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    Faith - Fruits


    Is the substance of things hoped for Hebrews 11:1; TTI .Faith.3

    Is the evidence of things not seen Hebrews 11:1; TTI .Faith.4

    Commanded Matthew 11:22; 1John 3:23; TTI .Faith.5

    Christ is the Author and Finisher of Hebrews 12:2; TTI .Faith.6

    Is a gift of the Holy Spirit 1Corinthians 12:9; TTI .Faith.7

    The Scriptures designed to produce John 20:31; 2Timothy 3:15; TTI .Faith.8

    Preaching designed to produce John 17:20; Acts 8:12; Romans 10:14; 1Corinthians 3:5; TTI .Faith.9

    Impossible to please God without Hebrews 11:6; TTI .Faith.10

    Justification is by, to be of grace Romans 4:16; TTI .Faith.11

    Essential to the profitable reception of the gospel Hebrews 4:2; TTI .Faith.12

    Necessary in the Christian warfare 1Timothy 1:18; 6:12; TTI .Faith.13

    The gospel effectual in those who have 1Thessalonians 2:13; TTI .Faith.14

    Excludes self-justification Romans 10:3; TTI .Faith.15

    Excludes boasting Romans 3:27; TTI .Faith.16

    Works by love Galatians 5:6; 1Timothy 1:5; Philemon 1:5; TTI .Faith.17

    Saints die in Hebrews 11:13; TTI .Faith.18

    True, evidenced by its fruits James 2:21; TTI .Faith.19

    Without fruits, is dead James 2:17; TTI .Faith.20

    Examine whether you be in 2Corinthians 13:5; TTI .Faith.21

    All difficulties overcome by Matthew 17:20; 21:21; Mark 9:23; TTI .Faith.22

    All things should be done in Romans 14:22; TTI .Faith.23

    Whatever is not of, is sin Romans 14:23; TTI .Faith.24

    Often tried by affliction 1Peter 1:6; TTI .Faith.25

    Trial of, works patience James 1:3; TTI .Faith.26

    The wicked often profess Acts 8:13; TTI .Faith.27

    The wicked destitute of John 10:25; 12:37; Acts 19:9; 2Thessalonians 3:2; TTI .Faith.28


    A characteristic of saints Ephesians 1:1; Colossians 1:2; 1Timothy 6:2; Revelation 17:14; TTI .Faithfulness.3

    Should be to death Revelation 2:10; TTI .Faithfulness.4

    Difficulty of finding Proverbs 20:6; TTI .Faithfulness.5

    The wicked devoid of Psalm 5:9; TTI .Faithfulness.6

    Associate with those who exhibit Psalm 101:6; TTI .Faithfulness.7

    Blessedness of 1Samuel 26:23; Proverbs 28:20; TTI .Faithfulness.8

    Blessedness of, illustrated Matthew 24:45; 25:21,23; TTI .Faithfulness.9

    Faithfulness of God, The

    Is part of his character Isaiah 49:7; 1Corinthians 1:9; 1Thessalonians 5:24; TTI .Faithfulness of God, The.3

    Should be pleaded in prayer Psalm 143:1; TTI .Faithfulness of God, The.4

    Should be proclaimed Psalm 40:10; 89:1; TTI .Faithfulness of God, The.5

    Fall of Man, The

    By the disobedience of Adam Genesis 3:6; Romans 5:12; TTI .Fall of Man, The.3

    Through temptation of the devil Genesis 3:1; 2Corinthians 11:3; 1Timothy 2:14; TTI .Fall of Man, The.4

    Dead in sin Ephesians 2:1; Colossians 2:13; TTI .Fall of Man, The.5

    All men partake of the effects of 1Kings 8:46; Galatians 3:22; 1John 1:8; 5:19; TTI .Fall of Man, The.6

    Cannot be remedied by man Proverbs 20:9; Jeremiah 2:22; 13:23; TTI .Fall of Man, The.7

    Remedy for, provided by God Genesis 3:15; John 3:16; TTI .Fall of Man, The.8


    Of saints blessed Psalm 128:3; TTI .Families.3

    Deceivers and liars should be removed from Psalm 101:7; TTI .Families.4

    Warning against departing from God Deuteronomy 29:18; TTI .Families.5

    Punishment of irreligious Jeremiah 10:25; TTI .Families.6


    Sent by God Psalm 10:16; TTI .Famine.3

    Often on account of sin Leviticus 26:21; Lamentations 4:4; TTI .Famine.4

    One of God's four sore judgments Ezekiel 14:21; TTI .Famine.5

    Often long continued Genesis 41:27; 2Kings 8:1; TTI .Famine.6

    Often severe Genesis 12:10; 1Kings 18:2; Jeremiah 52:6; TTI .Famine.7

    Often accompanied by war Jeremiah 14:15; 29:18; TTI .Famine.8

    Often followed by pestilence Jeremiah 42:17; Ezekiel 7:15; Matthew 24:7; TTI .Famine.9

    Provisions sold by weight during Ezekiel 4:16; TTI .Famine.10

    Suffering of brute creation from Jeremiah 14:5; TTI .Famine.11

    God provided for his people during 1Kings 17:4; Job 5:20; Psalm 33:19; 37:19; TTI .Famine.12

    The Jews in their restored state not to be afflicted by Ezekiel 36:29; TTI .Famine.13


    Spirit of, explained Isaiah 58:6; TTI .Fasting.3

    Not to be made a subject of display Matthew 6:16; TTI .Fasting.4

    Should be to God Zechariah 7:5; Matthew 6:18; TTI .Fasting.5

    For the chastening of the soul Psalm 69:10; TTI .Fasting.6

    For the humbling of the soul Psalm 35:13; TTI .Fasting.7

    Promises connected with Isaiah 58:8; Matthew 6:18; TTI .Fasting.8


    Find mercy in God Hosea 14:3; TTI .Fatherless.3

    Visit in affliction James 1:27; TTI .Fatherless.4

    Let them share in our blessings Deuteronomy 14:29; TTI .Fatherless.5

    Defend Psalm 82:3; Isaiah 1:17; TTI .Fatherless.6

    Wrong not, in judgment Deuteronomy 24:17; TTI .Fatherless.7

    Defraud not Proverbs 23:10; TTI .Fatherless.8

    Afflict not Exodus 22:22; TTI .Fatherless.9

    Oppress not Zechariah 7:10; TTI .Fatherless.10

    Do no violence to Jeremiah 22:3; TTI .Fatherless.11

    Blessedness of taking care of Deuteronomy 14:29; Job 29:12; Jeremiah 7:6; TTI .Fatherless.12

    A curse on those who oppress Deuteronomy 27:19; TTI .Fatherless.13

    Promises with respect to Jeremiah 49:11; TTI .Fatherless.14

    A type of Zion in affliction Lamentations 5:3; TTI .Fatherless.15

    Favour of God, The

    Christ the special object of Luke 2:52; TTI .Favour of God, The.3

    Spiritual wisdom leads to Proverbs 8:35; TTI .Favour of God, The.4

    Mercy and truth lead to Proverbs 3:3; TTI .Favour of God, The.5

    Domestic blessings traced to Proverbs 18:22; TTI .Favour of God, The.6

    Disappointment of enemies an assured evidence of Psalm 41:11; TTI .Favour of God, The.7

    Given in answer to prayer Job 33:26; TTI .Favour of God, The.8

    Pray for Psalm 106:4; 119:58; TTI .Favour of God, The.9

    Plead, in prayer Exodus 33:12; Numbers 11:15; TTI .Favour of God, The.10

    To be acknowledged Psalm 85:1; TTI .Favour of God, The.11

    Fear, Godly

    God is the object of Isaiah 8:13; TTI .Fear, Godly.3

    God is the author of Jeremiah 32:39; TTI .Fear, Godly.4

    Searching the Scriptures gives the understanding of Proverbs 2:3; TTI .Fear, Godly.5

    Commanded Deuteronomy 13:4; Psalm 22:23; Ecclesiastes 12:13; 1Peter 2:17; TTI .Fear, Godly.6

    A characteristic of saints Malachi 3:16; TTI .Fear, Godly.7

    Should accompany the joy of saints Psalm 2:11; TTI .Fear, Godly.8

    Advantages of Proverbs 15:16; 19:23; Ecclesiastes 8:12; TTI .Fear, Godly.9

    The wicked destitute of Psalm 36:1; Proverbs 1:29; Jeremiah 2:19; Romans 3:18; TTI .Fear, Godly.10

    Fear, Unholy

    A characteristic of the wicked Revelation 21:8; TTI .Fear, Unholy.3

    A guilty conscience leads to Genesis 3:8; Psalm 53:5; Proverbs 28:1; TTI .Fear, Unholy.4

    Seizes the wicked Job 15:24; 18:11; TTI .Fear, Unholy.5

    Surprises the hypocrite Isaiah 33:14; TTI .Fear, Unholy.6

    The wicked judicially filled with Leviticus 26:16; Deuteronomy 28:65; Jeremiah 49:5; TTI .Fear, Unholy.7

    Shall be realised Proverbs 1:27; 10:24; TTI .Fear, Unholy.8

    God mocks Proverbs 1:26; TTI .Fear, Unholy.9

    Saints sometimes tempted to Psalm 55:5; TTI .Fear, Unholy.10

    Saints delivered from Proverbs 1:33; Isaiah 14:3; TTI .Fear, Unholy.11

    Trust in God, a preservative from Psalm 27:1; TTI .Fear, Unholy.12

    Exhortations against Isaiah 8:12; John 14:27; TTI .Fear, Unholy.13

    Feast of Dedication, The

    To commemorate the cleansing of the temple after its defilement by Antiochus Daniel 11:31; TTI .Feast of Dedication, The.3

    Held in the winter month, Chisleu John 10:22; TTI .Feast of Dedication, The.4

    Feast of Jubilee, The

    Held every fiftieth year Leviticus 25:8; TTI .Feast of Jubilee, The.3

    Began upon the day of atonement Leviticus 25:9; TTI .Feast of Jubilee, The.4

    Was specially holy Leviticus 25:12; TTI .Feast of Jubilee, The.5

    Proclaimed by trumpets Leviticus 25:9; Psalm 89:15; TTI .Feast of Jubilee, The.6

    Houses in walled cities not redeemed within a year, exempted from the benefit of Leviticus 25:30; TTI .Feast of Jubilee, The.7

    Sale of property calculated from Leviticus 25:15; TTI .Feast of Jubilee, The.8

    Value of devoted property calculated from Leviticus 27:14; TTI .Feast of Jubilee, The.9

    Illustrative of the Gospel Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18; TTI .Feast of Jubilee, The.10

    Feast of the New Moon, The

    Held first day of the month Numbers 10:10; TTI .Feast of the New Moon, The.3

    Celebrated with blowing of trumpets Numbers 10:10; Psalm 81:3; TTI .Feast of the New Moon, The.4

    Sacrifices at Numbers 28:11; TTI .Feast of the New Moon, The.5

    Observed with great solemnity 1Chronicles 23:31; 2Chronicles 2:4; 8:13; 31:3; TTI .Feast of the New Moon, The.6

    Restored after captivity Ezra 3:5; Nehemiah 10:33; TTI .Feast of the New Moon, The.7

    Mere outward observance of, hateful to God Isaiah 1:13; TTI .Feast of the New Moon, The.8

    Disliked by the ungodly Amos 8:5; TTI .Feast of the New Moon, The.9

    The Jews deprived of, for sin Hosea 2:11; TTI .Feast of the New Moon, The.10

    Observance of, by Christians, condemned Colossians 2:16; Galatians 4:10; TTI .Feast of the New Moon, The.11

    Feast of Pentecost, The

    Held fiftieth day after offering first sheaf of barley harvest Leviticus 23:15; Deuteronomy 16:9; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.3

    To be perpetually observed Leviticus 23:21; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.4

    All males to attend Exodus 23:16; Deuteronomy 16:16; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.5

    A holy convocation Leviticus 23:21; Numbers 28:26; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.6

    A time of holy rejoicing Deuteronomy 16:11; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.7

    The first fruits of bread presented at Leviticus 23:17; Deuteronomy 16:10; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.8

    Sacrifices at Leviticus 23:18; Numbers 28:27; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.9

    The law given from Mount Sinai upon Exodus 12:6; 19:1,11; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.10

    The Holy Spirit given to apostles at Acts 2:1; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.11

    Observed by the church Acts 20:16; 1Corinthians 16:8; TTI .Feast of Pentecost, The.12

    Feast of Purim, or Lots, The

    Instituted by Mordecai Esther 9:20; TTI .Feast of Purim, or Lots, The.3

    To commemorate the defeat of Haman's wicked design Esther 3:7; 9:24-26; TTI .Feast of Purim, or Lots, The.4

    Began fourteenth of twelfth month Esther 9:17; TTI .Feast of Purim, or Lots, The.5

    Lasted two days Esther 9:21; TTI .Feast of Purim, or Lots, The.6

    Mode of celebrating Esther 9:17; TTI .Feast of Purim, or Lots, The.7

    The Jews bound themselves to keep Esther 9:27; TTI .Feast of Purim, or Lots, The.8

    Confirmed by royal authority Esther 9:29; TTI .Feast of Purim, or Lots, The.9

    Feast of Sabbatical Year, The

    A sabbath for the land Leviticus 25:2; TTI .Feast of Sabbatical Year, The.3

    Kept every seventh year Exodus 23:11; Leviticus 25:4; TTI .Feast of Sabbatical Year, The.4

    Surplus of sixth year to provide for Leviticus 25:20; TTI .Feast of Sabbatical Year, The.5

    Release of, not to hinder the exercise of benevolence Deuteronomy 15:9; TTI .Feast of Sabbatical Year, The.6

    Jews threatened for neglecting Leviticus 26:34; Jeremiah 34:13; TTI .Feast of Sabbatical Year, The.7

    The seventy years captivity a punishment for neglecting 2Chronicles 36:20; TTI .Feast of Sabbatical Year, The.8

    Restored after the captivity Nehemiah 10:31; TTI .Feast of Sabbatical Year, The.9

    Feast of Tabernacles, The

    Held after harvest and vintage Deuteronomy 16:13; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.3

    Began fifteenth of seventh month Leviticus 23:34; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.4

    Lasted seven days Leviticus 23:34; Deuteronomy 16:13; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.5

    Called the feast of ingathering Exodus 23:16; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.6

    All males obliged to appear at Exodus 23:16; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.7

    First and last days of, holy convocations Leviticus 23:35; Numbers 29:12; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.8

    Sacrifices during Leviticus 23:36; Numbers 29:13; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.9

    The people dwelt in booths during Leviticus 23:42; Nehemiah 8:15; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.10

    The law publicly read every seventh year at Deuteronomy 31:10; Nehemiah 8:18; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.11

    To commemorate the sojourn of Israel in the desert Leviticus 23:43; TTI .Feast of Tabernacles, The.12

    Feast of the Passover, The

    Ordained by God Exodus 12:1; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.3

    Commenced the fourteenth of the first month at even Exodus 12:2; Leviticus 23:5; Numbers 9:3; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.4

    Lasted seven days Exodus 12:15; Leviticus 23:6; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.5

    All males to appear at Exodus 23:17; Deuteronomy 16:16; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.6

    Paschal lamb eaten first day of Exodus 12:6; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.7

    Unleavened bread eaten at Exodus 12:15; Deuteronomy 16:3; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.8

    First and last days of, holy convocations Exodus 12:16; Numbers 28:18; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.9

    Sacrifices during Leviticus 23:8; Numbers 28:19; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.10

    The first sheaf of barley harvest offered the day after the Sabbath in Leviticus 23:10; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.11

    To be perpetually observed during the Mosaic age Exodus 12:14; 13:10; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.12

    Children to be taught the nature and design of Exodus 12:26; 13:8; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.13

    Purification necessary to the due observance of 2Chronicles 30:15; John 11:55; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.14

    Might be kept in the second month by those who were unclean at the appointed time Numbers 9:6; 2Chronicles 30:2; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.15

    No uncircumcised person to keep Exodus 12:43; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.16

    Strangers and servants when circumcised might keep Exodus 12:44; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.17

    Neglect of, punished with death Numbers 9:13; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.18

    Improper keeping of, punished 2Chronicles 30:18; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.19

    Moses kept through faith Hebrews 11:28; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.20

    Christ always observed Matthew 26:17; Luke 22:15; John 2:13; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.21

    The people of Jerusalem lent their rooms to strangers for Luke 22:11; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.22

    The Lord's Supper instituted at Matthew 26:26; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.23

    Custom of releasing a prisoner at Matthew 27:15; Luke 23:16; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.24

    The Sabbath in, a high day John 19:31; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.25

    The day before the Sabbath in, called the preparation John 19:14; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.26

    Illustrative of redemption through Christ 1Corinthians 5:7; TTI .Feast of the Passover, The.27

    Feasts of Trumpets, The

    Held the first day of seventh month Leviticus 23:24; Numbers 29:1; TTI .Feasts of Trumpets, The.3

    A memorial of blowing of trumpets Leviticus 23:24; TTI .Feasts of Trumpets, The.4

    A holy convocation and rest Leviticus 23:24; TTI .Feasts of Trumpets, The.5

    Sacrifices at Numbers 29:2; TTI .Feasts of Trumpets, The.6

    Feasts, The Anniversary

    Instituted by God Exodus 23:14; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.3

    Enumerated Exodus 23:15; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.4

    Were a time of thankfulness Psalm 122:4; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.5

    All males to attend Exodus 23:17; 34:23; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.6

    Children commenced attending, when twelve years old Luke 2:42; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.7

    Females often attended 1Samuel 1:3; Luke 2:41; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.8

    The Jews attended gladly Psalm 122:1; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.9

    The Jews went up to, in large companies Psalm 42:4; Luke 2:44; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.10

    The dangers and difficulties encountered in going up to, alluded to Psalm 84:6; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.11

    The land divinely protected during Exodus 34:24; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.12

    Offerings to made at Exodus 34:20; Deuteronomy 16:16; TTI .Feasts, The Anniversary.13

    Feet, The

    Necessary members of the body 1Corinthians 12:15; TTI .Feet, The.3

    Often swift 2Samuel 2:18; 22:34; TTI .Feet, The.4

    Early use of shoes Exodus 12:11; TTI .Feet, The.5

    Of women often adorned with tingling ornaments Isaiah 3:16; TTI .Feet, The.6

    Stamped on the ground in extreme joy or grief Ezekiel 6:11; 25:6; TTI .Feet, The.7

    Washing for others, a menial office 1Samuel 25:41; John 13:5; TTI .Feet, The.8

    Of strangers and travellers washed Genesis 18:4; 19:2; 24:32; 1Timothy 5:10; TTI .Feet, The.9

    Neglect of washing, disrespectful to guest Luke 7:44; TTI .Feet, The.10

    Respect exhibited by falling at 1Samuel 25:24; 2Kings 4:37; Esther 8:3; Mark 5:22; Acts 10:25; TTI .Feet, The.11

    Reverence expressed by kissing Luke 7:38; TTI .Feet, The.12

    Sleep expressed by covering 1Samuel 24:3; TTI .Feet, The.13

    Subjection expressed by licking the dust of Isaiah 49:23; TTI .Feet, The.14

    Condemnation expressed by shaking the dust from Matthew 10:14; Mark 6:11; TTI .Feet, The.15

    Subjugation of enemies expressed by placing on their necks Joshua 10:24; Psalm 110:1; TTI .Feet, The.16

    Origin of uncovering in consecrated places Exodus 3:5; Joshua 5:15; TTI .Feet, The.17

    Of enemies often maimed and cut off Judges 1:6; 2Samuel 4:12; TTI .Feet, The.18

    Path of, to be pondered Proverbs 4:26; TTI .Feet, The.19

    To be refrained from evil Proverbs 1:15; Hebrews 12:13; TTI .Feet, The.20

    To be turned to God's testimonies Psalm 119:59; TTI .Feet, The.21

    To be directed by God's word Psalm 119:105; TTI .Feet, The.22

    To be guided by wisdom and discretion Proverbs 3:21; TTI .Feet, The.23

    Fig-tree, The

    Produces a rich sweet fruit Judges 9:11; TTI .Fig-tree, The.3

    Not found in desert places Numbers 20:5; TTI .Fig-tree, The.4

    Often grew wild Amos 7:14; TTI .Fig-tree, The.5

    Sometimes planted in vineyards Luke 13:6; TTI .Fig-tree, The.6

    Propagated by the Jews Amos 4:9; TTI .Fig-tree, The.7

    Required cultivation Luke 13:8; TTI .Fig-tree, The.8

    Fruit of, formed after winter SongofSolomon 2:11; TTI .Fig-tree, The.9

    Leaves of, put forth, a sign of the approach of summer Matthew 24:32; TTI .Fig-tree, The.10

    Reasonableness of expecting fruit upon, when full of leaves Mark 11:13; TTI .Fig-tree, The.11

    A species of, produced vile and worthless fruit Jeremiah 29:17; TTI .Fig-tree, The.12

    Leaves of, used by Adam for covering Genesis 3:7; TTI .Fig-tree, The.13

    Afforded a thick shade John 1:48; TTI .Fig-tree, The.14

    Often unfruitful Luke 13:7; TTI .Fig-tree, The.15

    Failure of, a great calamity Habakkuk 3:17; TTI .Fig-tree, The.16


    Can be increased in intensity Daniel 3:19; TTI .Fire.3

    Though small, kindles a great matter James 3:5; TTI .Fire.4

    Kept alive by fuel Proverbs 26:20; Isaiah 9:5; TTI .Fire.5

    Frequently employed as an instrument of divine vengeance Psalm 97:3; Isaiah 47:14; 66:16; TTI .Fire.6

    God appeared in Exodus 3:2; 19:18; TTI .Fire.7

    Christ shall appear in Daniel 7:10; 2Thessalonians 1:8; TTI .Fire.8

    Punishment of the wicked shall be in Matthew 13:42; 25:41; TTI .Fire.9

    Injury from, to be made good by the person who kindled it Exodus 22:6; TTI .Fire.10

    First Born, The

    Of man and beast dedicated to God Exodus 13:2; 22:29; TTI .First Born, The.3

    Dedicated to commemorate the sparing of the first born of Israel Exodus 13:15; Numbers 3:13; 8:17; TTI .First Born, The.4

    Of the ass to be redeemed with lamb or its neck broken Exodus 13:13; 34:20; TTI .First Born, The.5

    Laws respecting, restored after the captivity Nehemiah 10:36; TTI .First Born, The.6

    Laws respecting, observed at Christ's birth Luke 2:22; TTI .First Born, The.7

    The beginning of strength and excellency of power Genesis 49:3; Deuteronomy 21:17; TTI .First Born, The.8

    Precious and valuable Micah 6:7; Zechariah 12:10; TTI .First Born, The.9

    Objects of special love Genesis 25:28; Jeremiah 31:9; TTI .First Born, The.10

    First Fruits, The

    To be brought to God's house Exodus 34:26; TTI .First Fruits, The.3

    To be the very best of their kind Numbers 18:12; TTI .First Fruits, The.4

    Holy to the Lord Ezekiel 48:14; TTI .First Fruits, The.5

    God honoured by the offering of Proverbs 3:9; TTI .First Fruits, The.6

    Offering of, consecrated the whole Romans 11:16; TTI .First Fruits, The.7

    Allotted to the priests Numbers 18:12; Leviticus 23:20; Deuteronomy 18:3; TTI .First Fruits, The.8

    Law of, restored after the captivity Nehemiah 10:35; 13:31; TTI .First Fruits, The.9


    Created by God Genesis 1:20; Exodus 20:11; TTI .Fishes.3

    Made for God's glory Job 12:8; Psalm 69:34; TTI .Fishes.4

    Number and variety of Psalm 104:25; TTI .Fishes.5

    Different in flesh from beasts &c 1Corinthians 15:39; TTI .Fishes.6

    Cannot live without water Isaiah 50:2; TTI .Fishes.7

    Man given dominion over Genesis 1:26; Psalm 8:8; TTI .Fishes.8

    Man permitted to eat Genesis 9:2; TTI .Fishes.9

    Mode of cooking alluded to Luke 24:42; John 21:9; TTI .Fishes.10

    The people of Tyre traded in Nehemiah 13:16; TTI .Fishes.11

    Sold near the fish gate at Jerusalem 2Chronicles 33:14; Zephaniah 1:10; TTI .Fishes.12

    Distinction between clean and unclean Leviticus 11:9; Deuteronomy 14:9; TTI .Fishes.13

    Solomon wrote the history of 1Kings 4:33; TTI .Fishes.14

    No likeness of, to be made for worship Exodus 20:4; Deuteronomy 4:18; TTI .Fishes.15

    Catching of, a trade Matthew 4:18; Luke 5:2; TTI .Fishes.16


    Saints should not used Job 32:21; TTI .Flattery.3

    Ministers should not use 1Thessalonians 2:5; TTI .Flattery.4

    False prophets and teachers use Ezekiel 12:24; Romans 16:18; TTI .Flattery.5

    Wisdom, a preservative against Proverbs 4:5; TTI .Flattery.6

    Worldly advantage obtained by Daniel 11:21; TTI .Flattery.7

    Seldom gains respect Proverbs 28:23; TTI .Flattery.8

    Avoid those given to Proverbs 20:19; TTI .Flattery.9

    Danger of Proverbs 7:21; 20:5; TTI .Flattery.10

    Punishment of Job 17:5; Psalm 12:3; TTI .Flattery.11


    Wild in fields Psalm 103:15; TTI .Flowers.3

    Cultivated in gardens SongofSolomon 6:2; TTI .Flowers.4

    Garlands of, used in worship of idols Acts 14:13; TTI .Flowers.5


    All men are, without the knowledge of God Titus 3:3; TTI .Fools.3

    Deny God Psalm 14:1; 53:1; TTI .Fools.4

    Blaspheme God Psalm 74:18; TTI .Fools.5

    Reproach God Psalm 74:22; TTI .Fools.6

    Make a mock at sin Proverbs 14:9; TTI .Fools.7

    Despise instruction Proverbs 1:7; 15:5; TTI .Fools.8

    Hate knowledge Proverbs 1:22; TTI .Fools.9

    Delight not in understanding Proverbs 18:2; TTI .Fools.10

    Sport themselves in mischief Proverbs 10:23; TTI .Fools.11

    Walk in darkness Ecclesiastes 2:14; TTI .Fools.12

    Hate to depart from evil Proverbs 13:19; TTI .Fools.13

    Worship of, hateful to God Ecclesiastes 5:1; TTI .Fools.14

    Come to shame Proverbs 3:35; TTI .Fools.15

    Destroy themselves by their speech Proverbs 10:8; Ecclesiastes 10:12; TTI .Fools.16

    The company of, ruinous Proverbs 13:20; TTI .Fools.17

    Lips of, a snare to the soul Proverbs 18:7; TTI .Fools.18

    Cling to their folly Proverbs 26:11; 27:22; TTI .Fools.19

    Worship idols Jeremiah 10:8; Romans 1:22; TTI .Fools.20

    Trust to their own hearts Proverbs 28:26; TTI .Fools.21

    Depend upon their wealth Luke 12:20; TTI .Fools.22

    Hear the gospel and obey it not Matthew 7:26; TTI .Fools.23

    The mouth of, pours out folly Proverbs 15:2; TTI .Fools.24

    Honour is unbecoming for Proverbs 26:1; TTI .Fools.25

    God has no pleasure in Ecclesiastes 5:4; TTI .Fools.26

    Shall not stand in the presence of God Psalm 5:5; TTI .Fools.27

    Avoid them Proverbs 9:6; 14:7; TTI .Fools.28

    Exhorted to seek wisdom Proverbs 8:5; TTI .Fools.29

    Punishment of Psalm 107:17; Proverbs 19:29; 26:10; TTI .Fools.30


    Tracts of land covered with trees Isaiah 44:14; TTI .Forests.3

    Underbrush often in Isaiah 9:18; TTI .Forests.4

    Infested by wild beasts Psalm 50:10; 104:20; Isaiah 56:9; Jeremiah 5:6; Micah 5:8; TTI .Forests.5

    Abounded with wild honey 1Samuel 14:25; TTI .Forests.6

    Often afforded pasture Micah 7:14; TTI .Forests.7

    Supplied timber for building 1Kings 5:6; TTI .Forests.8

    Were places of refuge 1Samuel 22:5; 23:16; TTI .Forests.9

    Jotham built towers, &c, in 2Chronicles 27:4; TTI .Forests.10

    The power of God extends over Psalm 29:9; TTI .Forests.11

    Called on to rejoice at God's mercy Isaiah 44:23; TTI .Forests.12

    Often destroyed by enemies 2Kings 19:23; Isaiah 37:24; Jeremiah 46:23; TTI .Forests.13

    Forgetting God

    A characteristic of the wicked Proverbs 2:17; Isaiah 65:11; TTI .Forgetting God.3

    Backsliders are guilty of Jeremiah 3:21; TTI .Forgetting God.4

    Encouraged by false teachers Jeremiah 23:27; TTI .Forgetting God.5

    Prosperity often leads to Deuteronomy 8:12; Hosea 13:6; TTI .Forgetting God.6

    Trials should not lead to Psalm 44:17; TTI .Forgetting God.7

    Resolve against Psalm 119:16; TTI .Forgetting God.8

    Cautions against Deuteronomy 6:12; 8:11; TTI .Forgetting God.9

    Exhortation to those guilty of Psalm 50:22; TTI .Forgetting God.10

    Punishment of Job 8:12; Psalm 9:17; Isaiah 17:10; Ezekiel 23:35; Hosea 8:14; TTI .Forgetting God.11

    Forgiveness of Injuries

    Christ set an example of Luke 23:34; TTI .Forgiveness of Injuries.3

    Commanded Mark 11:25; Romans 12:19; TTI .Forgiveness of Injuries.4

    To be unlimited Matthew 18:22; Luke 17:4; TTI .Forgiveness of Injuries.5

    A characteristic of saints Psalm 7:4; TTI .Forgiveness of Injuries.6

    A glory to saints Proverbs 19:11; TTI .Forgiveness of Injuries.7

    Promises to Matthew 6:14; Luke 6:37; TTI .Forgiveness of Injuries.8

    No forgiveness without Matthew 6:15; James 2:13; TTI .Forgiveness of Injuries.9

    Illustrated Matthew 18:23; TTI .Forgiveness of Injuries.10

    Forsaking God

    Idolaters guilty of 1Samuel 8:8; 1Kings 11:33; TTI .Forsaking God.3

    The wicked guilty of Deuteronomy 28:20; TTI .Forsaking God.4

    Backsliders guilty of Jeremiah 15:6; TTI .Forsaking God.5

    Trusting in man is Jeremiah 17:5; TTI .Forsaking God.6

    Leads men to follow their own devices Jeremiah 2:13; TTI .Forsaking God.7

    Prosperity tempts to Deuteronomy 31:20; 32:15; TTI .Forsaking God.8

    Wickedness of Jeremiah 2:13; 5:7; TTI .Forsaking God.9

    Unreasonableness and ingratitude of Jeremiah 2:5; TTI .Forsaking God.10

    Brings confusion Jeremiah 17:13; TTI .Forsaking God.11

    Followed by remorse Ezekiel 6:9; TTI .Forsaking God.12

    Brings down his wrath Ezra 8:22; TTI .Forsaking God.13

    Provokes God to forsake men Judges 10:13; 2Chronicles 15:2; 24:20,24; TTI .Forsaking God.14

    Resolve against Joshua 24:16; Nehemiah 10:29; TTI .Forsaking God.15

    Curse pronounced upon Jeremiah 17:5; TTI .Forsaking God.16

    Sin of, to be confessed Ezra 9:10; TTI .Forsaking God.17

    Warnings against Joshua 24:20; 1Chronicles 28:9; TTI .Forsaking God.18

    Punishment of Deuteronomy 28:20; 2Kings 22:16; Isaiah 1:28; Jeremiah 1:16; 5:19; TTI .Forsaking God.19


    Places strong by nature Numbers 24:21; TTI .Fortresses.3

    Places fortified by art Jeremiah 51:53; TTI .Fortresses.4

    The security of a nation Isaiah 33:16; Daniel 11:10; TTI .Fortresses.5

    Afforded protection in danger Judges 6:2; TTI .Fortresses.6

    Defended against enemies Nahum 2:1; TTI .Fortresses.7


    The lowest part of a building, and on which it rests Luke 14:29; Acts 16:26; TTI .Foundation.3

    Security afforded by Matthew 7:25; Luke 6:48; TTI .Foundation.4

    Fountains and Springs

    Created by God Psalm 74:15; 104:10; TTI .Fountains and Springs.3

    God to be praised for Revelation 14:7; TTI .Fountains and Springs.4

    Come from the great deep Genesis 7:11; Job 38:16; TTI .Fountains and Springs.5

    Found in hills and valleys Deuteronomy 8:7; Psalm 104:10; TTI .Fountains and Springs.6

    Send forth each but one kind of water James 3:11; TTI .Fountains and Springs.7

    Frequented by travellers Genesis 16:7; TTI .Fountains and Springs.8

    Abound in Canaan Deuteronomy 8:7; 1Kings 18:5; TTI .Fountains and Springs.9

    Sometimes dried up Isaiah 58:11; TTI .Fountains and Springs.10

    Drying up of, a severe punishment Psalm 107:33; Hosea 13:15; TTI .Fountains and Springs.11

    Sometimes stopped or turned off to distress enemies 2Chronicles 32:3; TTI .Fountains and Springs.12

    Fox, The

    Found in deserts Ezekiel 13:4; TTI .Fox, The.3

    Abounded in Palestine Judges 15:4; Lamentations 5:18; TTI .Fox, The.4

    Destructive to vines SongofSolomon 2:15; TTI .Fox, The.5

    Dwells in holes Matthew 8:20; Luke 9:58; TTI .Fox, The.6


    The produce of corn, &c Deuteronomy 22:9; Psalm 107:37; TTI .Fruits.3

    The produce of trees Genesis 1:29; Ecclesiastes 2:5; TTI .Fruits.4

    Given by God Acts 14:17; TTI .Fruits.5

    Preserved to us by God Malachi 3:11; TTI .Fruits.6

    Produced in their due seasons Matthew 21:41; TTI .Fruits.7

    First of, devoted to God Deuteronomy 26:2; TTI .Fruits.8

    To be waited for with patience James 5:7; TTI .Fruits.9

    Often sent as presents Genesis 43:11; TTI .Fruits.10

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