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    Zeal - Zebulun, The Tribe of


    Sometimes wrongly directed 2Samuel 21:2; Acts 22:3; Philippians 3:6; TTI .Zeal.3

    Sometimes not according to knowledge Romans 10:2; Galatians 1:14; Acts 21:20; TTI .Zeal.4

    Ungodly men sometimes pretend to 2Kings 10:16; Matthew 23:15; TTI .Zeal.5

    Exhortation to Romans 12:11; Revelation 3:19; TTI .Zeal.6

    Zebulun, The Tribe of

    Descended from Jacob's sixth son Genesis 30:19; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.3

    Predictions respecting Genesis 49:13; Deuteronomy 33:18; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.4

    Strength of, on leaving Egypt Numbers 1:30; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.5

    Formed the rear of the first division of the army of Israel in its journeys Numbers 10:14; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.6

    Encamped under the standard of Judah, east of the tabernacle Numbers 2:3; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.7

    Offering of, at the dedication Numbers 7:24; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.8

    Families of Numbers 26:26; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.9

    Strength of, on entering Canaan Numbers 26:27; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.10

    On Ebal said amen to the curses Deuteronomy 27:13; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.11

    A naval and commercial people Genesis 49:13; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.12

    Furnished scribes or writers to Israel Judges 5:14; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.13

    Bounds of their inheritance Joshua 19:10; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.14

    Unable to drive out the Canaanites from their cities, but made them tributary Judges 1:30; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.15

    Praised for assisting Deborah and Barak in opposing Sisera Judges 5:14; 4:10; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.16

    Aided Gideon against the army of the Midianites Judges 6:35; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.17

    Furnished a judge to Israel Judges 12:11; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.18

    Some of, at David's coronation 1Chronicles 12:33; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.19

    Officer appointed over by David 1Chronicles 27:19; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.20

    Only some of, assisted in Hezekiah's reformation 2Chronicles 30:10; TTI .Zebulun, The Tribe of.21

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