the Wicked.6

    Boastful Psalm 10:3; 49:6; TTI .Character of the Wicked.7

    Conspiring against God's people Nehemiah 4:8; 6:2; Psalm 38:12; TTI .Character of the Wicked.8

    Covetous Micah 2:2; Romans 1:29; TTI .Character of the Wicked.9

    Deceitful Psalm 5:6; Romans 3:13; TTI .Character of the Wicked.10

    Delighting in the iniquity of others Proverbs 2:14; Romans 1:32; TTI .Character of the Wicked.11

    Despising the works of the faithful Nehemiah 2:19; 4:2; 2Timothy 3:3; TTI .Character of the Wicked.12

    Destructive Isaiah 59:7; TTI .Character of the Wicked.13

    Disobedient Nehemiah 9:26; Titus 3:3; 1Peter 2:7; TTI .Character of the Wicked.14

    Enticing to evil Proverbs 1:10; 2Timothy 3:6; TTI .Character of the Wicked.15

    Envious Nehemiah 2:10; Titus 3:3; TTI .Character of the Wicked.16

    Fearful Proverbs 28:1; Revelation 21:8; TTI .Character of the Wicked.17

    Fierce Proverbs 16:29; 2Timothy 3:3; TTI .Character of the Wicked.18

    Foolish Deuteronomy 32:6; Psalm 5:5; TTI .Character of the Wicked.19

    Forgetting God Job 8:13; TTI .Character of the Wicked.20

    Fraudulent Psalm 37:21; Micah 6:11; TTI .Character of the Wicked.21

    Froward Proverbs 21:8; Isaiah 57:17; TTI .Character of the Wicked.22

    Glorying in their shame Philippians 3:19; TTI .Character of the Wicked.23

    Hard-hearted Ezekiel 3:7; TTI .Character of the Wicked.24

    Hating the light Job 24:13; John 3:20; TTI .Character of the Wicked.25

    Heady and high-minded 2Timothy 3:4; TTI .Character of the Wicked.26

    Hostile to God Romans 8:7; Colossians 1:21; TTI .Character of the Wicked.27

    Hypocritical Isaiah 29:13; 2Timothy 3:5; TTI .Character of the Wicked.28

    Ignorant of God Hosea 4:1; 2Thessalonians 1:8; TTI .Character of the Wicked.29

    Impudent Ezekiel 2:4; TTI .Character of the Wicked.30

    Incontinent 2Timothy 3:3; TTI .Character of the Wicked.31

    Infidel Psalm 10:4; 14:1; TTI .Character of the Wicked.32

    Loathsome Proverbs 13:5; TTI .Character of the Wicked.33

    Lovers of pleasure more than of God 2Timothy 3:4; TTI .Character of the Wicked.34

    Lying Psalm 58:3; 62:4; Isaiah 59:4; TTI .Character of the Wicked.35

    Mischievous Proverbs 24:8; Micah 7:3; TTI .Character of the Wicked.36

    Murderous Psalm 10:8; 94:6; Romans 1:29; TTI .Character of the Wicked.37

    Prayerless Job 21:15; Psalm 53:4; TTI .Character of the Wicked.38

    Persecuting Psalm 69:26; 109:16; TTI .Character of the Wicked.39

    Perverse Deuteronomy 32:5; TTI .Character of the Wicked.40

    Proud Psalm 59:12; 3:2; 2Timothy 3:2; TTI .Character of the Wicked.41

    Rejoicing in the affliction of saints Psalm 35:15; TTI .Character of the Wicked.42

    Reprobate 2Corinthians 13:5; 2Timothy 3:8; Titus 1:16; TTI .Character of the Wicked.43

    Selfish 2Timothy 3:2; TTI .Character of the Wicked.44

    Sensual Philippians 3:19; Jude 1:19; TTI .Character of the Wicked.45

    Sold under sin 1Kings 21:20; 2Kings 17:17; TTI .Character of the Wicked.46

    Stiff-hearted Ezekiel 2:4; TTI .Character of the Wicked.47

    Stiff-necked Exodus 33:5; Acts 7:51; TTI .Character of the Wicked.48

    Uncircumcised in heart Jeremiah 9:26; Acts 7:51; TTI .Character of the Wicked.49

    Unjust Proverbs 11:7; Isaiah 26:10; TTI .Character of the Wicked.50

    Unmerciful Romans 1:31; TTI .Character of the Wicked.51

    Ungodly Proverbs 16:27; TTI .Character of the Wicked.52

    Unholy 2Timothy 3:2; TTI .Character of the Wicked.53

    Unprofitable Matthew 25:30; Romans 3:12; TTI .Character of the Wicked.54

    Unruly Titus 1:10; TTI .Character of the Wicked.55

    Unthankful Luke 6:35; 2Timothy 3:2; TTI .Character of the Wicked.56

    Untoward Acts 2:40; TTI .Character of the Wicked.57

    Unwise Deuteronomy 32:6; TTI .Character of the Wicked.58


    Carriages for travelling, &c Genesis 46:29; TTI .Chariots.3

    Carriages used in war 1Kings 20:25; TTI .Chariots.4

    Wheels of, described 1Kings 7:33; TTI .Chariots.5

    Bound with traces Micah 1:13; TTI .Chariots.6

    Value of in Solomon's time 1Kings 10:29; TTI .Chariots.7

    Drivers generally employed for 1Kings 22:34; 2Chronicles 18:33; TTI .Chariots.8

    Sometimes driven by the owners 2Kings 9:16; TTI .Chariots.9

    Sometimes driven furiously 2Kings 9:20; Isaiah 5:28; Jeremiah 4:13; TTI .Chariots.10

    Bounding motion of, referred to Nahum 3:2; TTI .Chariots.11

    Noise occasioned by, referred to 2Kings 7:6; Joel 2:5; Nahum 3:2; Revelation 9:9; TTI .Chariots.12

    Introduced into Israel by David 2Samuel 8:4; TTI .Chariots.13

    Multiplied by Solomon 1Kings 10:26; TTI .Chariots.14

    Imported from Egypt 1Kings 10:28; TTI .Chariots.15

    Kings rode in, to battle 1Kings 22:35; TTI .Chariots.16

    Kings used, in common 1Kings 12:18; 18:44; TTI .Chariots.17

    Persons of distinction used Genesis 41:43; 2Kings 5:9; Jeremiah 17:25; Acts 8:28; TTI .Chariots.18

    Often attended by running footmen 1Samuel 8:11; 2Samuel 15:1; 1Kings 1:5; TTI .Chariots.19

    Consecrated to the sun 2Kings 23:11; TTI .Chariots.20

    Elijah taken to heaven in one of fire 2Kings 2:11; TTI .Chariots.21


    Explained 1Corinthians 13:4; TTI .Charity.3


    Commanded Exodus 20:14; Proverbs 31:3; Acts 15:20; Romans 13:13; Colossians 3:5; 1Thessalonians 4:3; TTI .Chastity.3

    Required in look Job 31:1; Matthew 5:28; TTI .Chastity.4

    Required in heart Proverbs 6:25; TTI .Chastity.5

    Required in speech Ephesians 5:3; TTI .Chastity.6

    Keep the body in 1Corinthians 6:13; TTI .Chastity.7

    Preserved by wisdom Proverbs 2:10; 7:1-5; TTI .Chastity.8

    Saints are kept in Ecclesiastes 7:26; TTI .Chastity.9

    Advantages of 1Peter 3:1; TTI .Chastity.10

    Shun those devoid of 1Corinthians 5:11; 1Peter 4:3; TTI .Chastity.11

    The wicked are devoid of Romans 1:29; Ephesians 4:19; 2Peter 2:14; Jude 1:8; TTI .Chastity.12

    Temptation to deviate from, dangerous 2Samuel 11:2; TTI .Chastity.13

    Consequences of associating with those devoid of Proverbs 7:25; 22:14; TTI .Chastity.14

    Want of, excludes from heaven Galatians 5:19; TTI .Chastity.15

    Drunkenness destructive to Proverbs 23:31; TTI .Chastity.16

    Breach of, punished 1Corinthians 3:16; Ephesians 5:5; Hebrews 13:4; Revelation 22:15; TTI .Chastity.17

    Motives for 1Corinthians 6:19; 1Thessalonians 4:7; TTI .Chastity.18


    Form and appearance of Ezekiel 1:5; TTI .Cherubim.3

    Animated by the Spirit of God Ezekiel 1:12; TTI .Cherubim.4

    Engaged in accomplishing the purposes of God Ezekiel 1:15; 10:9-11,16,17; TTI .Cherubim.5

    The glory of God exhibited upon Ezekiel 1:22; 10:4,18,20; TTI .Cherubim.6

    Sound of their wings was as the voice of God Ezekiel 1:24; 10:5; TTI .Cherubim.7

    Placed at the entrance of Eden Genesis 3:24; TTI .Cherubim.8

    Called the cherubim of glory Hebrews 9:5; TTI .Cherubim.9

    Riding on, illustrative of majesty and power of God 2Samuel 22:11; Psalm 18:10; TTI .Cherubim.10


    Christ was an example to Luke 2:51; John 19:26; TTI .Children.3

    Are a gift from God Genesis 33:5; Psalm 127:3; TTI .Children.4

    Are capable of glorifying God Psalm 8:2; 148:12,13; Matthew 21:15; TTI .Children.5

    An heritage from the Lord Psalm 113:9; 127:3; TTI .Children.6

    Anxiety of the Jews for Genesis 30:1; 1Samuel 1:5; TTI .Children.7

    Often prayed for 1Samuel 1:10; Luke 1:13; TTI .Children.8

    Often given in answer to prayer Genesis 25:21; 1Samuel 1:27; Luke 1:13; TTI .Children.9

    Treatment of, after birth, noticed Ezekiel 16:4; TTI .Children.10

    Mostly nursed by the mothers 1Samuel 1:22; 1Kings 3:21; Psalm 22:9; SongofSolomon 8:1; TTI .Children.11

    Weaning of, a time of joy and feasting Genesis 21:8; 1Samuel 1:24; TTI .Children.12

    Circumcised on the eighth day Philippians 3:5; TTI .Children.13

    Named at circumcision Luke 1:59; 2:21; TTI .Children.14

    Fondness and care of mothers for Exodus 2:2; 1Samuel 2:19; 1Kings 3:27; Isaiah 49:15; 1Thessalonians 2:7; TTI .Children.15

    Of God's people, holy Ezra 9:2; 1Corinthians 7:14; TTI .Children.16

    Of God's people, interested in the promises Deuteronomy 29:29; Acts 2:39; TTI .Children.17

    Prosperity of, greatly depended on obedience of parents Deuteronomy 4:40; 12:25,28; Psalm 128:1; TTI .Children.18

    Frequently bore the curse of parents Exodus 20:5; Psalm 109:9; TTI .Children.19

    Mode of giving public instruction to Luke 2:46; Acts 22:3; TTI .Children.20

    Power of parents over, during the patriarchal age Genesis 9:24; 21:14; 38:24; TTI .Children.21

    Often wicked and rebellious 2Kings 2:23; TTI .Children.22

    Rebellious, punished by the civil power Exodus 21:15; Deuteronomy 21:18; TTI .Children.23

    Sometimes devoted their property to avoid supporting parents Matthew 15:5; Mark 7:11; TTI .Children.24

    Could demand their portion during father's life Luke 15:12; TTI .Children.25

    Amusements of Zechariah 8:5; Matthew 11:16; TTI .Children.26

    Casting out of weak, &c alluded to Ezekiel 16:5; TTI .Children.27

    Inhuman practice of offering to idols 2Kings 17:31; 2Chronicles 28:3; 33:6; TTI .Children.28

    Destruction of, a punishment Leviticus 26:22; Ezekiel 9:6; Luke 19:44; TTI .Children.29

    Grief occasioned by loss of Genesis 37:35; 44:27-29; 2Samuel 13:37; Jeremiah 6:26; 31:15; TTI .Children.30

    Resignation manifested at loss of Leviticus 10:19; 2Samuel 12:18; Job 1:19; TTI .Children.31

    Children, Good

    The Lord is with 1Samuel 3:19; TTI .Children, Good.3

    Know the Scriptures 2Timothy 3:15; TTI .Children, Good.4

    Observe the law of God Proverbs 28:7; TTI .Children, Good.5

    Their obedience to parents is well pleasing to God Colossians 3:20; TTI .Children, Good.6

    Partake of the promises of God Acts 2:39; TTI .Children, Good.7

    Shall be blessed Proverbs 3:1; Ephesians 6:2; TTI .Children, Good.8

    Show love to parents Genesis 46:29; TTI .Children, Good.9

    Obey parents Genesis 28:7; 47:30; TTI .Children, Good.10

    Attend to parental teaching Proverbs 13:1; TTI .Children, Good.11

    Take care of parents Genesis 45:9; 47:12; TTI .Children, Good.12

    Make their parents' hearts glad Proverbs 10:1; 29:17; TTI .Children, Good.13

    Honour the aged Job 32:6; TTI .Children, Good.14

    Adduced as a motive for submission to God Hebrews 12:9; TTI .Children, Good.15

    Spirit of, a requisite for the kingdom of heaven Matthew 18:3; TTI .Children, Good.16

    Illustrative of a teachable spirit Matthew 18:4; TTI .Children, Good.17

    Children, Wicked

    Know not God 1Samuel 2:12; TTI .Children, Wicked.3

    Are void of understanding Proverbs 7:7; TTI .Children, Wicked.4

    Are proud Isaiah 3:5; TTI .Children, Wicked.5

    Their guilt in robbing parents Proverbs 28:24; TTI .Children, Wicked.6

    Christ, Character of

    Altogether lovely SongofSolomon 5:16; TTI .Christ, Character of.3

    Holy Luke 1:35; Acts 4:27; Revelation 3:7; TTI .Christ, Character of.4

    Righteous Isaiah 53:11; Hebrews 1:9; TTI .Christ, Character of.5

    Good Matthew 19:16; TTI .Christ, Character of.6

    Faithful Isaiah 11:5; 1Thessalonians 5:24; TTI .Christ, Character of.7

    True John 1:14; 7:18; 1John 5:20; TTI .Christ, Character of.8

    Just Zechariah 9:9; John 5:30; Acts 22:14; TTI .Christ, Character of.9

    Guileless Isaiah 53:9; 1Peter 2:22; TTI .Christ, Character of.10

    Sinless John 8:46; 2Corinthians 5:21; TTI .Christ, Character of.11

    Spotless 1Peter 1:19; TTI .Christ, Character of.12

    Innocent Matthew 27:4; TTI .Christ, Character of.13

    Harmless Hebrews 7:26; TTI .Christ, Character of.14

    Resisting temptation Matthew 4:1; TTI .Christ, Character of.15

    Obedient to God the Father Psalm 40:8; John 4:34; 15:10; TTI .Christ, Character of.16

    Zealous Luke 2:49; John 2:17; 8:29; TTI .Christ, Character of.17

    Meek Isaiah 53:7; Zechariah 9:9; Matthew 11:29; TTI .Christ, Character of.18

    Lowly in heart Matthew 11:29; TTI .Christ, Character of.19

    Merciful Hebrews 2:17; TTI .Christ, Character of.20

    Patient Isaiah 53:7; Matthew 27:14; TTI .Christ, Character of.21

    Long-suffering 1Timothy 1:16; TTI .Christ, Character of.22

    Compassionate Isaiah 40:11; Luke 19:41; TTI .Christ, Character of.23

    Benevolent Matthew 4:23; Acts 10:38; TTI .Christ, Character of.24

    Loving John 13:1; 15:13; TTI .Christ, Character of.25

    Self-denying Matthew 8:20; 2Corinthians 8:9; TTI .Christ, Character of.26

    Humble Luke 22:27; Philippians 2:8; TTI .Christ, Character of.27

    Resigned Luke 22:42; TTI .Christ, Character of.28

    Forgiving Luke 23:34; TTI .Christ, Character of.29

    Subject to His parents Luke 2:51; TTI .Christ, Character of.30

    Saints are conformed to Romans 8:29; TTI .Christ, Character of.31

    Christ is God

    As Jehovah Isaiah 40:3; Matthew 3:3; TTI .Christ is God.3

    As Jehovah of glory Psalm 24:7; 1Corinthians 2:8; James 2:1; TTI .Christ is God.4

    As Jehovah, our RIGHTEOUSNESS Jeremiah 23:5; 1Corinthians 1:30; TTI .Christ is God.5

    As Jehovah, above all Psalm 97:9; John 3:31; TTI .Christ is God.6

    As Jehovah, the First and the Last Isaiah 44:6; 48:12-16; Revelation 1:17; 22:13; TTI .Christ is God.7

    As Jehovah's Fellow and Equal Zechariah 13:7; Philippians 2:6; TTI .Christ is God.8

    As Jehovah of Hosts Isaiah 6:1; 8:13,14; John 12:41; 1Peter 2:8; TTI .Christ is God.9

    As Jehovah, the Shepherd Isaiah 40:11; Hebrews 13:20; TTI .Christ is God.10

    As Jehovah, for whose glory all things were created Proverbs 16:4; Colossians 1:16; TTI .Christ is God.11

    As Jehovah, the Messenger of the covenant Malachi 3:1; Mark 1:2; Luke 2:27; TTI .Christ is God.12

    Invoked as Jehovah Joel 2:32; Acts 2:21; 1Corinthians 1:2; TTI .Christ is God.13

    As the Eternal God and Creator Psalm 102:24; Hebrews 1:8; TTI .Christ is God.14

    As the mighty God Isaiah 9:6; TTI .Christ is God.15

    As the Great God and Saviour Hosea 1:7; Titus 2:13; TTI .Christ is God.16

    As God over all Psalm 45:6; Romans 9:5; TTI .Christ is God.17

    As the true God Jeremiah 10:10; 1John 5:20; TTI .Christ is God.18

    As God the Word John 1:1; TTI .Christ is God.19

    As God, the judge Ecclesiastes 12:14; 1Corinthians 4:5; 2Corinthians 5:10; 2Timothy 4:1; TTI .Christ is God.20

    As Emmanuel Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23; TTI .Christ is God.21

    As King of kings and Lord of lords Deuteronomy 10:17; Revelation 1:5; 17:14; TTI .Christ is God.22

    As the Holy One 1Samuel 2:2; Acts 3:14; TTI .Christ is God.23

    As the Lord from heaven 1Corinthians 15:47; TTI .Christ is God.24

    As Lord of the Sabbath Genesis 2:3; Matthew 12:8; TTI .Christ is God.25

    As Lord of all Acts 10:36; Romans 10:11; TTI .Christ is God.26

    As Son of God Matthew 26:63; TTI .Christ is God.27

    As the Only-begotten Son of the Father John 1:14; 3:16,18; 1John 4:9; TTI .Christ is God.28

    His blood is called the blood of God Acts 20:28; TTI .Christ is God.29

    As one with the Father John 10:30; 12:45; 14:7-10; 17:10; TTI .Christ is God.30

    As sending the Spirit, equally with the Father John 14:16; 15:26; TTI .Christ is God.31

    As entitled to equal honour with the Father John 5:23; TTI .Christ is God.32

    As Owner of all things, equally with the Father John 16:15; TTI .Christ is God.33

    As unrestricted by the law of the sabbath, equally with the Father John 5:17; TTI .Christ is God.34

    As the Source of grace, equally with the Father 1Thessalonians 3:11; 2Thessalonians 2:16; TTI .Christ is God.35

    As unsearchable, equally with the Father Proverbs 30:4; Matthew 11:27; TTI .Christ is God.36

    As Creator of all things Isaiah 40:28; John 1:3; Colossians 1:16; Hebrews 1:2; TTI .Christ is God.37

    As Supporter and Preserver of all things Nehemiah 9:6; Colossians 1:17; Hebrews 1:3; TTI .Christ is God.38

    As possessed of the fulness of the God head Colossians 2:9; Hebrews 1:3; TTI .Christ is God.39

    As raising the dead John 5:21; 6:40,54; TTI .Christ is God.40

    As raising himself from the dead John 2:19; 10:18; TTI .Christ is God.41

    As Eternal Isaiah 9:6; Micah 5:2; John 1:1; Colossians 1:17; Hebrews 1:8; Revelation 1:8; TTI .Christ is God.42

    As Omnipresent Matthew 18:20; 28:20; John 3:13; TTI .Christ is God.43

    As Omnipotent Psalm 45:3; Philippians 3:21; Revelation 1:8; TTI .Christ is God.44

    As Omniscient John 16:30; 21:17; TTI .Christ is God.45

    As discerning the thoughts of the heart 1Kings 8:39; Luke 5:22; Ezekiel 11:5; John 2:24; Revelation 2:23; TTI .Christ is God.46

    As unchangeable Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 1:12; 13:8; TTI .Christ is God.47

    As having power to forgive sins Colossians 3:13; Mark 2:7; TTI .Christ is God.48

    As Giver of pastors to the Church Jeremiah 3:15; Ephesians 4:11; TTI .Christ is God.49

    As Husband of the Church Isaiah 54:5; 62:5; Ephesians 5:25; Revelation 21:2; TTI .Christ is God.50

    As the object of divine worship Acts 7:59; 2Corinthians 12:8; Hebrews 1:6; Revelation 5:12; TTI .Christ is God.51

    As the object of faith Psalm 2:12; 1Peter 2:6; Jeremiah 17:5; John 14:1; TTI .Christ is God.52

    As God, he redeems and purifies the Church to himself Revelation 5:9; Titus 2:14; TTI .Christ is God.53

    As God, he presents the Church to himself Ephesians 5:27; Jude 1:24; TTI .Christ is God.54

    Saints live to him as God Romans 6:11; Galatians 2:19; 2Corinthians 5:15; TTI .Christ is God.55

    Acknowledged by his Apostles John 20:28; TTI .Christ is God.56

    Acknowledged by the Old Testament saints Genesis 17:1; 48:15,16; 32:24-30; Hosea 12:3; Judges 6:22; 13:21,22; Job 19:25; TTI .Christ is God.57

    Christ, the Head of the Church

    Predicted Psalm 118:22; Matthew 21:42; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.3

    Appointed by God Ephesians 1:22; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.4

    Declared by himself Matthew 21:42; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.5

    As his mystical body Ephesians 4:12; 5:23; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.6

    Has the pre-eminence in all things 1Corinthians 11:3; Ephesians 1:22; Colossians 1:18; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.7

    Commissioned his Apostles Matthew 10:1; 28:19; John 20:21; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.8

    Instituted the ordinances Matthew 28:19; Luke 22:19; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.9

    Imparts gifts Psalm 68:18; Ephesians 4:8; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.10

    Saints are complete in Colossians 2:10; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.11

    Perverters of the truth do not hold Colossians 2:18; TTI .Christ, the Head of the Church.12

    Christ, the High Priest

    Appointed and called by God Hebrews 3:1; 5:4,5; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.3

    After the order of Melchizedek Psalm 110:4; Hebrews 5:6; 6:20; 7:15,17; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.4

    Superior to Aaron and the Levitical priests Hebrews 7:11; 8:1,2,6; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.5

    Consecrated with an oath Hebrews 7:20; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.6

    Has an unchangeable priesthood Hebrews 7:23; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.7

    Is of unblemished purity Hebrews 7:26; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.8

    Faithful Hebrews 3:2; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.9

    Needed no sacrifice for himself Hebrews 7:27; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.10

    Offered himself a sacrifice Hebrews 9:14; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.11

    His sacrifice superior to all others Hebrews 9:13; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.12

    Offered sacrifice but once Hebrews 7:27; 9:25,26; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.13

    Made reconciliation Hebrews 2:17; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.14

    Obtained redemption for us Hebrews 9:12; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.15

    Entered into heaven Hebrews 4:14; 10:12; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.16

    Sympathises with those who are tempted Hebrews 2:18; 4:15; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.17

    Intercedes Hebrews 7:25; 9:24; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.18

    Blesses Numbers 6:23; Acts 3:26; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.19

    On his throne Zechariah 6:13; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.20

    Appointment of, and encouragement to steadfastness Hebrews 4:14; TTI .Christ, the High Priest.21

    Christ, the King

    Foretold Numbers 24:17; Psalm 2:6; 45:1-17; Isaiah 9:7; Jeremiah 23:5; Micah 5:2; TTI .Christ, the King.3

    Glorious Psalm 24:7; 1Corinthians 2:8; James 2:1; TTI .Christ, the King.4

    Supreme Psalm 89:27; Revelation 1:5; 19:16; TTI .Christ, the King.5

    Sits in the throne of God Revelation 3:21; TTI .Christ, the King.6

    Sits on the throne of David Isaiah 9:7; Ezekiel 37:24; Luke 1:32; Acts 2:30; TTI .Christ, the King.7

    Is King of Zion Psalm 2:6; Isaiah 52:7; Zechariah 9:9; Matthew 21:5; John 12:12; TTI .Christ, the King.8

    Has a righteous kingdom Psalm 45:6; Hebrews 1:8; Isaiah 32:1; Jeremiah 23:5; TTI .Christ, the King.9

    Has an everlasting kingdom Daniel 2:44; 7:14; Luke 1:33; TTI .Christ, the King.10

    Has an universal kingdom Psalm 2:8; 72:8; Zechariah 14:9; Revelation 11:15; TTI .Christ, the King.11

    His kingdom not of this world John 18:36; TTI .Christ, the King.12

    Saints, the subjects of Colossians 1:13; Revelation 15:3; TTI .Christ, the King.13

    Saints receive a kingdom from Luke 22:29; Hebrews 12:28; TTI .Christ, the King.14

    Declared by himself Matthew 25:34; John 18:37; TTI .Christ, the King.15

    Written on His cross John 19:19; TTI .Christ, the King.16

    The Jews shall seek to Hosea 3:5; TTI .Christ, the King.17

    Saints shall behold Isaiah 33:17; Revelation 22:3; TTI .Christ, the King.18

    Kings shall do homage to Psalm 72:10; Isaiah 49:7; TTI .Christ, the King.19

    Shall overcome all his enemies Psalm 110:1; Mark 12:36; 1Corinthians 15:25; Revelation 17:14; TTI .Christ, the King.20

    Christ, the Mediator

    In virtue of his atonement Ephesians 2:13; Hebrews 9:15; 12:24; TTI .Christ, the Mediator.3

    The only one between God and man 1Timothy 2:5; TTI .Christ, the Mediator.4

    Of the gospel covenant Hebrews 8:6; 12:24; TTI .Christ, the Mediator.5

    Christ, the Prophet

    Foretold Deuteronomy 18:15; Isaiah 52:7; Nahum 1:15; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.3

    Anointed with the Holy Spirit Isaiah 42:1; 61:1; Luke 4:18; John 3:34; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.4

    Alone knows and reveals God Matthew 11:27; John 3:2; 17:6,14,26; Hebrews 1:1; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.5

    Declared his doctrine to be that of the Father John 8:26; 12:49,50; 14:10,24; 15:15; 17:8,16; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.6

    Preached the gospel, and worked miracles Matthew 4:23; 11:5; Luke 4:43; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.7

    Foretold things to come Matthew 24:3; Luke 19:41; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.8

    Faithful to his trust Luke 4:43; John 17:8; Hebrews 3:2; Revelation 1:5; 3:14; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.9

    Abounded in wisdom Luke 2:40; Colossians 2:3; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.10

    Mighty in deed and word Matthew 13:54; Mark 1:27; Luke 4:32; John 7:46; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.11

    Meek and unostentatious in his teaching Isaiah 42:2; Matthew 12:17; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.12

    God commands us to hear Deuteronomy 18:15; Matthew 17:25; Acts 3:22; 7:37; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.13

    God will severely visit our neglect of Deuteronomy 18:19; Acts 3:23; Hebrews 2:3; TTI .Christ, the Prophet.14

    Christ, the Shepherd

    Foretold Genesis 49:24; Isaiah 40:11; Ezekiel 34:23; 37:24; TTI .Christ, the Shepherd.3

    The chief 1Peter 5:4; TTI .Christ, the Shepherd.4

    The good John 10:11; TTI .Christ, the Shepherd.5

    The great Micah 5:4; Hebrews 13:20; TTI .Christ, the Shepherd.6

    Church, The

    Belongs to God 1Timothy 3:15; TTI .Church, The.3

    The body of Christ Ephesians 1:23; Colossians 1:24; TTI .Church, The.4

    Christ, the foundation-stone of 1Corinthians 3:11; Ephesians 2:20; 1Peter 2:4; TTI .Church, The.5

    Christ, the head of Ephesians 1:22; 5:23; TTI .Church, The.6

    Loved by Christ SongofSolomon 7:10; Ephesians 5:25; TTI .Church, The.7

    Purchased by the blood of Christ Acts 20:28; Ephesians 5:25; Hebrews 9:12; TTI .Church, The.8

    Sanctified and cleansed by Christ 1Corinthians 6:11; Ephesians 5:26; TTI .Church, The.9

    Subject to Christ Romans 7:4; Ephesians 5:24; TTI .Church, The.10

    The object of the grace of God Isaiah 27:3; 2Corinthians 8:1; TTI .Church, The.11

    Displays the wisdom of God Ephesians 3:10; TTI .Church, The.12

    Shows forth the praises of God Isaiah 60:6; TTI .Church, The.13

    God defends Psalm 89:18; Isaiah 4:5; 49:25; Matthew 16:18; TTI .Church, The.14

    God provides ministers for Jeremiah 3:15; Ephesians 4:11; TTI .Church, The.15

    Glory to be ascribed to God by Ephesians 3:21; TTI .Church, The.16

    Elect 1Peter 5:13; TTI .Church, The.17

    Glorious Psalm 45:13; Ephesians 5:27; TTI .Church, The.18

    Clothed in righteousness Revelation 19:8; TTI .Church, The.19

    Believers continually added to, by the Lord Acts 2:27; 5:14; 11:24; TTI .Church, The.20

    Unity of Romans 12:5; 1Corinthians 10:17; 12:12; Galatians 3:28; TTI .Church, The.21

    Saints baptised into, by one Spirit 1Corinthians 12:13; TTI .Church, The.22

    Ministers commanded to feed Acts 20:28; TTI .Church, The.23

    Is edified by the word 1Corinthians 14:4; Ephesians 4:15; TTI .Church, The.24

    The wicked persecute Acts 8:1; 1Thessalonians 2:14; TTI .Church, The.25

    Not to be despised 1Corinthians 11:22; TTI .Church, The.26

    Defiling of, will be punished 1Corinthians 3:17; TTI .Church, The.27

    Extent of, predicted Isaiah 2:2; Ezekiel 17:22; Daniel 2:34; Habakkuk 2:14; TTI .Church, The.28

    Church of Israel

    Established by God Deuteronomy 4:5; 26:18; Acts 7:35; TTI .Church of Israel.3

    Admission into, by circumcision Genesis 17:10; TTI .Church of Israel.4

    All Israelites members of Romans 9:4; TTI .Church of Israel.5

    Was relatively holy Exodus 31:13; Numbers 16:3; TTI .Church of Israel.6

    In covenant with God Deuteronomy 4:13; Acts 3:25; TTI .Church of Israel.7

    The depository of holy writ Romans 3:2; TTI .Church of Israel.8

    Privileges of Romans 9:4; TTI .Church of Israel.9

    Proselytes admitted into Numbers 9:14; 15:15,29; TTI .Church of Israel.10

    Supported by the people Exodus 34:20; Deuteronomy 16:17; TTI .Church of Israel.11

    Attachment of the Jews to John 9:28; Acts 6:11; TTI .Church of Israel.12

    Persons excluded from Exodus 12:48; Deuteronomy 23:1; Ezekiel 44:7; TTI .Church of Israel.13

    A type of the church of Christ Galatians 4:24; Hebrews 12:23; TTI .Church of Israel.14


    Instituted by God Genesis 17:9; TTI .Circumcision.3

    Described Genesis 17:11; Exodus 4:25; TTI .Circumcision.4

    Enforced by the law Leviticus 12:3; John 7:22; TTI .Circumcision.5

    A painful and bloody rite Exodus 4:26; Joshua 5:8; TTI .Circumcision.6

    Promises to Abraham previous to Romans 4:9; TTI .Circumcision.7

    A seal of the covenant Genesis 17:11; Romans 4:11; TTI .Circumcision.8

    Introductory Jewish ordinances Galatians 5:3; TTI .Circumcision.9

    Outward sign of Romans 2:28; TTI .Circumcision.10

    Inward grace Romans 2:29; TTI .Circumcision.11

    Necessary to enjoying the privileges of the Jewish State Exodus 12:48; Ezekiel 44:7; TTI .Circumcision.12

    Accompanied with naming the child Genesis 21:3; Luke 1:59; 2:21; TTI .Circumcision.13

    First performed on Abraham and his family Genesis 17:24; TTI .Circumcision.14

    Not performed in the wilderness Joshua 5:5; TTI .Circumcision.15

    Performed by Joshua at Gilgal Joshua 5:2; TTI .Circumcision.16

    Punishment for neglecting Genesis 17:14; Exodus 4:24; TTI .Circumcision.17

    Without faith, vain Romans 3:30; Galatians 5:6; TTI .Circumcision.18

    Without obedience, vain Romans 2:25; 1Corinthians 7:19; TTI .Circumcision.19

    Sometimes performed on slain enemies 1Samuel 18:25; 2Samuel 3:14; TTI .Circumcision.20

    Abolished by the gospel Ephesians 2:11; Colossians 3:11; TTI .Circumcision.21

    Performed on Timothy as a matter or expediency because of the Jews Acts 16:3; TTI .Circumcision.22

    Necessity of, denied by Paul Galatians 2:3; TTI .Circumcision.23

    Necessity of, asserted by false teachers Acts 15:24; Galatians 6:12; Titus 1:10; TTI .Circumcision.24

    Trusting to, a denial of Christ Galatians 3:3; 5:3,4; TTI .Circumcision.25

    Paul denounced for opposing Acts 21:21; TTI .Circumcision.26

    Saints the true spiritual Philippians 3:3; Colossians 2:11; TTI .Circumcision.27


    First mention of Genesis 4:17; TTI .Cities.3

    Designed for habitations Psalm 107:7; TTI .Cities.4

    Often built to perpetuate a name Genesis 11:4; TTI .Cities.5

    Often founded and enlarged by blood and rapine Micah 3:10; Habakkuk 2:12; TTI .Cities.6

    Arranged in streets and lanes Numbers 22:39; Zechariah 8:5; Luke 14:21; TTI .Cities.7

    Entered through gates Genesis 34:24; Nehemiah 13:19; TTI .Cities.8

    Surrounded with walls Deuteronomy 1:28; 3:5; TTI .Cities.9

    Often fortified by nature Psalm 125:2; Isaiah 33:16; TTI .Cities.10

    Often fortified by art 2Chronicles 11:5; Psalm 48:12; Jeremiah 4:5; Daniel 11:15; TTI .Cities.11

    Sometimes had suburbs Numbers 35:2; Joshua 21:3; TTI .Cities.12

    Numerous Joshua 15:21; 1Chronicles 2:22; Jeremiah 2:28; TTI .Cities.13

    Densely inhabited John 4:11; Nahum 3:8; TTI .Cities.14

    Often great and goodly Genesis 10:12; Deuteronomy 6:10; Daniel 4:30; John 3:3; TTI .Cities.15

    Often of great antiquity Genesis 10:11; TTI .Cities.16

    Often insignificant Genesis 19:20; Ecclesiastes 9:14; TTI .Cities.17

    Inhabitants of, called citizens Acts 21:39; TTI .Cities.18

    Prosperity of, increased by commerce Genesis 49:13; Deuteronomy 33:18; Ezekiel 28:5; TTI .Cities.19

    Artificial mode of supplying water to 2Kings 18:17; 20:20; TTI .Cities.20

    Infested by dogs 1Kings 14:11; Psalm 59:6; TTI .Cities.21

    Under governors 2Chronicles 33:14; 2Corinthians 11:32; TTI .Cities.22

    Provided with judges Deuteronomy 16:18; 2Chronicles 19:5; TTI .Cities.23

    Protected at night by watchmen Psalm 127:1; SongofSolomon 5:7; Isaiah 21:11; TTI .Cities.24

    Furnished with stores 2Chronicles 11:11; TTI .Cities.25

    Garrisoned in war 2Chronicles 17:2; TTI .Cities.26

    Often had citadels Judges 9:51; TTI .Cities.27

    A great defence to a country 2Chronicles 11:5; TTI .Cities.28

    Afforded refuge in times of danger Jeremiah 8:14; TTI .Cities.29

    Often deserted on the approach of an enemy 1Samuel 31:7; Jeremiah 4:20; TTI .Cities.30

    Difficulty of taking, alluded to Proverbs 18:19; Jeremiah 1:18; TTI .Cities.31

    Perishable nature of Hebrews 13:14; TTI .Cities.32

    Cities of Refuge

    Design of Exodus 21:13; Numbers 35:11; Joshua 20:3; TTI .Cities of Refuge.3

    Names &c of Deuteronomy 4:41; Joshua 20:7; TTI .Cities of Refuge.4

    Strangers might take advantage of Numbers 35:15; TTI .Cities of Refuge.5

    Afforded no asylum to murderers Exodus 21:14; Numbers 35:16; TTI .Cities of Refuge.6


    Formed from the sea 1Kings 18:44; Amos 9:6; TTI .Clouds.3

    Are garment of the sea Job 38:9; TTI .Clouds.4

    Power and wisdom of God exhibited in forming Psalm 135:6; 147:5,8; Jeremiah 10:13; 51:16; TTI .Clouds.5

    Power and wisdom of God exhibited in condensing Job 36:27; 37:10,11; Proverbs 3:20; TTI .Clouds.6

    Made for the glory of God Psalm 148:4; TTI .Clouds.7

    Often cover the heavens Psalm 147:8; TTI .Clouds.8

    Often obscure the sun, &c Job 36:32; Ezekiel 32:7; TTI .Clouds.9

    Often dispersed by the wind Hosea 13:3; TTI .Clouds.10

    From the west, bring rain Luke 12:54; TTI .Clouds.11

    Though small, often bring much rain 1Kings 18:44; TTI .Clouds.12

    Thunder and lightning come from Psalm 77:17; TTI .Clouds.13

    The rainbow appears in Genesis 9:13; TTI .Clouds.14

    Frequently the instrument of God's judgments Genesis 7:11; Job 37:13; Psalm 77:17; TTI .Clouds.15

    Cloud of Glory

    First manifestation of Exodus 13:20; TTI .Cloud of Glory.3

    God's glory manifested in Exodus 16:10; 40:35; TTI .Cloud of Glory.4

    God came down in Exodus 34:5; Numbers 11:25; TTI .Cloud of Glory.5

    God spoke from Exodus 24:16; Psalm 99:7; TTI .Cloud of Glory.6

    Was dark to the enemies of Israel Exodus 14:20; TTI .Cloud of Glory.7

    Was the Shekinah over the mercy-seat Leviticus 16:2; TTI .Cloud of Glory.8

    Continued during the journeyings of Israel Exodus 13:22; 40:38; TTI .Cloud of Glory.9

    Manifested in the temple of Solomon 1Kings 8:10; 2Chronicles 5:13; Ezekiel 10:4; TTI .Cloud of Glory.10

    Our Lord shall make his second appearance in Luke 21:27; Acts 1:11; TTI .Cloud of Glory.11

    Commandments, The Ten

    Spoken by God Exodus 20:1; Deuteronomy 5:4; TTI .Commandments, The Ten.3

    Written by God Exodus 32:16; 34:1,28; Deuteronomy 4:13; 10:4; TTI .Commandments, The Ten.4

    Enumerated Exodus 20:3; TTI .Commandments, The Ten.5

    Summed up Christ Matthew 22:35; TTI .Commandments, The Ten.6


    The barter of one commodity for another 1Kings 5:8; TTI .Commerce.3

    The exchange of commodities for money 1Kings 10:28; TTI .Commerce.4

    Carried on in fairs, &c Ezekiel 27:12; Matthew 11:16; TTI .Commerce.5

    Inland, by caravans Job 6:19; Isaiah 21:13; TTI .Commerce.6

    Maritime, by ships 2Chronicles 8:18; 9:21; TTI .Commerce.7

    Persons of distinction engaged in Isaiah 23:8; TTI .Commerce.8

    Increased the wealth of nations and individuals 2Chronicles 9:20; Proverbs 31:14; Ezekiel 28:4; TTI .Commerce.9

    Success in, led to pride, &c Ezekiel 28:2; TTI .Commerce.10

    Evil practices connected with Proverbs 20:14; Ezekiel 22:13; Hosea 12:7; TTI .Commerce.11

    Denunciations connected with abuses of Isaiah 23:11; Ezekiel 7:12; 27:32-36; 28:16-18; TTI .Commerce.12

    Illustrative of intercourse with the apostasy Revelation 18:3; TTI .Commerce.13

    Communion of Saints

    According to the prayer of Christ John 17:20; TTI .Communion of Saints.3

    God marks, with his approval Malachi 3:16; TTI .Communion of Saints.4

    Christ is present in Matthew 18:20; TTI .Communion of Saints.5

    In public and social worship Psalm 34:3; 55:14; Acts 1:14; Hebrews 10:25; TTI .Communion of Saints.6

    In the Lord's supper 1Corinthians 10:17; TTI .Communion of Saints.7

    In holy conversation Malachi 3:16; TTI .Communion of Saints.8

    In prayer for each other 2Corinthians 1:11; Ephesians 6:18; TTI .Communion of Saints.9

    In exhortation Colossians 3:16; Hebrews 10:25; TTI .Communion of Saints.10

    In mutual comfort and edification 1Thessalonians 4:18; 5:11; TTI .Communion of Saints.11

    In mutual sympathy and kindness Romans 12:15; Ephesians 4:32; TTI .Communion of Saints.12

    Delight of Psalm 16:3; 42:4; 133:1-3; Romans 15:32; TTI .Communion of Saints.13

    Exhortation to Ephesians 4:1; TTI .Communion of Saints.14

    Opposed to communion with the wicked 2Corinthians 6:14; Ephesians 5:11; TTI .Communion of Saints.15

    Communion of the Lord's Supper

    Prefigured Exodus 12:21; 1Corinthians 5:7; TTI .Communion of the Lord's Supper.3

    Instituted Matthew 26:26; 1Corinthians 11:23; TTI .Communion of the Lord's Supper.4

    Object of Luke 22:19; 1Corinthians 11:24; TTI .Communion of the Lord's Supper.5

    Is the communion of the body and blood of Christ 1Corinthians 10:16; TTI .Communion of the Lord's Supper.6

    Both bread and wine are necessary to be received in Matthew 26:27; 1Corinthians 11:26; TTI .Communion of the Lord's Supper.7

    Self-examination commanded before partaking of 1Corinthians 11:28; TTI .Communion of the Lord's Supper.8

    Newness of heart and life necessary to the worthy partaking of 1Corinthians 5:7; TTI .Communion of the Lord's Supper.9

    Partakers of, be wholly separate to God 1Corinthians 10:21; TTI .Communion of the Lord's Supper.10

    Was continually partaken of, by the Church Acts 2:42; 20:7; TTI .Communion of the Lord's Supper.11

    Communion with God

    Is communion with the Father 1John 1:3; TTI .Communion with God.3

    Is communion with the Son 1Corinthians 1:9; 1John 1:3; Revelation 3:20; TTI .Communion with God.4

    Is communion with the Holy Spirit 1Corinthians 12:13; 2Corinthians 13:14; Philippians 2:1; TTI .Communion with God.5

    Reconciliation must precede Amos 3:3; TTI .Communion with God.6

    Holiness essential to 2Corinthians 6:14; TTI .Communion with God.7

    Promised to the obedient John 14:23; TTI .Communion with God.8

    Compassion and Sympathy

    Christ set an example of Luke 19:41; TTI .Compassion and Sympathy.3

    Exhortation to Romans 12:15; 1Peter 3:8; TTI .Compassion and Sympathy.4

    Inseparable from love to God 1John 3:17; John 4:20; TTI .Compassion and Sympathy.5

    The wicked made to feel, for saints Psalm 106:46; TTI .Compassion and Sympathy.6

    Promise to those who show Proverbs 19:17; Matthew 10:42; TTI .Compassion and Sympathy.7

    Illustrated Luke 10:33; 15:20; TTI .Compassion and Sympathy.8

    Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, The

    Necessary to his priestly office Hebrews 5:2; TTI .Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, The.3

    An encouragement to prayer Hebrews 4:15; TTI .Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, The.4


    The sentence of God against sin Matthew 25:41; TTI .Condemnation.3

    Universal, caused by the offence of Adam Romans 5:12; TTI .Condemnation.4

    Inseparable consequence of sin Proverbs 12:2; Romans 6:23; TTI .Condemnation.5

    Conscience testifies to the justice of Job 9:20; Romans 2:1; Titus 3:11; TTI .Condemnation.6

    The law testifies to the justice of Romans 3:19; TTI .Condemnation.7

    According to men's deserts Matthew 12:37; 2Corinthians 11:15; TTI .Condemnation.8

    Saints are delivered from, by Christ John 3:18; 5:24; Romans 8:1; TTI .Condemnation.9

    Of the wicked, an example 2Peter 2:7; Jude 1:7; TTI .Condemnation.10

    Chastisements are designed to rescue us from Psalm 94:12; 1Corinthians 11:32; TTI .Condemnation.11

    Apostates ordained to Jude 1:4; TTI .Condemnation.12

    Unbelievers remain under John 3:18; TTI .Condemnation.13

    The law is the ministration of 2Corinthians 3:9; TTI .Condemnation.14

    Conduct, Christian

    Believing God Mark 11:22; John 14:11; TTI .Conduct, Christian.3

    Fearing God Ecclesiastes 12:13; 1Peter 2:17; TTI .Conduct, Christian.4

    Loving God Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37; TTI .Conduct, Christian.5

    Following God Ephesians 5:1; 1Peter 1:15; TTI .Conduct, Christian.6

    Obeying God Luke 1:6; 1John 5:3; TTI .Conduct, Christian.7

    Rejoicing in God Psalm 33:1; Habakkuk 3:18; TTI .Conduct, Christian.8

    Believing in Christ John 6:29; 1John 3:23; TTI .Conduct, Christian.9

    Loving Christ John 21:15; 1Peter 1:7; TTI .Conduct, Christian.10

    Following the example of Christ John 13:15; 1Peter 2:21; TTI .Conduct, Christian.11

    Obeying Christ John 14:21; 15:14; TTI .Conduct, Christian.12

    Rejoicing in Christ Philippians 3:1; 4:4; TTI .Conduct, Christian.13

    Loving one another John 15:12; Romans 12:10; 1Corinthians 13:1; Ephesians 5:2; Hebrews 13:1; TTI .Conduct, Christian.14

    Striving for the faith Philippians 1:27; Jude 1:3; TTI .Conduct, Christian.15

    Putting away all sin 1Corinthians 5:7; Hebrews 12:1; TTI .Conduct, Christian.16

    Abstaining from all appearance of evil 1Thessalonians 5:22; TTI .Conduct, Christian.17

    Perfecting holiness Matthew 5:48; 2Corinthians 7:1; 2Timothy 3:17; TTI .Conduct, Christian.18

    Hating defilement Jude 1:23; TTI .Conduct, Christian.19

    Following after that which is good Philippians 4:8; 1Thessalonians 5:15; 1Timothy 6:11; TTI .Conduct, Christian.20

    Overcoming the world 1John 5:4; TTI .Conduct, Christian.21

    Adorning the gospel Matthew 5:16; Titus 2:10; TTI .Conduct, Christian.22

    Showing a good example 1Timothy 4:12; 1Peter 2:12; Titus 2:7; TTI .Conduct, Christian.23

    Abounding in the work of the Lord 1Corinthians 15:58; 2Corinthians 8:7; 1Thessalonians 4:1; TTI .Conduct, Christian.24

    Shunning the wicked Psalm 1:1; 2Thessalonians 3:6; TTI .Conduct, Christian.25

    Controlling the body 1Corinthians 9:27; Colossians 3:5; TTI .Conduct, Christian.26

    Subduing the temper Ephesians 4:26; James 1:19; TTI .Conduct, Christian.27

    Submitting to injuries Matthew 5:39; 1Corinthians 6:7; TTI .Conduct, Christian.28

    Forgiving injuries Matthew 6:14; Romans 12:20; TTI .Conduct, Christian.29

    Living peaceably with all Romans 12:18; Hebrews 12:14; TTI .Conduct, Christian.30

    Visiting the afflicted Matthew 25:36; James 1:27; TTI .Conduct, Christian.31

    Doing as we would be done by Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31; TTI .Conduct, Christian.32

    Sympathising with others Galatians 6:2; 1Thessalonians 5:14; TTI .Conduct, Christian.33

    Honouring others Psalm 15:4; Romans 12:10; TTI .Conduct, Christian.34

    Fulfilling domestic duties Ephesians 6:1; 1Peter 3:1; TTI .Conduct, Christian.35

    Submitting to Authorities Romans 13:1; TTI .Conduct, Christian.36

    Being liberal to others Acts 20:35; Romans 12:13; TTI .Conduct, Christian.37

    Being contented Philippians 4:11; Hebrews 13:5; TTI .Conduct, Christian.38

    Blessedness of maintaining Psalm 1:1; 19:9-11; 50:23; Matthew 5:3; John 15:10; 7:17; TTI .Conduct, Christian.39

    Confessing Christ

    Influences of the Holy Spirit necessary to 1Corinthians 12:3; 1John 4:2; TTI .Confessing Christ.3

    A test of being saints 1John 2:23; 4:2,3; TTI .Confessing Christ.4

    An evidence of union with God 1John 4:15; TTI .Confessing Christ.5

    Necessary to salvation Romans 10:9; TTI .Confessing Christ.6

    Ensures his confessing us Matthew 10:32; TTI .Confessing Christ.7

    The fear of man prevents John 7:13; 12:42,43; TTI .Confessing Christ.8

    Persecution should not prevent us from Mark 8:35; 2Timothy 2:12; TTI .Confessing Christ.9

    Must be connected with faith Romans 10:9; TTI .Confessing Christ.10

    Consequences of not Matthew 10:33; TTI .Confessing Christ.11

    Confession of Sin

    God requires Leviticus 5:5; Hosea 5:15; TTI .Confession of Sin.3

    God regards Job 33:27; Daniel 9:20; TTI .Confession of Sin.4

    Exhortation to Joshua 7:19; Jeremiah 3:13; James 5:16; TTI .Confession of Sin.5

    Promises to Leviticus 26:40; Proverbs 28:13; TTI .Confession of Sin.6

    Should be full and unreserved Psalm 32:5; 51:3; 106:6; TTI .Confession of Sin.7

    Followed by pardon Psalm 32:5; 1John 1:9; TTI .Confession of Sin.8

    Illustrated Luke 15:21; 18:13; TTI .Confession of Sin.9


    Witnesses in man Proverbs 20:27; Romans 2:15; TTI .Conscience.3

    Accuses of sin Genesis 42:21; 2Samuel 24:10; Matthew 27:3; Acts 2:37; TTI .Conscience.4

    We should have the approval of Job 27:6; Acts 24:16; Romans 9:1; 14:22; TTI .Conscience.5

    The blood of Christ alone can purify Hebrews 9:14; 10:2-10,22; TTI .Conscience.6

    Keep the faith in purity of 1Timothy 1:19; 3:9; TTI .Conscience.7

    Of saints, pure and good Hebrews 13:18; 1Peter 3:16; TTI .Conscience.8

    Submit to authority for Romans 13:5; TTI .Conscience.9

    Suffer patiently for 1Peter 2:19; TTI .Conscience.10

    Testimony of, a source of joy 2Corinthians 1:12; 1John 3:21; TTI .Conscience.11

    Of others, not to be offended Romans 14:21; 1Corinthians 10:28; TTI .Conscience.12

    Ministers should commend themselves to that of their people 2Corinthians 4:2; 5:11; TTI .Conscience.13

    Of the wicked, seared 1Timothy 4:2; TTI .Conscience.14

    Of the wicked, defiled Titus 1:15; TTI .Conscience.15

    Without spiritual illumination, a false guide Acts 23:1; 26:9; TTI .Conscience.16


    Sin of Job 31:13; Proverbs 14:21; TTI .Contempt.3

    Folly of Proverbs 11:12; TTI .Contempt.4

    A characteristic of the wicked Proverbs 18:3; Isaiah 5:24; 2Timothy 3:3; TTI .Contempt.5

    Self-righteous prompts to Isaiah 65:5; Luke 18:9; TTI .Contempt.6

    Pride and prosperity prompt to Psalm 123:4; TTI .Contempt.7

    Ministers should give no occasion for 1Timothy 4:12; TTI .Contempt.8

    Of ministers, is a despising of God Luke 10:16; 1Thessalonians 4:8; TTI .Contempt.9

    Causes saints to cry to God Nehemiah 4:4; Psalm 123:3; TTI .Contempt.10

    Saints sometimes guilty of James 2:6; TTI .Contempt.11


    With godliness is great gain Psalm 37:16; 1Timothy 6:6; TTI .Contentment.3

    God's promises should lead to Hebrews 13:5; TTI .Contentment.4

    The wicked want Isaiah 5:8; Ecclesiastes 5:10; TTI .Contentment.5


    By God 1Kings 18:37; John 6:44; Acts 21:19; TTI .Conversion.3

    By Christ Acts 3:26; Romans 15:18; TTI .Conversion.4

    By the power of the Holy Spirit Proverbs 1:23; TTI .Conversion.5

    Is of grace Acts 11:21; TTI .Conversion.6

    Follows repentance Acts 3:19; 26:20; TTI .Conversion.7

    Is the result of faith Acts 11:21; TTI .Conversion.8

    Is necessary Matthew 18:3; TTI .Conversion.9

    Commanded Job 36:10; TTI .Conversion.10

    Exhortations to Proverbs 1:23; Isaiah 31:6; 55:7; Jeremiah 3:7; Ezekiel 33:11; TTI .Conversion.11

    Promises connected with Nehemiah 1:9; Isaiah 1:27; Jeremiah 3:14; Ezekiel 18:27; TTI .Conversion.12

    Pray for Psalm 80:7; 85:4; Jeremiah 31:18; Lamentations 5:21; TTI .Conversion.13

    Is accompanied by confession of sin, and prayer 1Kings 8:35; TTI .Conversion.14

    Danger of neglecting Psalm 7:12; Jeremiah 44:5; Ezekiel 3:19; TTI .Conversion.15

    Duty of leading sinners to Psalm 51:13; TTI .Conversion.16

    Encouragement for leading sinners to Daniel 12:3; James 5:19; TTI .Conversion.17

    Of Gentiles, predicted Isaiah 2:2; 11:10; 60:5; 66:12; TTI .Conversion.18

    Of Israel, predicted Ezekiel 36:25; TTI .Conversion.19

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